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									                                                                       MEng Thesis

Last Update: 15 Sep 2009

              Name                Supervisor            Date of                                            Project

 Arash Maskooki             Erry Gunawan              15-Jun-09    A frequency approach for skin artifact removal in UWB microwave breast cancer

 Koh Seng Lee Christopher   Ling Keck Voon            15-Jun-09    Accelerating the interior point method on a FPGA
                            Ding Zhongqiang

 Remaiahgowda               Li Kwok Hung              15-Jun-09    Performance evaluation of digital communication systems over generalized-K fading
 Vishwanatha                                                       channels

 Sun Lina                   Tan Cher Ming             15-Jun-09    Interface characterization of wafer bonding

 Yang Jingbo                Chang, Joseph Sylvester   15-Jun-09    Modeling of and acoustic feedback cancellation in hearing instruments

 Gwee Choon Lim             Ma Maode                   5-May-09    Quality of Service in Ad hoc Networks
                            Winston Seah

 Li Daosheng                Fan Weijun                 5-May-09    Semiconductor quantum well photodectector for fibre optical communication

 Toh Yue Khing              Xie Lihua                  5-May-09    Development of a wireless sensor network system for target tracking and surveillance
                            Xiao Wendong

 Amit Rajora                Gan Woon Seng              3-Apr-09    Noise suppression using active noise control and masking

 Lai Chong Yue Joshua       Soh Cheong Boon            3-Apr-09    Ultra-wideband (UWB) microwave imaging for breast cancer detection: UWB
                                                                   experiments on breast phantoms

 Ling Yong                  See Kye Yak                3-Apr-09    Feasibility study of porous aluminum for electromagnetic shielding applications

 Raghu Kumbakonam           Ma Maode                   3-Apr-09    Resource management strategies for quality of service in IEEE 802.16 networks

 Tan Dunlin                 Tan Ooi Kiang              3-Apr-09    Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured Cr doped TiO2 materials for
                            Andrew Soutar                          photocatalytic applications

 Teu Choon Kiat             Chen Chung Kit, George     3-Apr-09    Development of photothermal imaging system for imaging of cellular organelles

 Wang Wei                   Wen Changyun               3-Apr-09    Adaptive control of nonlinear system in the presence of non-smooth nonlinearities
Ye Tianxiao           Xue Ping                  3-Apr-09    Fast algorithms for H.264 encoding and transcoding

Maryam Arabshashi     Chong Han Joo Peter       3-Apr-09    Comparison of some time slot allocation schemes in TDD-CDMA multihop cellular

Zhang Weijia          Goh Wang Ling             3-Mar-09    Design of low-power high speed error-tolerant adder and its application in digital signal

Luo Xuewen            Soon Ing Yann             31-Jan-09   Psychoacoustic model for robust speech recognition

Tan Yong Yi           Yuan Xiaocong             31-Jan-09   Experimental study on surface plasmon induced optical manipulation and imaging

Lim Kok Meng          Yeo Kiat Seng             5-Dec-08    Design of RF front-end circuit blocks for low-power applications

Zhao Dan              Yeo Kiat Seng             5-Dec-08    Characterization, design and modeling of on-chip interleaved transformers

Chen Wei              Zhu Weiguang              5-Nov-08    Ferroelectric films and MEMS applications

Janardhanan Lavanya   Soh Cheong Boon           3-Oct-08    Distributed personal health information management system for tele-dermatology

Rasouli Mahdi         Tan Ooi Kiang             3-Oct-08    An impedimetric immunosensor based on humidity sensing properties of BST
                                                            composite film

Zong Wenbo            Ma Kai Kuang              3-Oct-08    Scalable 3-D wavelet video coding

Alireza Kashian       Gay Kheng Leng, Robert    15-Sep-08   Generating visual concept maps based on image annotation and commonsense
                      Habib Mir Hosseini                    knowledge acquisition

Hang Yue              Wang Danwei               15-Sep-08   Comparison study of dynamic models for satellite formation flying
                      Poh Eng Kee

Li Danping            Siek Liter                15-Sep-08   The multi-step dynamic reference analog-to-digital converter

Xu Shaobin            Tang Dingyuan             15-Sep-08   Investigation of Yb3+ doped fiber laser

Zhang Peng            Ang Lay Kee Ricky (A/P)   15-Sep-08   Modeling of short-pulse child-langmuir law

Zhang Yi              Koh Soo Ngee              15-Sep-08   Feature enhancement for robust speech recognition

Zhang Yu              Ang Diing Shenp           15-Sep-08   The impact of channel engineering on hot-electron injection in the deep-
                                                            submicrometer flash memory cell

Kwek Boon Kheng,      Chang, Joseph             20 Jun 08   Analysis and design of analogue class D amplifier output stages
Lawrence              Tan Meng Tong

Lim Guan Hui          Zhou Xing                 20 Jun 08   Development of statistical models for baseband MOSFET models
Liu Ningyi                 Zhang Qing             20 Jun 08   Carbon nanotube based (bio)electronic devices
                           Chen Ping

Manish Oswal               See Kye Yak            20 Jun 08   Critical investigation of common-mode radiation mechanism from power line
                                                              communication network

Sun Yuan                   Siek Liter             20 Jun 08   Low-voltage GHz-range frequency synthesizer

Lu Fen                     Fan Weijun             10 Jun 08   Study of nano-scale si/siGc structures for quantum cascade emitters

Myo Thida                  Chan Kap Luk           10 Jun 08   Moving object boundary extraction using level set method
                           Eng How Lung

Tang Yu                    Chu Yun Chung          10 Jun 08   Parameter estimation techniques for fiber bragg grating sensors

Zheng Chao                 Low Kay Soon           10 Jun 08   Power supply system for a microsatellite

Chia Leong Yap             Goh Wang Ling          5 May 08    Voltage reference circuits for low voltage applications
                           Ram Singh Rana

Theng Ah Leong             Goh Wang Ling          5 May 08    Novel transistor structures for future deep submicron MOS applications
                           Lo Guo-Qiang Patrick

Zhang Xinxin               Koh Soo Ngee           5 May 08    Post-processing in speech enhancement systems

Ding Yu                    Sun Changqing          29 Feb 08   Low temperature growth and characterizations of carbon nanostructures

Shibu Menon                Chang Chip Hong        29 Feb 08   Modulo adders, multipliers and shared-moduli architectures for hoduli of type {2n –
                                                              1,2n, 2n + 1}

Zhou Junqiang              Sheel Aditya           29 Feb 08   Measurement of polarization effects in optical fibers and components
                           Gong Yandong

Deng Wu                    Low Kay Soon           18 Jan 08   A network based motion control system for fountain application

Kamarul Azran Bin Ashari   See Kye Yak            18 Jan 08   Development of Power Line Communications System with Low Electromagnetic

Tan Lay Im                 Tan Ooi Kiang          18 Jan 08   Fabrication and characterization of barium strontium titanate film based biosensor
                           Gan-Yap Yik Yuen

Tao Meng                   Chua Chin Seng         18 Jan 08   Human pose estimation based on data-driven monte carlo hidden markov models

Wang Rui                   Yoon Soon Fatt         18 Jan 08   Study of SiGe/Si quantum Cascade Structures

Dahyanto Harliono          Gan Woon Seng          7 Dec 07    Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling framework on digital audio player
Satzoda Ravi Kumar         Chang Chip Hong         7 Dec 07     Fast finite field multipliers for public key cryptosystems

Teo Mia Koon               Lu Yilong               7 Dec 07     Simulation study of high frequency surface wave radar

Han Dan (Ms)               Mao Kezhi               15 Nov 07    Gland segmentation of microscopic image for prostate cancer

Sharma Udit                Jong Ching Chuen        15 Nov 07    An integrated platform for design & verification of digital FIR filters

Liang Xiaojun              Liu Ai Qun              1 Oct 07     Refractive index measurement of single living cell using biophotonic chip

Qin Jing                   Cai Wenjian             1 Oct 07     Development of chemical oxygen demand sensor

Zhou Hao                   Mao Kezhi               1 Oct 07     Learning-based mathematical morphology in color image processing

Liang Zhiqian              Ling Keck Voon          22 Aug 07    SECS/GEM message discovery for rapid equipment integration

Yeap Yean Wei              Tan Soon Hie           4 Jun 2007    High speed microwave transmission system for a low earth

Huang Yan                  Pey Kin Leong          11 May 2007   Fully silicided (fusi) metal gate for advanced cmos technology
                           Chi Dong Zhi

Lim Kai Ching              Guan Yong Liang        11 May 2007   Shortening and turbo decoding of product code

Pothula Uma Maheswararao   Haque M H              11 May 2007   Static and dynamic voltage stability analysis

Gao Yupeng                 Kot Chichung, Alex     6 Apr 2007    Segment-based and reversible techniques in data hiding for binary images

Lim Eyung                  Suganthan P. N.        6 Apr 2007    Enhancing authentication accuracy using fingerprint image quality
                           Tor Kar Ann

Samsudin                   Ng Boon Poh            6 Apr 2007    Implementation and optimization of parametric stereo encoding in enhanced aacplus
                           Farook Sattar                        encoder

Ye Dan                     Zhong Wende            6 Apr 2007    Channel Monitoring for Optical WDM Networks

Hao Yanyan                 Pina Marziliano        9 Feb 2007    Deveopment and analysis of ECG data compression schemes

Li Xiaobo                  Arokiaswami Alphones   9 Feb 2007    Development of a broadband tunable filter
                           Michael Yan Wah Chia

Liu Yong                   Wang Peng              9 Feb 2007    Reliability constrained milti-commodities dispatch in restructured power system

Vigneshwaran Subbaraju     Sundararajan N         9 Feb 2007    Neural networks for direction of arrival estimation in the presence of array sensor
Hou Xiaosong            Habib Mir Hosseini    12 Jan 2007   Electronic Cash Analysis on Fair Traceability, Double Spending Prevention and Model

Hu Changhui             Do Manh Anh           30 Nov 2006   A 2.45GHz cmos PA+T/R switch for wireless communication

Deepak Mohan            Arichandran Kandiah   9 Oct 2006    On Board Agents for Autonomous Operation of Micro Satellites

Zhang Chaochao          Ho Duan Juat          9 Oct 2006    ASIC design for MPEG-4 AVC decoder

Jean Almira             Shen Zhongxiang       20 Sep 2006   Single-ended broadband silicon carbide mesfet power amplifier

Peng Jia                Chan Pak Kwong        20 Sep 2006   A transducer for tomography imaging applications

Sun Yi                  Liu Ai Qun            20 Sep 2006   Design and fabrication of microfluidic chip for living cell transportation and switching

Do Aaron Vinh Thanh     Zhang Yue Ping        14 Jun 2006   Direct conversion 2.4-GHz receiver front end design for wireless applications

Shantanu Shukla         Arichandran Kandiah   14 Jun 2006   Data communication using earth mobile terminals for LEO satellite constellations

Tham Wei Hsen, Wilson   Henry Lew             14 Jun 2006   Simulation studies on through-wall radar imaging

Wong Sang Chin          Goh Wang Ling         14 Jun 2006   A programmable switched capacitor filter for audio applications

Lu Rui                  Pina Marziliano       02 Jun 2006   Liver Tumor Volume Estimation

Bimo Sunarfrihantono    Tan Boon Tiong        26 Apr 2006   Blood pressure measurement

Huang Shaoying          Lee Yee Hui           26 Apr 2006   Design and fabrication of RF MEMS devices for telecommunications

Wang Xiao               Tseng King Jet        26 Apr 2006   Space vector based hysteresis current control strategies for matrix converter

Yuan Yuming             Wan Chunru            26 Apr 2006   Intelligent multimedia processing

Zhu Qichao              Ma Maode              26 Apr 2006   Design & analysis MAC protocols in CDMA wireless networks

Zheng Hang              Zhu Kuanyi            23 Mar 2006   Design of control systems for regulation of mean arterial blood pressure of
                                                            hypertension patients

Fang Yu                 Chang, Joseph         8 Feb 2006    A novel sampling process with low harmonic distortion for a
                                                            digital class D amplifier

Na Yibo                 Lee Yee Hui           8 Feb 2006    Study of low frequency FOPEN SAR imaging

Chen Yuan               Tiew Kei Tee          20 Dec 2005   Design of Bandpass Delta-sigma Modulators
Chia Tze Keong            Birlasekaran S         20 Dec 2005   Partial discharge identification by using signal processing techniques

For Wei Khing             Gan Woon Seng          20 Dec 2005   Enabling location awareness with automatic-reprogrammable context-sensitive bio-
                          Dr. Simon Bao                        bridge middlewave for smart bio-laboratories

Neo Ker Sin               Lin Qingping           20 Dec 2005   Web-based 3D virtual environment for information visualization
                          Gay, Robert

Duan Bing                 Habib Mir Hosseini     16 Nov 2005   E-Learning Framework for Online Laboratories
                          Ling Keck Voon

Eka Firmansyah            Maswood, Ali I         16 Nov 2005   A unity power factor current injection technique for three-phase controlled bridge

Liu Jingjing              Do Manh Anh            16 Nov 2005   Analysis and design of CMOS mixers for direct conversion receivers

Tay Chia Meng, Benjamin   Tjin Swee Chuan        16 Nov 2005   Suction measurements using fibre optic sensors
                          Harianto Rahardjo

Zhu Xiaoling              Wang Han               16 Nov 2005   Robust Face Detection in Cluttered Images

Deng Xiaoyun              Chang Chip Hong        19 Oct 2005   Efficient techniques for face and eye detection

Diao Xiaoning             Mao Kezhi              19 Oct 2005   2-D Gel Image Processing and Analysis for Proteomics

Mohit Aiyar               Sundararajan N         19 Oct 2005   Growing and pruning (GAP) RBF networks for call admission control in ATM traffic

Wang Zheng                See Kye Yak            19 Oct 2005   Modelling of electromagnetic shielding structures for radiated EM1 analysis

Lim Ying Ying             Arokiaswami Alphones   16 Sep 2005   Study on High Frequency Measurement of Dielectric Properties
                          Mihai Dragos Rotaru

Peh Beng Yeow             Soong Boon Hee         16 Sep 2005   Characterisation of quality of service parameters for DTV reception in Singapore

Poh Eng Hua, Terence      Saratchandran P        16 Sep 2005   A GA based hybrid tier packing approach for three dimensional packing

Shi Chao                  Chen Lihui             16 Sep 2005   Feature dimension reduction for microarray data analysis

Tan Boon Liong            Tseng King Jet         16 Sep 2005   Development of electrical power supply system for microsatellite with maximum power
                                                               point tracking

Wang De Qun               Cheah Chien Chern      16 Sep 2005   Region reaching control of robot manipulators

Zhong Kaixun              Bi Guoan               16 Sep 2005   Implementation of wireless data collection system
Chen Junhua            Yang Zhonghua            16 Aug 2005   Learning in multiagent systems

Li Bing                Miao Yuan                16 Aug 2005   Agent based application service providing system
                       Yang Zhonghua

Zhang Yingbo           Zhu Lei                  16 Aug 2005   Printed wire antennas for wireless communications

Dai Lin                Ling Keck Voon           17 Jun 2005   A study of GPS based attitude determination technique
                       Nagarajan N S

Gu Wen                 Wang Lipo                17 Jun 2005   Solving channel assignment problem for mobile communications with soft computing

Lian Ziwen             Zhong Wende              17 Jun 2005   Design and analysis of optical metropolitan networks
                       Wang Yixin

Lim Cheng Chuan        Ong Kian Seng, Patrick   17 Jun 2005   High data rate wireless personal area network

Wang Wanqiu            Chan Kap Luk             17 Jun 2005   Pattern representation and recognition in abstract metric space

Xia Fei                Jong Ching Chuen         17 Jun 2005   Efficient arithmetic functional modules for FPGA-based VLSI designs.

Yang Xiaoyong          Chang Chip Hong          17 Jun 2005   Modeling, Packaging and Recognition of Radio Etiquettes for Cognitive Radio

Zhu Pengye             Dubey, V K               17 Jun 2005   Channel equalizer design for ADSL transceivers

Chong Chee Seng        Miao Yuan                9 Jun 2005    Infrastructure of agent based application service providing model
                       Gay K L, Robert

Jin Guosheng           Wang Lipo                9 Jun 2005    Protein secondary structure prediction using artifical neural networks and support
                                                              vector machines

Joanna Chaw Yane-Yin   Pey Kin Leong            9 Jun 2005    Ni-alloy silicides for advanced si technologies
                       Lee Pooi See

Qi Weisong             Zhu Ce                   9 Jun 2005    Fast motion estimation for video coding

Qiu Gang               Pina Marziliano          9 Jun 2005    Digital Watermarkign for Advanced Image and Video Coding Standards

Wang Xiaomeng          Xue Ping                 9 Jun 2005    Perceptual/content-based video coding and indexing
                       Dr Lin Weisi

Chan Yeen Tat          Goh Wang Ling            16 May 2005   Process and device characterization of advanced SOI devices

Chow Fong Ling         Pey Kin Leong            16 May 2005   Formation of silicide films in advanced silicon devices using pulsed laser annealing
                       Lee Pooi See
Li Guojie        Saratchandran P.        16 May 2005   Radial basis function neural networks for speaker verification

Ng Kian Ann      Chan Pak Kwong          16 May 2005   A monolithic IC system for portable medical applications

Peng Yanjie      Soong Boon Hee          16 May 2005   A heuristic approach by jabu search for resource allocation in communication

Shi Huamin       Zhu Lei                 16 May 2005   Mniaturized planar RF integrated filters with good harmonic suppression

Tang Leijun      Pey Kin Leong           16 May 2005   Physical analysis on ultrathin gate dielectric breakdown using TEM
                 Mr Tung Chih Hang

Wang Minrui      Rusli                   16 May 2005   Growth and characterization of low-k dielectrics for multilevel interconnect applications

Wang Yifei       Lu Yilong               16 May 2005   Modeling and optimization of photonic crystal fibres

Yin Zunliang     Miao Yuan               16 May 2005   Intelligent agent based automatic operating model

Zeng Jiancheng   Kot Chichung, Alex      16 May 2005   Document authentication

Feng Chao        Shen Zhongxiang         21 Apr 2005   A hybid FD-Monm technique for predicting shielding effectiveness of metallic
                                                       enclosures with apertunes

Feng Chen        Farook Sattar           21 Apr 2005   Real time MP3 transmission over bluetooth ACL link

Fu Rong          Zhu Lei                 21 Apr 2005   Novel design of planar printed antennas with enhanced performance

Ong Beng Hwee    Yeo Kiat Seng           21 Apr 2005   Characterization and modelling of on-chip interconnects for silicon RF IC design

Qu Yaowen        Fu Shiang, Jeffrey      21 Apr 2005   Detection improvement for anti-collision radar

Shu Feng         Ho Tung Shuen Anthony   21 Apr 2005   Orthogonal transform watermarking techniques for authentication of digital images and

Teo Peng Thian   Lee Ching Kwang         21 Apr 2005   Spatial periodic array with frequency- selective bandpass response fro GPS and
                                                       DCS1800 mobile communications

Zhou Jiaoyun     Fu Shiang, Jeffrey      21 Apr 2005   Ku/Ka band mixers development for satellite communication system

Bao Haoji        Ng Boon Poh             25 Feb 2005   Optimum DOA algorithms for narrowband and wideband applications

Chue Wai Lian    Chen Lihui              25 Feb 2005   iSearch Framework: Using the web structure and summarisation techniques for web
                                                       content mining

Deng Shusheng    Tan Cher Ming           25 Feb 2005   Investigation of low temperature wafer bonding using intermediate layer
                 Dr. Wei Jun
Huang Chao         Wang Peng                25 Feb 2005   Reliability evaluation of deregulated power systems

Kang Jinjun        Teh Kah Chan             25 Feb 2005   Performance analyses of coherent fast FHSS/MPSK systems over non-fading and
                                                          fading channels with partial band nosie jamming and AWGN

Lee Hiong Wen      Lau Shu Ping Daniel      25 Feb 2005   Low temperature growth of ZnO thin films by filtered cathodic vacuum arc technique

Lou Junjun         Lu Chao                  25 Feb 2005   Modeling of holey fiber using boundary element method

Shi Danhong        Law Choi Look            25 Feb 2005   Real-time positioning implementation via GPS code phase and carrier phase

Wang Yanmei        Yang Zhonghua            25 Feb 2005   Ontology-based web knowledge management
                   Kong Per Hin Hinny

Wu Rui             Yeo Kiat Seng            25 Feb 2005   Design of a low-voltage low-power CMOS phase detector for SONET/ SDH standards

Yan Guoqiang       Do Manh Anh              25 Feb 2005   Differential / single-ended / differential conversion circuits for RF CMOS building

Zhang Lei          Koh Tong San             25 Feb 2005   Renal system modeling for nuclear medicine studies

Zhu Jingyi         Tang Xiaohong            25 Feb 2005   MOCVD growth of III-V compounds for long wavelength optoelectronic devices

Chen Li            Chong Han Joo, Peter     30 Nov 2004   Capacity improvement in cellular systems with dynamic channel assignment and
                                                          reuse partitioning

Goh Tat Kean       Wong Kin Shun, Terence   30 Nov 2004   Analysis of mesoporous ultra low K dielectric materials for microelectronics
                   Dr Wu Shaoyu                           interconnects

Chan Kwok Wai      Ma Jian-Guo              1 Jun 2004    RF CMOS 0.18 um parameterized layout generation kit

Chin Chee Hwa      Wen Changyun             1 Jun 2004    Enabling scanning moire phase shifting interferometry

Chua Chien Chung   Gwee Bah Hwee            1 Jun 2004    Design of low voltage micropower asynchronous datapath modules for multiplierless
                                                          FIR filter

Dong Fengdan       Wang Youyi               1 Jun 2004    Advanced control of optical disk drives servos

Khin Kyu Kyu Win   Cheah Chien Chern        1 Jun 2004    Multi-objective learning control for robotic manipulator

Lai Xuming         Lin Zhiping              1 Jun 2004    A state space approach to noise reduction of fluorescent microscopy images

Lee Yi Chau        Tan Ooi Kiang            1 Jun 2004    An inductively coupled plasma chemical vapor deposition system for the synthesis of
                                                          nanostructured thin films
Lim Suh Fei             Yeo Kiat Seng        1 Jun 2004    Optimization and modeling of on-chip inductor

Lim Wei Keat            Er Meng Joo          1 Jun 2004    Development of an Intelligent system for breast cancers diagnosis.

Loh Soon Ann, Stephen   Zhang Dao Hua        1 Jun 2004    Electrochemical plated copper for interconnect applications

Neo Chin Chuan          Goh Wang Ling        1 Jun 2004    A Self-aligned dual-damascene processing technique to improve Cu interconnect

Tan Khim Sia            Gan Woon Seng        1 Jun 2004    Array signal processing for parametric array

Wang Junmin             Mei Ting             1 Jun 2004    Material characterization and device design of TiNx infrared microemitter

Yang Dazhi              Lu Yilong            1 Jun 2004    Analysis and design of wideband monopole antennas

Zhu Ye                  Soh Yeng Chai        1 Jun 2004    Robust information filter for multi-sensor system

Asutosh Srivastava      Tan Ooi Kiang        2 Apr 2004    Simulation and characterization of the Inductive-coupled plasma chemical vapour
                        Ang Lay Kee, Ricky                 deposition of nano-sized materials

Hong Hong Jia           Zhang Yue Ping       2 Apr 2004    Propagation of microwave signals for distributed wireless communication systems.

Peng Qizhen             Lu Chao              2 Apr 2004    Fiber grating based filter design and development

Teo Tai Yong            Goh Wang Ling        2 Apr 2004    Characterization of copper chemical mechanical polishing induced defects

Zhang Xiaoling          Chan Pak Kwong       2 Apr 2004    A sensing interface for high-resolution accelerometers

Huang Fengming          Habib M M H          23 Mar 2004   Video streaming watermarking

Jiang Yaoyao            Zhu Weiguang         23 Mar 2004   Scanning capacitance microscopy and related technologies for semiconductor device
                        Alastair Trigg                     characterizations

Loa Kok Kiat            Ma Jian-Guo          23 Mar 2004   Design of a low-voltage portable CMOS FM receiver

Zhou Weiqing            Ho Yeong Khing       23 Mar 2004   Coordinated motion planning for a mobile manipulateor subjected to external forces

Zou Qiyue               Lin Zhiping          23 Mar 2004   System theory in biomedical applications

Cao Hong                Kot Chichung, Alex   10 Feb 2004   Learning network and structural based character recognition

Lu Haiping              Kot Chichung, Alex   10 Feb 2004   Bi-level image watermarking and distortion measure

Tey Shih Hwee           Prasad K             10 Feb 2004   Experimental study of copper contamination in VLSI technology
Zhang Meng          Gay K L, Robert          10 Feb 2004   Reference models for email Intelligence discovery
                    Hinny Kong

Zhang Yu            Ling Keck Voon           10 Feb 2004   Model predictive cascade control

Huang Jiayi         Chen Tupei               20 Dec 2003   Characterisation of gate oxide degradation caused by electrical stress

Kaufik Linggajaya   Do Manh Anh              24 Nov 2003   Wideband CMOS image reject

Wang Yong           Lie Tek Tjing            24 Nov 2003   Development of a novel frequency-domin frame synchronization algorithm for digital
                                                           communication systems

Xiao Rui            Chang Chip Hong          24 Nov 2003   Adaptive color quantization using self-organizing feature map

Yam Chien Meng      Haque M H                24 Nov 2003   Study of power flow control by unifled power flow controller

Ye Jianyu           Yuan Xiaocong            24 Nov 2003   Design and frabrication of diffractive optical elements for laser beam shaping

Zhang Wei           Lie Tek Tjing            24 Nov 2003   Study of SPWM and HCF control schemes over UPFC

Shu Gang            Koh Soo Ngee             29 Oct 2003   Joint source channel coding for entropy based differential speech coders

Song Zhefeng        Guan Yong Liang          29 Oct 2003   Study of a novel adaptive bit loading and power control scheme for OFDM systems

Sugiri Pranata      Chua Hock Chuan          29 Oct 2003   Digital watermarking for compressed videos

Tian Hongying       Sng Eng Kian, Kenneth    29 Oct 2003   Study of line-commutated thyrister invester under voltage dips and novel ride-through

Shen Jun            Ho Tung Shuen, Anthony   16 Sep 2003   Development of digital rights management system for satellite images

Sheng Jin           Siew Chee Keong, David   16 Sep 2003   Optimization of mobile agent procurement performance in an uncertain environment

Viktor Wahadaniah   Chua Hock Chuan          16 Sep 2003   Collusion attacks for digital fingerprinting of image and video

Wan Song            Tseng King Jet           16 Sep 2003   Design of bearingless centrifugal blood pump

Wang Xiaolin        Chen Shiun               16 Sep 2003   An integrated environment for power quality monitoring and simulation analysis

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