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Investor Day 2009 London

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									   Investor Day 2009
   19th May, London
   Ferdinand Kayser

SES proprietary information - Not to be copied without permission
  Disclaimer / “Safe Harbor” Statement
        This presentation does not, in any jurisdiction, and in particular not in the U.S., constitute or form part of, and should not
        be construed as, any offer for sale of, or solicitation of any offer to buy, or any investment advice in connection with, any
        securities of SES nor should it or any part of it form the basis of, or be relied on in connection with, any contract or
        commitment whatsoever.

        No representation or warranty, express or implied, is or will be made by SES, its directors, officers or advisors or any other
        person as to the accuracy, completeness or fairness of the information or opinions contained in this presentation, and any
        reliance you place on them will be at your sole risk. Without prejudice to the foregoing, none of SES, its directors, officers
        or advisors accept any liability whatsoever for any loss however arising, directly or indirectly, from use of this presentation
        or its contents or otherwise arising in connection therewith.

        This presentation includes “forward-looking statements”. All statements other than statements of historical fact included in
        this presentation, including, without limitation, those regarding SES’s financial position, business strategy, plans and
        objectives of management for future operations (including development plans and objectives relating to SES products and
        services) are forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks,
        uncertainties and other important factors that could cause the actual results, performance or achievements of SES to be
        materially different from future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking
        statements. Such forward-looking statements are based on numerous assumptions regarding SES and its subsidiaries
        and affiliates, present and future business strategies and the environment in which SES will operate in the future and such
        assumptions may or may not prove to be correct. These forward-looking statements speak only as at the date of this
        presentation. Forward-looking statements contained in this presentation regarding past trends or activities should not be
        taken as a representation that such trends or activities will continue in the future. SES, its directors, officers or advisors do
        not undertake any obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information,
        future events or otherwise.This presentation does not constitute or form part of, and should not be construed as, any offer
        for sale of, or solicitation of any offer to buy, any securities of SES nor should it or any part of it form the basis of, or be
        relied on in connection with, any contract or commitment whatsoever.


SES proprietary information

   Part 1: SES ASTRA – Facts and Figures

   Part 2: Market Penetration

   Part 3: Growth Drivers

   Part 4: Orbital Positions Development

   Part 5: Services

   Part 6: Conclusion


SES proprietary information
    SES ASTRA - Facts and Figures

        The leading DTH satellite operator in Europe
            • long-term contractual relationships with most of the leading Pay-TV
              platforms and Free-TV operators
            • largest Free-To-Air channel neighbourhood
            • ideally positioned to further drive HDTV growth

        ASTRA Segment: two infrastructure and four service companies
            • SES ASTRA, SES SIRIUS
            • ASTRA Platform Services (APS), ASTRA Broadband Services (ABBS),
              ND SatCom, SES ASTRA TechCom

            • most of the European blue chip media companies
            • nearly 2,500 digital and analogue services, almost 70 of which are HDTV


SES proprietary information
      SES ASTRA Facts and Figures

       YE 2008
                                                             ASTRA                 ASTRA                   ASTRA
                                                         Infrastructure            Services               Segment

           Revenue                                              832                  214                   1,010
           EBITDA                                               692                 15.6                    708
           EBITDA margin                                      83.2%                11.2%   (1)             70.1%
           Backlog                                             3,129     (2)
                                                                                     530                   3,659
           Satellites                                           14 (2)               n/a                     14
           Total txps                                          310 (3)               n/a                   310 (3)
           Utilisation rate                                 84.4% (3)                n/a                  84.4% (3)

           Satellites under                                          3                                        3
           construction                                 ASTRA 3B and 1N,             n/a               ASTRA 3B and 1N,
                                                           SIRIUS 5                                       SIRIUS 5

           Commercially available
           txps, projected growth
                                                                 72                  n/a                     72

(1)    Excluding start-up activities
(2)    Excludes ASTRA 1C and ASTRA 1D satellites in inclined orbit             5
(3)    Total transponders and utilization rate as of 31 March 2009
SES proprietary information
 SES ASTRA Market Penetration

                          ASTRA Group Households in Millions                                           es con
                                                                                           wth   of hom
                                                                                   uous gro
                                                               100          Contin
                                                                     1999   2000   2001   2002   2003   2004    2005    2006    2007*   2008**
                       Total                                         77.9   87.5   91.3   91.8   94.4   102.7   107.0   109.1   117.2   122.2
                       DTH/SMATV                                     28.2   30.9   33.7   34.4   36.4   41.4    45.0    47.2    50.3     53.4
                       Cable                                         49.7   56.6   57.7   57.4   57.9   61.3    62.0    61.9    66.9     68.8

                122 million homes
                   53 million via satellite                                                              74% Household reach* in DTH
                   69 million via cable feed                                                             74% Household reach* in digital DTH

*including SIRIUS; ASTRA Group reach since YE07 includes ASTRA at 19.2°E, 23.5°E, 28.2°E and SIRIUS at 5.0°E
**Bulgaria, Finland and Maghreb not updated at YE08, therefore based on YE07          6
Source: SES ASTRA, Satellite Monitors
SES proprietary information
  Every second TV home in Europe receives its signals from ASTRA/SIRIUS

  ASTRA/SIRIUS is the leading satellite system in Europe
            •     ASTRA/SIRIUS household reach in DTH/SMATV reception: 74%
            •     5.0°E almost doubled its reach in 2008
                                                              BeNeLux                                                              Nordics*
            •     23.5°E reach increased 60% in one year                                                               2.1
                                                                 88%                                                      1.1        54%

  ASTRA/SIRIUS drive digitalisation in Europe*:                                     9.4    9.4
            •     Satellite is three times more digitalised
                  than cable                                 UK
            •     ASTRA/SIRIUS reaches 74% of all           100%
                  digital satellite homes in Europe                                              1.1 1.0
            •     + 6.1 million digital satellite homes                                                    16.2 16.0                 Ukraine
                  in 2008                                                                                                             93%
                                                                                                                                2.4 2.2
                                                                                    5.9                              99%
                                                                            77%                                    3.2 2.3
                                                                 2.7 2.1

      = DTH/SMATV homes in millions
      = ASTRA or SIRIUS homes in millions                                                                                        CEE 1st belt**
      = ASTRA or SIRIUS DTH/SMATV reach in %                                                                                        72%

* Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden                                                    7
** Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia
Source: SES ASTRA, Satellite Monitors, YE 2008
SES proprietary information
  Leading Satellite Operator by Market
  Western Europe

                                                   ASTRA’s market position and clients by area

                                                   UK and Ireland *
                UK and
                Ireland*                           German-speaking
                              France   Speaking    France


                                           Italy   Italy

            ASTRA/SIRIUS leading
            ASTRA/SIRIUS shared with others
            Others leading

           ASTRA is the leading DTH service provider in key European markets
* Includes 3 party capacity

SES proprietary information
  The ASTRA and SIRIUS Satellite Fleet





                                            SatCom C3




                                                                SIRIUS 4

                                                                           SIRIUS 3





                                     2 °E

                                                          SIRIUS                                                                                                                                                    31.5°E
                                                                                                                                                                                  ASTRA          ASTRA
                                                                                                                                                                                   23.5°E         28.2°E

*ASTRA 1C (2°E) and ASTRA 1D (31.5°E) are both currently in inclined orbit
**ASTRA 2C planned for commercial service at 31.5°E from 15th May 2009
SES proprietary information
  Key Growth Drivers
          HDTV in key broadcast markets
           •    69 HD channels currently transmitted, 100+ expected at the end of 2010

         Geographic Expansion
           •    Central Eastern Europe         – New satellites at 23.5°E and 31.5°E

           •    The Middle East                – Via YahLive for Pan-Arabic DTH FTA
                                               services and Pay-TV as well as ASTRA 3B beam for
                                               governmental and institutional services
           •    Sub-Saharan Africa             – Growth via ASTRA 4B for TV

         Analogue-Digital transition enables HD and Multi-channel growth in Western
           •    Simulcast of analogue-digital-HD

         Service Expansion
           •    APS                            – A key enabler for digitalisation, HD growth and a competitive
           •    ASTRA2Connect                  – Installed base of ca. 40,000 subscribers with an existing
                                               annualized run rate of approximately 40,000 net additions per
           •    ND SatCom                      – Double-digit growth in 2008 driven by international government
                                                and European defence deals
           •    TechCom                        – Key component of the full-service offering

SES proprietary information
      HD Expected to be Strong Growth Driver

           Due to its bandwidth economics satellite is the                                                    HD-watching HHs (m)
           leading distribution technology for HDTV                                                                   Cable     DTT      IPTV      DTH

                                                                                                                2 million HDTV viewers
           HDTV is a key driver in the industry                                                                        on ASTRA
             •     More than 74 million “HD Ready” TV sets sold (1) → 10                                              (year end 2008)
                   penetration increasing to 80% by 2012 (2)
             •     Satellite is expected to be the leading HD platform
                   with nearly 19 million HD viewers by 2012 (3)
                                                                                                              2007     2008     2009    2010     2011    2012
             •     Number of HD channels in Europe is expected to
                   grow to more than 470 in 2012 from 126 in 2008(4)                                                                           HD DTH

             •     Majority of the 2,500 SD channels are expected to
                   simulcast in HD in the next decade in order to                                                             Digital DTH (SD)
                   reach SD and HD homes

                                                                                                                      Analogue DTH

                                                                                                               1990    1995      2000   2010      2020

        HD growth and simulcasting of HD and SD to boost future transponder demand
                                                 (2)   Source: Screen Digest February 2009 (17 European Countries)
(1) Source: GfK Retail and Technology, YE 2008   (4)   Source: Euroconsult report on HDTV 2009
(3) Source: Screen Digest February 2009

SES proprietary information
  Established Positions in European DTH: 19.2°E (1/2)

Main Market                                                      ASTRA - Coverage 19.2°E
         • Focus on German-speaking markets,
           France and Spain
         • Reach of 41 million DTH* homes: up from
           40.2 million a year ago (+ 0.8 million in
         • 19.2°E is the foundation for SES
           ASTRA’s stable revenue flows

         • Today                                                 Fill Rate
                 – ASTRA 1F, 1H, 1KR, 1L, 1M
                                                                   ASTRA at 19.2°E
         • By Q2 2011
                 – ASTRA 1N to reinforce orbital position with      At 31 March 2009
                   55 transponders on board at beginning of                     Txprs
                   life                                            Utilised      117
                 – Overall supply remains stable                   Available     120
                   at 120 transponders
                                                                   Utilisation:   98%

* DTH = Direct-To-Home
SES proprietary information
  Established Positions in European DTH: 19.2°E (2/2)

    Key customers             ARD/ZDF, Canal+, Premiere, ProSiebenSat1, RTL,
                              Viacom,Canal Digitaal, ORF, Sogecable, TVP, UPC
                              HD growth (22 channels at 19.2°E)
    Recent                    Telcos as new DTH customer groups to leverage
    Developments              established reach (deal with Orange)

    Growth Drivers and   HDTV, Pay TV, DTT via satellite, Telcos
    Market Opportunities Digitalisation in Germany
                              Full service provision through the APS offering
                              APS 2008 revenue of 70 MEUR; recurring EBITDA
                              margin of approx. 30%
    Supply and Demand         Full utilisation reflects premium position of 19.2°E
    Dynamics                  Interim solution available to serve customers’ needs
                              via dual feed from 23.5°E for specific markets
                              Reversion of German analogue during 2011-13
                              provides capacity to serve accelerating demand for

SES proprietary information
  German Analogue Transition at 19.2°E

          •    38 transponders carrying analogue services
                  – 36 for German language markets
                  – 2 for pan-European services
          •    27 transponders carry digital services for the German market

        Expected impact of the transition
          •    Completion expected by 2013
          •    19.2°E, as ASTRA’s prime DTH position in Europe, is perfectly established to enable
               fast HD growth
          •    At least half of the reverting transponders are expected to serve growing demand in
               the German market for HDTV and enhanced Standard Definition channels
          •    The balance of transponder capacity will be available to meet the needs of other
               European markets, notably France and Spain
          •    Once the reverted capacity has been fully re-contracted, the annual revenue decline is
               not expected to be more than EUR 40 million

                 Digitalisation fuelled by HD will drive 19.2°E transponder demand


SES proprietary information
  Established Positions in European DTH: 28.2°E (1/2)

Main Market                                                                               ASTRA - Coverage 28.2°E
          • UK and Ireland
          • Serving 10.1 million DTH homes: up from
            9.6 million a year ago (+ 0.5 million in
          • More than 1 million HD homes
            (Sky, BBC, freesat)
          • 32 HD channels
            (9% of all SD channels are also available
            in HD)

Supply                                                                                    Fill Rate
          • Today
                  – ASTRA 2A, 2B, 2D, 12 leased                                             ASTRA at 28.2°E *
                                                                                             At 31 March 2009
          • By 2010
                  – ASTRA 2C to provide extra growth
                                                                                            Utilised       68
                    capacity of 12 transponders for DTH in the
                    UK market                                                               Available      68

                                                                                            Utilisation:   100%

* Adjusted for the subsequent move of ASTRA 2C and includes 12 leased transponders
SES proprietary information
  Established Positions in European DTH: 28.2°E (2/2)

    Key customers             Sky, BBC, Arqiva, Channel 4, Discovery, Five,
                              GlobeCast, ITV, Turner, Virgin

    Recent                    Launch of HDTV on freesat
    Developments              Increase of HDTV channels (32 channels)
                              Sky tests for 3D TV

    Growth Drivers and   HDTV, freesat, 3D TV
    Market Opportunities

    Supply and Demand         The orbital position of choice for the UK and Ireland
                              Sky currently experiences strong HD subscriber
                              growth – HD broadcasting becoming standard in the
                              near future has a significant upside for demand

                              ASTRA 2C relocation to 28.2°E in 2010 thus adding
                              12 transponders for DTH

SES proprietary information
  Expanding a Proven Business Model

              ASTRA Expansion : Growth trend from West to East
                    ASTRA is well positioned to “roll-out” its video solutions across Europe from West to

        HDTV                                                    today         2 million DTH HD homes

        Multi-Channel and Pay-TV                                        2000             today     53 million DTH homes, 47
                                                                1995                               million are digital

        Digitalisation                                        1995                2000           today     122 million digital homes

                                              Western Europe             Central Europe          Eastern Europe (1)
        Total TV HHs                                  165 million              30 million             34 million

        Growth Drivers                            HD, Multi-channel HD, Multi-channel
                                                     and Pay-TV            and Pay-TV
        Orbital Positions 19.2°E, 23.5°E, 28.2°E 5.0°E, 19.2°E, 23.5°E 5.0°E, 23.5°E, 31.5°E
(1): Excluding Russia which has more than 140 million TV households
(2): All household numbers represent ASTRA/SIRIUS households
SES proprietary information
    Leading Satellite Operator by Market –
    Scandinavia and Eastern Europe
                                                                   ASTRA’s market position and clients by country

                Scandinavia                                        Scandinavia - SIRIUS

                                                                   Baltic - SIRIUS

                                                                   Poland - ASTRA
                                                                   Central Europe - ASTRA

                                                                   Ukraine - SIRIUS
                                                                   Romania - SIRIUS
                  Europe                                           Former Yugoslavia - ASTRA

                                                                   Our approach to Market
               Former                            Romania
                                                 Bulgaria          •   Focus on Key Broadcasters and Clients
                                                                       (Tier 1 Broadcasters)

         ASTRA/SIRIUS leading
                                                                   •   Focus on growing DTH neighbourhoods with proven
         ASTRA/SIRIUS shared with others
         Others leading


SES proprietary information
   Established Positions in Scandinavian and
   Eastern European DTH: 5.0°E (1/2)
Main Market                                                                                         Coverage 5.0°E
          • DTH for Nordic and Baltic markets and
            Eastern Europe (3.9 million homes: up
            from 1.9 million a year ago (+ 1.9 million
            or +100% in 2008)
          • Cable Feeds
          • SIRIUS 4 highly successful – SIRIUS 5 to
            bring further DTH growth capacity
          • 50,000 HD homes – 6 HD channels (2%
            of all SD channels are also available in
                                                                                                   Fill Rate
                                                                                                        SIRIUS at 5.0°E *
          • Today
                  – SIRIUS 3 and 4                                                                       At 31 March 2009
          • Supply by 2011
                                                                                                        Utilised       41
                  – SIRIUS 5 to provide extra growth capacity
                    of 12 transponders for the Nordic and                                               Available      44
                    Eastern European market
                                                                                                        Utilisation:   93%

* Excluding Africa. Rounding errors may occur.
Comment: ASTRA 1C currently in inclined orbit at 2.0E and therefore not included in available transponder capacity
SES proprietary information
  Established Positions in Scandinavian and
  Eastern European DTH: 5.0°E (2/2)
    Key customers             Arqiva, Discovery, MaxTV, ProTV, Viasat/MTG,

    Recent                    Growing demand from Ukraine, Russia,
    Developments              HDTV in Nordic markets (6 channels today)

    Growth Drivers and   Pay TV in Eastern Europe, Russia;
    Market Opportunities HDTV in Nordic and Eastern Europe

    Supply and Demand         Jointly with SIRIUS 4, SIRIUS 5 will deliver 12
    Dynamics                  incremental transponders to capture HD growth
                              opportunities from the Nordic and CEE markets.
                              In CEE, digitalisation of TV and success of satellite
                              creates further demand for DTH platforms


SES proprietary information
  Established Positions in European DTH: 23.5°E (1/2)

Main Market                                                       ASTRA Coverage 23.5°E
        • DTH for CEE and Benelux (more than 1
          million homes: up from 0.6 million a year
          ago, +0.4 million or +60% in 2008)
        • Cable feeds for Germany
        • ASTRA2Connect in Europe
        • 30,000 HD homes
        • 9 HD channels
          (4% of all SD channels are also available
          in HD)
                                                                 Fill Rate
                                                                   ASTRA at 23.5°E
        • Today
               – ASTRA 3A, 1E, 1G                                   At 31 March 2009
               – ASTRA 1G moved in 2009 to 23.5°E                               Txprs
                                                                   Utilised      34
        • Supply by Q1 2010
                                                                   Available     56
               – Capitalising on pre-fill of the existing
                 satellites, ASTRA 3B will provide the             Utilisation:   60%
                 required follow-on capacity with added

SES proprietary information
  Established Positions in European DTH: 23.5°E (2/2)

    Key customers             Canal Digitaal, KDG, Media Broadcast
                              (CS and Sky Link), Roos, ASTRA2Connect customers

    Recent                    Strong growth of DuoLNB reach in Benelux, Czech
    Developments              and Slovak Republics

    Growth Drivers and   Pay TV, DTT via satellite, HDTV (9 channels),
    Market Opportunities ASTRA2Connect across Europe, Telco DTH

    Supply and Demand         ASTRA 3B will deliver 12 incremental Ku-band
    Dynamics                  transponders to the Middle East and 3 Ku-band
                              transponders to Western Europe
                              Strong demand for Government/Data Services for
                              Middle East beam and DTH growth from 23.5°E


SES proprietary information
   Developing Additional Prime Orbital Positions : 31.5°E

Main Market                                                                                      ASTRA Coverage 31.5°E
           • Establish 31.5°E as the DTH position for
             emerging Eastern European and Middle
             Eastern markets
           • Allows existing customers to grow at a
             new orbital position
           • Establish Pay-TV and cable feed
             solutions for Eastern Europe
           • Serve European telcos to bridge
             shortcomings of terrestrial IPTV solutions

                                                                                                   Provisional coverage zones shown.

  Supply – May 2009                                                                              Fill Rate – n/a
             • ASTRA 2C bringing into use 24 transponders

                           ASTRA 2C at 31.5°E opens new emerging market opportunities with
                                  24 transponders coming into service in May 2009,
                                       building pre-fill for a follow-on spacecraft

*ASTRA 1D currently in inclined orbit and therefore not included in available transponder   23
SES proprietary information
     Middle East DTH Market Overview
     YahLive Coverage 52.5°E

     Dynamic Market with strong potential                     YahLive delivers much-needed capacity
                                                              over the Middle East
•    High TV consumption and satellite penetration        •   23 Ku-band transponders on the Yahsat 1A satellite to
•    High rate of dual / triple reception                     be launched end of 2010
•    Significant potential for High Definition and FTA    •   SES ASTRA will invest approx. 50 MUSD for 35% of
     channel growth                                           YahLive, to be paid before the expected launch date of
                                                              the Yahsat 1A satellite in Q4 2010, with approx. 60%
•    Lack of pan-regional high-power transponder              to be paid in 2009
                                                          •   Full consolidation due to agreed corporate governance
•    Demand for Ku-band will grow faster than             •   Attractive neighbourhood for pan-Arabic and North
     supply                                                   African regions
•    Strong partners with complementary geographic
     strengths and orbital positions


SES proprietary information
      African DTH Market

  SIRIUS-4(5) Africa payloads at 5°E marketed as ASTRA-4A(B) in Africa

    Market Indicators                                                                      ASTRA 4A Coverage
               • Total of 108.7 million households
               • Potential market of 30.17 million DTH
                 subscribers across sub-Saharan
               • Colour TV homes 33.59 million
               • Only 3.42 million TV homes
                 subscribe to Pay-TV (10.2%)

                                                                                                 ASTRA-4B will provide increased
                                                                                                 power levels in core markets to
    Supply                                                                                       strengthen the already attractive
                                                                                                 ASTRA-4A coverage
               • Today
                       – ASTRA 4A with 6 x 36MHz
                       – Fill Rate: 25%                                                    * ASTRA-4A also supports Africa to Europe traffic
                                                                                            flow for contribution or duplex data services
               • Supply by Q4 2011
                       – ASTRA 4B to provide an extra
                         24 x 33 MHz of capacity

•Source Market indicators: Euroconsult (July 2008), World bank, World CIA Fact Book
•Viability of the markets are based on economic indicators and TV landscape
 SES proprietary information
      Enhancing ASTRA Fleet Efficiency

                                                              Situation at                        Expected situation in     Change /
      ASTRA Fleet
                                                             31 March 2009                               2014               movement

      Orbital positions                                      5.0°E / 19.2°E                       5.0°E / 19.2°E / 23.5°E   + 31.5°E
                                                             23.5°E / 28.2°E                          28.2°E / 31.5°E

      Number of satellites                                               14                                           12       -2

      Number of commercially                                            298                                           370     +72
      available transponders (1)

         By 2014 the fleet size is expected to reduce from 14 to 12 satellites with 28.2°E and 19.2°E
         fleet replacement programme complete

         The 12 satellites will offer 72 additional commercially available transponders

         These enhancements result in an optimised capex per transponder

         Scope for further optimisation if additional payloads are included on the upcoming satellites
         for example adding additional NSS payloads at 28.2°E

(1)     Third party leased capacity of 12 txps and inclined orbit capacity of ASTRA 1C and ASTRA 1D is not included
SES proprietary information
  Government Services and Institutions
  Europe (1/2)
  ASTRA 3B – Middle East Beam                                                                                                            EGNOS –
    provides 12 Ku-band transponders                                                                                                       a hosted payload on SIRIUS 5 in L-
    for the Middle East                                                                                                                    band
            •       Excellent coverage from Lebanon to                                                                                          •   SES ASTRA was selected by the
                    Pakistan and the Caspian Sea to the                                                                                             European Commission (EC) to provide
                    Gulf of Aden in the commercially                                                                                                services to the European navigation
                    attractive 14Ghz band                                                                                                           service EGNOS
              Coverage ASTRA 3B – ME Beam *                                                                                                         (European Geostationary Navigation
                                              g                     g                (                     )                                        Overlay Service)


                                                                                                                                                •   EGNOS supplements navigation
                                                                                                                                                    systems such as GPS, GLONASS and

                                                                                                                                                    Galileo by reporting and improving the

                                                                                                                                                    reliability and accuracy of the signals
                                                                                                                                                •   EGNOS will provide European
                                                                                                                                                    navigation services ahead of the
                                                                                                                                                    deployment of GALILEO and will be
                                                                                                                                                    available over Europe and Northern

                                    4143 45                                    47                    45

                                                   47                                                 41


            30.00              40.00                        50.00                            60.00                   70.00              80.00
                                                        E    tL         it d    (D       )
     Provisional coverage shown                                                                                                    27
     * Jointly marketed with NSS
SES proprietary information
  Government Services and Institutions
  Europe (2/2)
    Customer Offering
            •    Combined approach of infrastructure provision and service
                 capabilities to provide full end-to-end solutions to customers

    Commercial Highlights ND SatCom
            •    2008 revenue of 126 MEUR, recurring EBITDA margin of
                 approx. 10%
            •    Continuation of SATCOMBw Step 2 project for German Armed
            •    Roll out of Turkey’s biggest satellite communications network,
                 which connects more than 5,000 rural schools to the internet
            •    Further government and defence contracts from Middle East,
                 Africa, Mexico, the Netherlands, Canada, Poland, China and
                 Great Britain

    SES ASTRA TechCom
            •    2008 revenue of 18 MEUR and an EBITDA margin of > 10%
            •    Techcom is a key partner for the provision of the Galileo data
                 dissemination and ground network
            •    Techcom to perform Galileo In-Orbit-Testing through its Redu
            •    Vinasat - major contracts won for delivery of TT&C stations,
                 NOC provision, day-to-day support and employee training


SES proprietary information
   Solaris Mobile’s Recent Developments

         Background: SES and Eutelsat Communications announced their investment of approximately
         130 million euros into the 50/50 joint venture company in October 2006. The European
         Commission approved the joint venture in July 2007. The company was established in June 2008
         and submitted an S-Band spectrum application for EU mobile services to the European
         Commission in October 2008

         3 April 2009: Eutelsat announces the successful launch of the W2A satellite carrying the
         Solaris Mobile S-band payload

         14 May 2009: Solaris Mobile announces that the evaluation of the in-orbit tests of the S-band
         payload on the W2A satellite indicates an anomaly which requires further tests. Solaris Mobile and
         its shareholders remain confident of its ability to meet the commitments made according to the
         European Selection and Authorisation Process, under which it has applied for S-band spectrum

         14 May 2009: Solaris Mobile receives confirmation from the European Commission of the
         assignment of 2 x 15 MHz of S-Band spectrum across Europe. The assignment entitles the
         company to use this commercially attractive and unique spectrum across the European Union


SES proprietary information
  Service Update: entavio

         Following the termination of entavio, the neutral technical platform
         remains fully operational

         This allows SES ASTRA to redeploy technical and logistical
         platform elements in the framework of the HDTV roll-out with
         minimum additional costs

         Platform maintenance and operating capability continues with a
         minimum burn rate of approx. 5 MEUR per year

         SES ASTRA remains committed to its strategic objective to offer
         additional digital services to broadcasters


SES proprietary information
  Service Update: ASTRA2Connect

         ASTRA2Connect is a low-cost satellite broadband service offering access to the “un-
         served” market representing 5-10% of European households

         Now introduced via service providers in 13 European countries:
           •    Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, France, Italy, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, UK,
                Slovenia and Hungary

         Currently offered via Ku-band capacity on ASTRA 3A at 23.5°E

         Orange via Nordnet is now presenting the ASTRA2Connect service in compliance with the
         first action point of the ‘France Digital 2012’ plan announced by the French government

         Strong political support and momentum for bringing broadband solutions forward as well on
         EU as on EU Member State Level (France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain)

         Current subscriber base at 40,000 and growing at approx. 10,000 net per quarter

         Current subscriber per transponder figure ranges from 8,000 – 12,000 with monthly ARPU
         between EUR 23 – 27 for flat offerings

* CPE = Consumer Premises Equipment
SES proprietary information
  SES ASTRA – Conclusion

          Leader in DTH in Western Europe and selectively expanding the proven
          business model into other markets

          Established leading European DTH positions drive strong cash flow generation
          and profitability in the infrastructure business

          Development of new orbital positions for geographic expansion and HD ramp-up
          to further develop ASTRA’s leadership

          Reverting German analogue capacity will be available to serve existing and new
          customers and HDTV growth

          Selected service offerings will contribute to further develop ASTRA’s leadership
          in the core infrastructure business

          Efficient fleet development will deliver a reduction in per transponder capital


SES proprietary information

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