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Alouaqth* N´louaqth*: 18-7-2
Zeit : 5: 17: 43 uhr a.m

From Hanafi Ameur

to :

Dr Brigitta Wagrell
Alias Dr. Sigmunda Freudia
Academic Hospital
Fax : 55 28 06

Howdi ,

Remember me ? Well, I hope you shall know listen more carefully to me that is not
Him , remember^.
Now I hear again that your top dogs in America with Bush, Collin Powell,… ,
Gondolero with the bolero and all what there is to it have started again some fires ?

Please tell Bush … and all of yours to leave alone the pines and the wines, refrain
for your fire passion^. Him that is not me, may just again put the blame on you ^.
He has already been telling things by the containers to get your beople exterminated
You know, it definitely don´t look good to all of you , and do not now speed up the
fires throwing blazing chemicals ? The problem is that we can not trust this
humanity anymore , that may just think that you cannot get 50 60 feet flames high
unless the crowns are made pregnant with some honey from above ? They may
just simulate on any ponkuter ^ how you start all these things. So lay off the pines
and if possible the wines as well , this may just give you wrong ideas. Okay^.
This may just look worst as there was no lightening to put the blame on and Greeg
Leonard and Terry Barton are not at it any more ? And even Mac Bahoney says
It is humans doing it …. Beware for whatever Him that is not me can have in

For the jews of the Midwest , lay low on all this bambino-bambo , see the Italians
Have been wakened by Him that is not me to reclaim mambo, as they have the
copyright and all right to it , they may just reclaim bambino.bambo^. So no more of
these fiction kamikaze news. People are anyway not concerned at all as they do not
want to know of any of truth. These damn non-believers^. The idea of meat ing ^ of

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your top dogs around Arafat is just not looking good as Him that is not me , may
just point to this as a corroborating fact that you are all in it as jews^. How could
you displace the Palestinian cause to be now Arafat leadership or not while before
it was all from the blowing of his toilet to his house arrest and so on^. This may just
be too much and the autochthonous people may just draw some other conclusions^.
Then I advise you to switch off all the cinema in the Midwest as it just don´t look
good in future^.

For Western Ireland it was just a bad idea to let David Kimble apologize for the
murder of the unarmed bandits^. Who knows this may just awaken the west sad
story in U rope , you know the one you helped with a rope ^.

Chut , don´t make me waken Him that is not me ^. You want me to get you some
classified info ? Wait ? ….after a while
Alas , I have been denied access , there is , there is pretty many things that may just
Have to worry you jews^. You needed not to widen the conspiracy against Him that
is not me , with the chief of the peau lisse Göran Lindberg, the chuief of the
hospital Karin Norlen and many more , see He is just compiling proofs that are
against all of you jewcy beople^. You havre me that is not Him with you , why
need more ^.

To your jewcy peoble in Algeria with Bouteflika tell them to lay low on the killing
of people, this may just underline the existence of jews doing it all in Algeria ,
rather than the opposite^.

Tell them all jews to lay low on everything until I give you classified info on what
that Him is going to do^. Keep off from fiction cinema that just involves you more
and more rather than free you from guilt. This is the only way to delay your fall

I must just leave you as I hear Him that is not me starting to wake up .
Don´t lose the secret code !

Have a bad time !

For Me that is not Him . Yes you want to know how much sugar He has ? Well I
think in a few days He might just become the biggest sugar exporter trading it with
cas fait^.

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