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					                         Obesity In Our Society Reflection
                                               By Matt Schmidt

       Obesity is an epidemic in our society today. It is a disease caused by a lifestyle and is often

confused as a genetic disorder. Obesity is the result of easy access to fast food industries, cheap

processed foods, lazy Americans who lack exercise, and unhealthy eating habits. Obesity has

remained a major issue in our society because the education in the areas of exercise and nutrition

has been neglected.

       I have learned that obesity is a lifestyle that is often confused as a genetic disorder. If

obesity was truly a genetic disorder, the only way we could see a solution is by attacking the

source, the DNA, to find an antidote. We all know that obesity can be treated via a strict and

healthy diet and a devoted exercise routine. This solution would require a choice, a change in a

lifestyle, therefore obesity is a disease that is a lifestyle.

       I have also learned that obesity is the result of irresponsible individuals who are influenced

by our society. Fast food industries use processed foods to sell at cheaper prices for those of low

incomes who still want full stomachs at the end of the meal, but the issue is that these foods are

produced with less quality and are therefore unhealthy. I have learned that Americans also have

busy schedules and don't have time for exercise, so they tend to result to unhealthy diets like

anorexia and bulimia or they result to surgical operations like gastric bypass to reduce fat in their


       I believe that obesity will remain an issue in our American society, until the people are

given a proper education of nutrition and exercise. I believe that education will provide the

individual with the jump start and information needed to begin having healthy eating habits and

start exercising well. This epidemic depends on the individual to fix the entire issue for our

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