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Everyone is talking about movies, but TV shows work great too! Project
Runway (Emmy-nominated BRAVO! show) can be a fun introduction to
Textiles and Fashion. Attached is the worksheet the students completed.
(It involves the design process) The students designed were very
creative and they loved the project.

“Never Been Kissed”

“Of Mice and Men”

“Dead Poet's Society”

“October Sky”

“Remember the Titans”-conflicts

“Pay it Forward”

Super Size Me

'Mom at Sixteen' - Teen Pregnancy
It is a Lifetime Original movie and can be easily purchased online. The
best part however is that Lifetime Television posts discussion questions for
all of its educational movies on the internet, so you already have a place
to start as far as that goes.

"One Fine Day" - it is excellent to discuss a parents true priorities and the difficulty of
juggling parenthood in our career driven society, etc.

"Too Young to Be a Dad" - lifetime movie concerning the often
forgotten issue of the teen father

“She’s Too Young”- lifetime movie about teen issues with sex and stds

"Radio Flyer"-child abuse

“16 and pregnant”

“Where the Heart Is”


"A Walk to Remember" - very good example of the stages of dying

"On Golden Pond" - good on aging
“Mr.Holland's Opus” (This film show Mr. Holland's failures, false starts, and
ultimate triumphs as a teacher, husband, and father. It is a film about
love, success, rejection, and understanding.)

“Joy Luck Club” (This movie is based on the bestseller by Amy Tan, and
describes the experiences of 4 women who emigrated from China to the US.
Each woman's story contains horrendous experiences in China and shows how
those experiences affected their relationships with their American born

“Father of the Bride”

“Sarah Plain & Tall”;Skylark(sequel) - Mail order bride joins a widower and his family in
rural America. Themes include family relationships, coping with death, stepparenting,
commitment to family

“Mr. Mom” - Family roles, role reversal

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding” - Greek woman meets and falls in love with a non-Greek.
 Themes include family culture, traditions and diversity, selecting a marriage partner,
global influences on families.
“Step Mom” - Two women must come to terms with divorce and re-marriage and their
parenting roles. Themes include challenges of blended families, divorce, fatal
illness/death & coping, meeting family needs, working through problems in stepfamilies.

“Steel Magnolias” - Women have a variety of issues in their respective families and
provide support for each other. Also good for Interpersonal Relations. Themes include
family challenges, friendship,coping with death.

“Cool Runnings” - True story about the Jamaican bobsled team. Also good for
Interpersonal Relation. Themes include self confidence, positive self-talk, self-image,
self discovery, and father-son relation.


"Homeless to Harvard"

My students really enjoyed the television series Dirty Jobs. Lots of
discussion was had about jobs they did not want to ever do. A few old
Bill Cosby shows when he teaches Theo what the real world would be like
and when they go out to buy a new car. Blank Check is another fun one.
Other than that, basically ordered things from the usual sources.

“Door to door”

”Cinderella Man”

"Mr. Holland's Opus" - the hero dedicates his life to a career that he never intended to
embrace, but discovers he has a talent for and becomes committed to teaching.
Office Space...but just wait! I know it is rated R and
there are many many scenes which are not appropriate, however if you
have the DVD you can skip around the movie. It is fun introduction to
why it is so important to choose a career you love. It also deals with
job satisfaction, behavior at the work place, how to deal with conflict
at the work place, and evaluations. I attached to study packet for the

”A Bug's Life”- have the students list the various jobs they see in the movie. We get
creative such as the queen is CEO, etc.

”October Sky” to relate to Lifestyles and setting goals, etc.

”Space Camp”

“Holes” - Theme of conflict resolution, conflict management, and friendship. There are
online lesson plan ideas via the Disney website, designed for Language Arts but can be
adapted to FACS.

For fun especially on half-day or shortened period, I show the following episodes of "I
Love Lucy" -*Redecorating(2nd season) Illustrates in a humorous way what it was like
to hang wallpaper in the 1950's, can serve as a discussion-starter for the pros and cons of
do-it-yourself home decorating. *Job-Switching/Candy Factory(2nd season) This famous
episode has a scene in which Lucy and Ethel struggle through a job interview. Also
shows what happens when you need a job and have no skills!

"Cool Runnings" to use in co-op class. (Teamwork)

"Norma Rae" to use in co-op class.( unions, working conditions,)

“Yours, Mine and Ours”-NOT the new version, but the old one with Henry Fonda and
Lucille Ball. I use it to help teach the lesson on Families. It provides a window
into the types of families--nuclear, single-parent, blended, extended
and adoptive. It is a good illustration of the specific actions needed
(or not needed) to build a strong family and the fact that it takes time
and effort. It is an excellent springboard for discussing the roles and
responsibilities of each family member and the inevitability of family
change. The students really enjoy this film, although some of the boys
don't admit it. They are fascinated that the movie is based on a true
story, and I have had a number of students borrow the original book from
the library and read it. ( Who Gets The Drumstick? by Helen North
Beardsley) Parts of this film are outdated, but I consider that to be
"history across the curriculum," and those parts also generate some
lively discussions. Hope this is helpful.
         Office Space Movie
 Office Satisfaction and Behavior
DIRECTIONS: Answer the following questions related to the film. You do not need to write
in complete sentences unless specified.

#2 Memo

a. What is Peter’s attitude at the beginning of his work day?

b. How would you feel if you were “reprimanded” three separate times about the same

c. Do the bosses at Initech demonstrate quality or quantity? Explain

#4 Case of the Mondays

a. What does “case of the Mondays” mean?

b. “What if we’re still doing this when we’re 50?” What do you think Peter’s life would
be like if he still worked at Initech when he was 50 years old?
#5 Downsizing

a. Why is Tom more passionate about the Jump 2 Conclusion board than his job at

b. (In complete sentences) What would you do if you had a million dollars?

#7 Lumbergh

a. Why does Peter want to sneak out early?

b. What would be a better way for Peter to handle the situation?

c. (In complete sentences) How would you handle a bad day at school?

d. Why is Peter staying at Initech if it makes him miserable?

e. How has Peter’s attitude changed after the hypnotherapy? Is it a good or bad change,

#10 Initech Job Description

a. Why can’t Tom tell the bosses what he does at Initech?

b. Why do the attitudes of the bosses change when Michal says they can call him Mike?

c. Joanna doesn’t like her job, but she hasn’t thought about “not going” like Peter. Why?
#14 Bosses

a. Peter hasn’t prepared, but isn’t worried about his interview with the “Bobs.” He even
says it is the best day. Why?

b. Should he have been honest or lied to keep his job?

c. (In complete sentences) What motivates you to do well?

d. Stan doesn’t ask Joanna to wear more flair, but “encourages” her. Why is this
approach not effective?

e. Bob and Lumbergh disagree on their evaluation of Peter. Why? (Think of subjective
vs. objective)

f. Peter keeps showing up at work to do non-work related tasks. Why does he bother
even showing up at all?

g. Milton is being pushed around, what should he do?

h. If you knew two friends (and coworkers) were being fired, would you tell them? Why
or why not?

#21/#24 The Plan

a. If you are mad at an employer, whose plan would you choose, Joanna or Peter?
b. Why is Tom happier after the horrific car accident?
#32 Fire!

a. Why does Peter finally decide to turn himself in? What role does Joanna play in the

b. After Initech burns down, Peter finds a new career. Michael and Samir go to a similar
job at a different company. Who made the best decision?

Pick one of the following characters and fill out the evaluation form on their
performance. (Bill Lumbergh, Peter Gibbons, Milton, Joanna)

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