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									                                    JOB DESCRIPTION



Interacts directly with prospective and current residents to achieve maximum occupancy and
NOI. Acts as the FHR representative by conveying the benefits of the community. Responsible
for the leasing process from introduction to the actual occupancy of the resident and maintains
communication throughout the tenancy of the resident.


•   Provides information about the apartments and the community to the prospective resident and
    schedules visits to the community. Responsible for leasing apartments at an acceptable
    determined percent of total prospects.

•   Greets visitors and determines if the community meets the client’s qualifications.

•   Effectively explains all lease and community policies to new and current residents.

•   Accurately and efficiently prepares and assists with all leasing paperwork (i.e. applications,
    lease agreements and addenda, employment and credit checks, and lease move-in packets).

•   Collects security deposits, rent and all other funds associated with resident moves.

•   Effectively communicates changes in units leased status to Maintenance Department.

•   Completes service requests and communicates to Maintenance Department.

•   Supports the overall marketing efforts and offers input and suggestions in regards to
    promotions, advertisements, etc.

•   Maintains an accurate and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the community, particularly
    in areas such as rent and pricing information, vacancies, apartment availability, lease
    expirations, square footage, etc.
Leasing Consultant
Job Description
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•   Understands and complies with state landlord-tenant Fair Housing laws and standards.

•   Monitors the community advertisements and effectiveness of responses; maintains ad book
    and demographics.

•   Prepares monthly competitive survey reports and analyzes the real estate market trends and
    conditions in the area.

•   Monitors all current and future vacancies to proactively react to future occupancy needs.

•   Analyzes concerns associated with apartments that are slow to lease and offers
    recommendations to the Community Manager.

•   Inspects all vacant apartments on a regular basis to ensure they are ready to show to
    prospective residents.

•   Works with the Community Manager to assure curb appeal and community appearance is

•   Conducts follow-up activity with all residents in order to establish positive resident relations.

•   Maintains current resident files.

•   Maintains open communications with the Community Manager and Maintenance Supervisor.

•   Attends and participates in training seminars as requested.

•   Becomes active in the local business community and develops a rapport with the residential

•   Assists the Community Manager in implementing resident retention and renewal programs.

•   Makes recommendations to management regarding improvements for the overall operation of
    the community.

•   Attends and assists in the coordination and organization of resident relations and activities,
    such as newsletters, parties, etc.

•   Accompanies vendors or contractors to resident apartments as needed.

•   Transports residents or prospective residents via motorized vehicle throughout property
    grounds; may run errands as necessary.

                                                                                     Last modified: 1/5/2005
Leasing Consultant
Job Description
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• Represents FHR in a professional manner at all times. Consistently maintains a professional
   courteous attitude when dealing with residents, co-workers and the general public.

•    Performs other duties as assigned.

FHR may revise this job description from time to time as business needs require. It is not intended to be an exhaustive listing of all the functions
of the job, nor to limit FHR’s right to assign other functions to an employee in this position. This job description does not constitute a written or
implied contract of employment.



A high school diploma or equivalent is required. A college degree or some college coursework
desirable. A minimum of one year sales experience preferred. Customer service background
desirable. Basic arithmetic skills necessary. Excellent communication and organizational skills
necessary. Computer literacy required.

Machines, Tools, and Equipment, Software:

Computer w/Internet and e-mail capabilities, Telephone, Facsimile, Photocopier.


Valid drivers’ license, along with good driving record required.

Other Requirements:

As an FHR team member, you represent FHR. While you are on the job, FHR expects you to
wear clothing and accessories that are appropriate in a professional business environment. If a
uniform is required at the property, you are expected to wear it. Refer to FHR’s Grooming
Standards and Dress Code Guidelines for additional information.


Ability to interpret, evaluate and communicate detailed written or verbal instructions to others
accurately and quickly, including answering phones, attending meetings, written correspondence
or other forms of communication. Inside and outside work in all types of weather. Ability to lift,
push pull or carry up to 15 lbs for the disseminations of documents, supplies, materials, etc. to
various locations throughout the office/facility. Ability to communicate effectively (expressing
or exchanging ideas by means of spoken or written word). This skill/ability is important in work
activities in which workers must impart or receive detailed information through oral or written

                                                                                                                            Last modified: 1/5/2005
Leasing Consultant
Job Description
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Physical and visual activities that are commonly associated with the performance of the essential functions of this job. “Commonly associated” is
not intended to mean always or only. There may be different experiences that suggest other ways or circumstances where reasonable changes or
accommodations are appropriate.


Office environment and residential property.

I have read this job description, understand it, and am able to perform the essential
functions and meet the job requirements of the position. In addition, I have had the
opportunity to discuss the job description with my supervisor.

Employee Name: _________________________________                                                    Date: ___________________
                           (Print Name)
Employee Signature: ______________________________                                                  Date: ___________________

Supervisor: ______________________________________                                                  Date: ___________________

Human Resources: ________________________________                                                   Date: ___________________

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