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					    Classroom Teacher Computer Initiative                                       School: _____________________________________________
                  (CTCI)                                                        User Name:__________________________________________
                                                                                Serial Number Computer:              ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
Acceptance Responsibilities:
•   Observe proper care and maintenance (covered during the                     Monitor (desktops only):              ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
•   Update Windows Operating System and Virus Scanning Software                 Model / Type: ________________________________________
    (or ePO agent)                                                              Date Acquired: _______________________________________
•   Follow DOE and School Authorized Use Policies
•   Do NOT alter the standard DOE image. Users may install
    additional software, drivers, plug-ins, files, etc. provided these          Technical Support/Contact information:
    applications have been acquired legally and are properly licensed
•   Protect confidential information on hard drive                              IBM/Lenovo:
•   Use reasonable precautions against theft and/or damage                      1-800-IBM-SERV (1-800-426-7378)
•   Coordinate w/ State DOE (listed below) & School Administrators to:          Be sure to get a “Case Number” before ending the call.
        o Report lost or stolen computers and peripherals                       *If the call takes longer than 20 minutes, forward your request to
        o Report any changes in assignment/ownership                            Wareforce.
        o Report replacement computers and peripherals
        o Provide inventory update as requested by the State DOE                Wareforce Hawaii:
        o Abide by End-of-Lease guidelines and procedures as                    Jacob Kelly 808-218-8419 OR
            outlined by the State DOE                                           John Bingaman 808-218-9755 OR

Basic procedures for lost/stolen computers:                                     State DOE:
                                                                                CTCI support: OR 1-808- 692-7290,
•   File a police report ASAP (within 5 days add the CTCI web
                                                                                press 6, then dial ext. 110
•   Call 586.3222 and leave a message
                                                                                eCSSS support: OR 1-808-735-6230
•   If the computer is not recovered, the school is responsible for
    purchasing an IBM/Lenovo “like” replacement to be returned at the
                                                                                Lotus Notes support: OR 1-808-692-7290,
    end of the lease term.
                                                                                press “3”
Basic procedures for transfers/changes in assignment:                           Network Support Services (NSSB): OR
•   Notify State DOE personnel add CTCI web address:                  
        o Fill out and submit a Transfer Notification Form
        o Fill out and submit a new User Acceptance Form
•   PowerPoint trainings at :

              Forms, FAQs, guidelines, and additional information are available at:
                                                                 Revised January 25, 2008