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									                                                                                                          Actor Biography

Stacey Leilua.
Height 181 cm


2010 Pierre                               Mum # 3                                General Film Corp. (Pierre) Ltd
                                          (Support)                              Dir. Paul Murphy

Short Films.

2004 O Le Mata I le Nifo                  Sooki                                  UNITEC Productions
                                                                                 Dir. Nicola Crestwell


2005 Kila Kokonut Krew TV Show            Various Roles                          Triangle TV Series
                                                                                 Dir. Vela Manusaute
2004 Shortland Street                     Teuila                                 South Pacific Pictures
                                                                                 Dir. Sam Scott
2003 Good Hands Lima Lelei - Series 1     Juddy                                  Screentime Communicado
                                          (Regular Recurring)                    Dir. Justine Simei - Barton


2006 Once there were Samoans                                                     Kila Kokonut Krew, Herald Theatre
                                                                                 Dir. Vela Manusaute & Anapela Polataivao
2005 Love Handles                         Sila                                   Eijan Productions
                                                                                 Dir. Vela Manusaute
2005 My Mother Dreaming                   Lisa                                   Herald Theatre, Auckland
                                                                                 Dir. Dianna Fuemana
2005 Playaz Night                         Various                                Kila Kokonut Krew - Maidment Theatre,
                                                                                 Dir. Vela Manusaute
2005 Simi's Plight                        Ane                                    Island Playas
                                                                                 Dir. Vela Manusaute

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Auckland 1245, NewZealand,         Fax +64 9 376 0881
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Theatre continued...

2004 The Songmaker's Chair                 Mata                                      Auckland Theatre Company - International
                                                                                     Arts Festival, Auckland and Wellington
                                                                                     Dir. Nathaniel Lees
2003 Play 2.03                             Jules                                     Auckland Theatre Company
                                                                                     Dir. Oliver Driver

Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts, UNITEC, Auckland, New Zealand: 2001 - 2003

Sports - Netball, Volleyball, Fencing, Rollerskating, Horseriding, Stunt fighting. Cook Island Dancing. Writing - Has a Poem
in 'You're not Alone': a Collection of Young Women's Writing (1999). Can speak & understand basic Samoan. Good with Accents.

Visual/Voice Commercial Credits.
Please contact J&L for more information.

PO Box 78340, Grey Lynn,         Tel +64 9 376 0882
Auckland 1245, NewZealand,       Fax +64 9 376 0881

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