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					                             COLLEGE OF THE SEQUOIAS
                             President’s Cabinet Summary
                                 Monday, November 27, 2006
                           9:00 a.m. – President’s Conference Room
                                         Members: Bill Scroggins, President/Superintendent,
                            John Bratsch, Rod Frese, Don Mast, Dale Norton, Steve Renton, Kristin Risner
                            Steve LaMar, Classified Senate Chair, Steve Natoli, Academic Senate President
                                        Guest: Merrilyn Brady, Tim Hollabaugh, Larry Dutto

Minutes: Cynthia Martinez

President‟s Cabinet was opened at 9:00 a.m.

Smoke Free Campus: Don Mast introduced Merrilyn Maurer-Brady, Head Nurse Health Center, Jeanine
Rodarte, Tulare County Tobacco Free Program representative and Daisy Lopez, State student representative.
Merrilyn reported that three sites had been selected for the COS designated smoking areas. The three areas are:
1) upstairs in the 200 building, 2) Instructional Media open area, and 3) Music Building outside. Tulare County
has agreed to outfit the smoking areas with necessary smoking urns and signage. The proposed Smoke-Free
Campus Policy was reviewed. Discussion followed on enforcement, signage, Government Code, ASB support
and student survey results.
Review Smoke Free Policy and create a Board Policy to be reviewed at College Council                   D. Mast

Banner Wait List: Tim Hollabaugh reported on the scenario to implement a Wait List on Banner. The Banner
Steering Committee will work with Academic Senate and Instructional Council to input the procedures and set
up for the internal model during Spring 2007. The procedure will be created by the end of Spring 2007. Banner
8 will be implemented in Spring 08. The Banner Wait List will be implemented during the Spring 2008 cycle.
Discussion followed on process, eligibility, wait listing for only 1 section per student, establishing a priority to
add students to classes, and receiving Sungard input. The implementation team should consist of representatives
from Academic Senate, Instructional Council, and Student Services. The layout discussed should begin with
Kern Community College District‟s code, implementing a COS code design and developing a testing scenario/
environment. Timeline developed: Spring 07 - design elements, Summer 07 – modify Kern‟s code, Fall 07 –
Testing scenario, advertising and training, Spring 08 – live during registration, Banner 8 implement supported
version and review with COS design codes. Lee McDonald will go to a Sungard workshop in January 2007 and
discuss implementation. The Academic Senate„s Standing Committee B (Waiting List) is chaired by Benita
Administration expectations:
     Use our registration priority system
     On Wait Lists, no more than one section and no overlapped classes
     Pre-requisite check
     Mechanism regarding availability and fees assessed
     After first day – Instructor will do Wait List designation manually
     Student must attend first day if on a wait list to be considered for adding from the wait list
     Wait List roster printed for instructor
Resource implementation:
     Designate Human Resources/Faculty Members needed
     Programming resources needed
     Marketing resources needed
     Training needed
Report on Task Force Membership and Charge for Wait List (December 11)                              D. Norton
President‟s Cabinet Summary
November 27, 2006
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ABC Contract: Larry Dutto reported on the Associated Builders Contract (ABC) that is a non-union merit shop
in Bakersfield that College of the Sequoias has approved for Electrician training. As of January 2008 all
electricians must be certified, which will require 8000 hours on-the-job training. College of the Sequoias has
approved eight courses toward electrician certification. ABC has requested nine courses for the Spring semester.
Future requests have been received from Lindsay and Paso Robles. COS will offer courses at the TCOVE
facilities. Discussion followed on the equivalency process, continuation contract education, instructors, and
compensation. Cabinet approved and recommended that COS offer contract opportunity with ABC.
Create a contract with ABC for Spring 07. Work with Kern Community College District on timeline.
                                                                                       D. Norton/R. Frese

Campus Technology: Larry Dutto reported on the current inventory of computers on campus and the funds
needed for a four-year refresh rate. Discussion followed on growth, current use, District cost, and possible lease.
Tim Hollabaugh reported that the cost for a standard computer without monitor would be $850 and the advanced
computer would be $1100 without monitor. The monitor costs would be approximately: 1) 17” flat - $150-200,
2) 19” flat - $250-300, and 3) 21” flat - $400-900. The LRC and Business Divisions have the hardware to start
the Go Print project for Spring 2007. The cost per individual station is $7,500. There are approximately 30
computer labs that would need to be setup or about $225,000 of additional cost.

Rod Frese reported on a lease opportunity with University Lease for a maximum $300,000 project. This project
would support 300 machines during a 4-year process. Discussion followed on meeting needs for departments,
lease costs, ascertaining set standards, adding/upgrading machines on lease, and funding. Cabinet recommended
that institutional computers need to be partially funded, for the first couple of years, from District funds or
Above Base then as a COLA percentage. Yearly contributions from categorical funds will also be needed. All
campus computers will be no older than four years. Cabinet also recommended that funding for software
upgrades should continue with current budgets. The printing solution should be pursued further.
Report on specific justification for desktop computers, specific financing with Dell and University Lease,
Liability issues, and computer support. Identify data for each vendor.                          R. Frese

Hanford Center: Rod Frese reported that he had received a first proposal that addressed payment information
on a shared Hanford Center lease but it did not include infrastructure. Further discussion will be needed on
interest rates and external project/street development costs.
Report in 60 days (January 22) regarding costs beyond property pay-off, lock-in rates, Voc Tech Building, and
infrastructure on site.                                                                       R. Frese

Farm Fund: Rod Frese reported on the past three-year farm history and transition plan. Cabinet recommended
creating process controls, operational criteria and criteria for items on the approved list.
Organize a meeting with Deans, Division Chairs, Advisory Committee Chair, VP Academic Services, VP
Administrative Services, Foundation Director, Superintendent/President, Board Member Lori Cardoza, and Dean
of Facilities.                                                                               R. Frese

Board Policy 8030: Steve Natoli reported that revisions to Board Policy 8030 on course repetition had been
approved by the Curriculum Committee and Academic Senate. Discussion followed on restriction of classes
regarding grade, Title 5 and procedures addressed in Board Policies. Cabinet recommended working within the
framework of the new Board Policy Review system.
President‟s Cabinet Summary
November 27, 2006
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On-line forms: Steve Renton reported that there is a form directory on the COS website under Faculty/Staff.
Electronic forms are being uploaded to that site for completion and printing. NCR forms will no longer be
ordered. All forms that are currently being reproduced at the Copy Mail Center will become PDF files on the
web. Discussion followed on signature approval, interactive forms, and database storage with links.
Report in 60 days (January 22) on SharePoint or Outlook – Phase II, Criteria for electronic approval.
                                                                                  T. Hollabaugh/S. Renton

Class Schedules: Steve Renton reported on the preparation that needs to be completed to revise the current
schedule.    Discussion followed on crossover training in layout and input, timeline in production,
workload/production, layout review, software, catalog/schedule data, and style sheets.
Coordinate a meeting with Gail Robinson, David Cargill, and Tim Hollabaugh                 S. Renton
Update Cabinet, December 18 on interface software with Banner                              S. Renton
Update Cabinet, January 29, 2006 on information pages for inclusion                        S. Renton

Mail Disturbances in Mailroom boxes: Steve Renton reported on mail problems that are occurring due to open
mailroom access. Discussion followed on remodeling, ID tags, locks, keypads and security cameras.
Investigate door locks/keys for mailroom and security cameras. Report to Cabinet December 18, 2006
                                                                                              S. Renton

Summer School Dates/Format: Dale Norton reported on a proposed summer format with two four-week
sessions and one six-week session, two options. This would allow summer FTES to be counted before Fall
census. Discussion followed on grades due date, holiday conflict, FTES generation, student learning outcomes
and impact. Cabinet approved two four-week sessions and option 1 for the one six-week session.
Explore shared grade reports within departments and dropping students who don‟t pass prerequisites.
                                                                                                D. Norton

Faculty and Staff Development State Funds: Dale Norton reported that with the passage of SB 1131 and
Governor Schwarzenegger‟s subsequent signature, COS has additional funding to support professional
development opportunities. COS‟s portion of the “Faculty and Staff Professional Development Fund” will be
$34,358. Discussion followed on the state guidelines, PACE and FEC opportunity and academic ideas. No
Cabinet follow-up will be needed as on-going institutional based opportunities are developed.

Early Alert Update: Don Mast reported that a core of schools use the Early Alert system. Discussion followed
on developing a team of staff to train. Implement scheduled for Spring 2007.

President‟s Cabinet adjourned at 11:40 a.m.