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					                                    Tanglin Music Club
                              Minutes of Meeting 28 April 2008


The Tanglin Music Club Band Leaders Meeting was called to order at 19.30Hrs on the
28 April 2008 by the Chairman of The Tanglin Music Club, Mr. David Ng at the Tanglin
Community Club Meeting Room.

The minutes of the meeting was proposed by Raj Segar and seconded by M. Tahar.


Executive Committee:

Mr. David Ng – Chairman
Ms Lim Kian Kian- Treasurer

Band Leaders Attendance:

Mr. Andrew Soh – Head of Logistics
Mohd Tahar Bin Ibrahim – Red Hornet & Pop Jam Master
Louis Lam- Blues Jam Master
Phil Lim- Sloopy
Brian Lee – Still Alive
Loo Eng Soon – Carnation
Shanti Kumar – Senthaamarai
Michael Lim--Memories
Raj Segar- Crawling King Snake

Absent with Apologies:

Sean Rozario_Vice Chairman
Patrick Chan-Patricians

Membership Statistics
Strength of Current Membership : 145
No. of Bands : 24

                                    Tanglin Music Club
These are the bands who are registered with the club and have regular playing slots every week.
You can catch them every week as indicated at their respective rehearsal studios. Please feel free
to visit them or contact the band leaders if you wish to have a jam with them.

   No.        Band Name         Band                Studio          Day/Time           Genre
    1.         Sideshow       Terrance           Underground         Monday        Jazz Big Band
                              Francisco                              6-10 pm
    2.          Sloopy        Phil Lim            Red House         Tuesday          Pop Rock/
                             91468939                               6-10 pm            Blues
    3.         Memories     Spencer Yeo          Underground        Tuesday           Oldies/
                             96150457                               6-10 pm          Evergreen
    4,           Frenz      Harry Cheok           Blue Trane       Wednesday         Pop Rock/
                             97568322                               6-10 pm           Oldies
    5.         Carnation   Loo Eng Soon           Blue Trane         Friday         Chinese Pop
                             91288595                               6-10 pm
    6.         Patricians   Patrick Chan         Underground         Friday          Pop/ Rock/
                             97736101                               6-10 pm            Oldies
    7.       Crawling King    Raj Segar           Red House         Saturday           Blues
                 Snake       97327024                                2-6 pm
    8.       Senthaamarai      Shahnti            Blue Trane         Sunday           Indian
                               Kumar                                 2-6 pm         Traditional
                             98631601                                                   Pop
    9.        Blue Pebble    Steven Tan          Underground         Saturday        Chinese/
                 Band        97533090                                 2-6 pm          English
   10.         Red Hornet        Mohamad          Red House          Sunday         Malay Pop/
                               Tahar Ibrahim                         2-6 pm            Rock/
                                 90043399                                            Dangdut
   11.         Still Alive      Peter Wong        Blue Trane         Sunday             Pop
                                 90085314                            6-10 pm        Rock/Oldies

                                      Tanglin Music Club
These bands are registered with the club but do not rehearse on a week to week basis. You might
wish to contact the band leaders if you wish to visit the band.

   No.       Band Name          Band             Usual            Usual             Genre
                               Leader/         Rehearsal        Rehearsal
                               Contact           Studio         Day/Time
    1.       Walking On      Audrey Tang       Blue Trane         Wed/             Jazz Pop
               Water          97776254                         Thursday 2-6
    2.        Peep Show    Mikail Lo               NA              NA               Rock
    3.         Broken    Jonathan Lim              NA           Saturday            Rock
            Orange Fence   98449454                            10am -2 pm
    4.         Embryo     Wendy Phua               NA             NA                Rock
    5.       Inmates of   Eugene Chia          Red House         Sunday             Rock
               Arkham      98366279                           10 am to 2 pm
    6.         Starfish    Tan Ah Ee               NA              NA             Pop Rock
    7.       Mysterians    Philip Tan         Underground         Sunday             Pop
                           91054132                              10- 2 pm
    8.          Devaz     John Wong                NA              NA               Gospel
    9.        Cheyanne       Dennis                NA               NA            Rock/Pop
   10.       Broadband   Fabian Gerard             NA               NA            Rock/Pop
   11.        Mott The      Tan Eng                NA               NA         Jazz/Pop/Gospel
               Hooper        Keong
   12.        Hosanna      Jacqueline              NA               NA              Gospel
   13.      Fundamentals Rickie Chng               NA               NA            Pop Rock/
                           97532201                                                Oldies

                                     Tanglin Music Club
Jam sessions are held every week for all members of the Music Club, especially those that do not
belong to any band. It also serves as a healthy forum for exchange of musical ideas or just simply
providing a venue to meet regularly. Please contact the relevant jam master for details.

     No.          Jam Genre         Jam Master/           Studio           Day/Time
      1.              Jazz          Frank Wong         Underground          Sunday
                                     97373218                                2-6 pm
      2.           Pop Rock            Tahar           Underground          Sunday
                                     Mohamad                                6-10 pm
      3.             Blues           Louis Lam          Red House           Saturday
                                     94377529                                2-6 pm


1. Multi Racial Nite Review

Chairman raised the issue whether food was sufficient as he noticed some CCMC members did
not wish to eat from the buffet for fear of insufficient food catered. Tahar remarked that food was
sufficient and even had leftovers. In future, it was suggested that at such events, we must invite
CCMC members as well as guests to eat first.

Chairman thanked band groups Carnation, Mysterians and Red Hornet for making the event a
success. Members suggested that all band groups to have smart dress code in future
performances so as to present a more professional image.

2. Parent’s Day Dance Party 24 May 2008

This is a joint event with WEC and Lim Kian Kian gave a brief on what the party is about.
Chairman then invited the band leaders to volunteer for the evening’s performance and to revert
to him within the week on who is available to play on that night. The selected bands will get one
month’s free studio practice time.

The Music Club has been allocated 50 tickets for the evening. Chairman then allocated the 50
tickets to the following band leaders:
Loo Eng Soon, Raj Segar, Phil Lim, M. Tahar and Shanti Kumar. Each bandleader is to take 1
booklet worth $60 in ticket value and to pass the money to Kian Kian once it has been fully sold.

                                      Tanglin Music Club
3. New Equipment Purchase

All members are happy with the new equipment in the studios. Chairman announced that from
May 2008 onwards, CC staff will be involved in the handing and taking over of studio bookings.
They shall be following the band members when they hand back the keys for the studios. This is
basically to note any equipment that has broken down or not in good working condition. A new
form has been designed by the CC for this purpose and will be implemented once it is ready.

Frank Wong suggested that guitar strings, straps, jacks, drumsticks and other small equipment
items be made available for sale at the CC counter as these items are always needed by members
urgently when they come for practice. Chairman thinks this is a good suggestion and will look
into this matter.

4. New Blues Jam Slot

A new slot has been allocated for Blues Jam. It shall be on Saturday afternoons between 2 pm to
6 pm at the Red House. The Jam Master is Louis Lam and Chairman encouraged all members to
support the jam if they are available.

The Blues Jam session will act as a platform for promoting Blues music with talks, workshops
and generally catering to the Blues musicians of the club. The 2IC for the slot shall be Raj Segar.

5. New Bands

Chairman announced that 4 new bands have joined the Music Club:
   1. Hosanna
   2. Broadband
   3. Mott The Hooper
   4. Cheyenne

Details are attached in the band list of this minutes.

6. Events for June 2008

Chairman suggested having another band event in June 2008 and the date will be confirmed later
after checking with dates available from CC. Some of the musical instruments shall be auctioned
off during this event. Details will be revealed next month.

There have been complaints to our advisor from residents in the neighborhood that the volume of
our music is too loud in the evenings. Hence, all future events will have to reduce their volume
and finish at 10 pm.

                                        Tanglin Music Club
6. Other Matters

All band leaders suggested having a Tanglin Music Club Card for recognition. There is currently
much confusion whether the Passion Card is proof of membership into the music club. There is
also confusion whether Passion Cards from other CCs can be valid as membership into the
Music Club and whether there is a reduction of fee.

Chairman explained that other CC Passion Cards cannot be used as membership into TMC. All
new members will have to pay a fresh $28 to join the TMC and get a new Passion Card from
Tanglin CC. However, he agreed that there is much confusion and shall look into this matter. He
advised all to use their IC No and name to check their expiry status in the Music Club for the
time being.

Assessment of Meeting & Conclusion:

Meeting adjourned at approximately 2130 hours.
The minutes of the meeting was recorded by Lim Kian Kian

The next meeting will be notified by SMS &/or E-mail Correspondence.

                                     Tanglin Music Club

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