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					PDC LIBRARY LIST           Revised November 2006

How to Assess Authentic Learning
Portfolio Process and Products
Rubrics and Other Tools for Teaching Quality
The Portfolio Connection

Thinking Skills
Reasoning & Problem Solving-Handbook for Elementary
Teaching Thinking Skills-Elementary
The Thinking Log
Thinking and Learning Together

Professional Development
Classroom Instruction that Works by Robert Marzano
Handbook of Classroom Instructional Strategies/Marzano
Do I Really Have to Teach Reading (in my content area)?
Edu-K For Kids
Evaluating Professional Development
Great Lies We Live By
Missouri's Mentoring Frameworks
Super Teaching: Over 1000 practical teaching strategies
Teacher of the Year: Guy Doud
Training the Teacher
Whole-faculty Study Groups: Creating Professional Learning Communities

A Teacher’s Stories-Reflections on High School Writers
Beat Not the Poor Desk-Writing: What to Teach. How to Teach It and Why
Classroom Creations
Clearing the Way-Working with Teenage Writers
Discover Your Own Literacy-Reading/Writing Teacher’s Companion
Inking Our Thinking
Learning by Teaching-Articles on Writing & Teaching
Living Between the Lines
The Thinking-Writing Connection (lost)
Understanding ESL Writers
Writing-Teachers & Children at Work
A student guide to writing on demand: Strategies for High-scoring essays
Writing at the threshold: 56 ways to prepare High School and College students
What can I write about: 7,000 topics for High School students
Writing on demand: Best practices and strategies for success
Rethinking Rubrics in writing assessment
Go Public: Encouraging student writers to Publish
The Writing Process in Action: A handbook for teachers
Grammar Alive! : A Guide for Teachers
More Ways to Handle the Paper Load: On Paper and Online
Beyond Storybook
Family Literacy Young Children Learning to Read and Write
Kids Come in All Languages
Reading Recovery
Reading Across America
Reading is Only the Tiger’s Tail
Reading, Writing and Language
Research in Reading Recovery
The Author’s Chair
Training the Teacher as a Champion
“Reading Don’t Fix no Chevy’s”: Literacy in the lives of young men
Going with the Flow: How to engage boys (and girls) in their literacy learning
Accessing School: Teaching Struggling Readers to Achieve Success
Literacy at the Crossroads: Crucial talk about reading, writing, and other Speaking
Volumes: How to get students discussing books-and much more
Summarizing, Paraphrasing and Retelling: Skills for better Reading, Writing, and

1. Patterns
2. Number Sense & Operations
3. Geometry & Spatial Sense
4. Making Sense of Data
5-11. A book for each grade K-6
A Portion of the TT
About Teaching Mathematics
Activity Math-Using Manipulative in the Classroom 4-6
Activity Math-Using Manipulative in the Classroom K-3
Audiotape of: Enhancing Math Learning
Cooperative Learning & Mathematics in HS Algebra
Cooperative Learning Activities in HS Geometry
Curriculum & Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics
Hands on Math
Linking Assessment to Instruction... Math
Mathematics.. .A Way of Thinking
Navigating through Algebra in grades 9-12
Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics (lost)
Writing to Learn Mathematics
The Journey of Al and Gebra to the land of Algebra

Social Studies
The Social Studies Teacher’s Book of Lists-Ready to Use Teaching Ideas &
Teaching Social Studies in Grades K-8

Linking Assessment to Instruction... Science
Rubrics for Assessing Student Achievement in Science
Beginner’s Spanish and English Dictionary (3 copies)
The New Oxford Picture Dictionary (3 copies)
The Dimwit’s Dictionary: 5,000 overused words

Whole Lanquage
Organizing for Whole Language
Uncovering the Curriculum-Whole Language in Secondary & Postsecondary

Assertive Discipline for Parents
Conflict Resolution and Mediation
Discipline in the Secondary Classroom-A Problem by Problem Survival Guide
Discipline Without Tears
Mediation Getting to Win
Positive Discipline A-Z
Punished by Rewards
Students Speak: Effective Discipline
Succeeding With Difficult Students
Teaching with Love & Logic: Taking Control

100 Ways to Enhance Self-Concept in the Classroom

At-Risk & A.D.D.
A Framework for Understanding Poverty
Attention Deficit Disorders Hyperactivity & Asso
Attention Deficit Disorder: Workable Solutions
Forms Information
Hear Our Cry: Boys in Crisis
Helping Students of Limited English Skills
How to Reach & Teach ADD/ADHD Children
Maybe You Know My Kid
The ADD Hyperactivity Handbook for Schools-Strategies for Identifying and
The Adaptive School: A Sourcebook
Teaching Students-Elementary and Secondary
“Words will Never Hurt Me”: Helping Kids Handle Teasing, Bullying, and Putdowns

Study Skills & Underachievement
Study Skills for Students in Our Schools-Strategies for Elementary and Secondary

Beginning Teachers/Mentors
A First-Year Teacher’s Guidebook for Success
Great Beginnings: Reflections and advice for new English language arts teachers
Jim Burke’s Letters to a new Teacher: A month-by-month guide to the year ahead
Missouri's Mentoring Frameworks
Teacher/Mentor: A Dialogue for Collaborative Learning

Community Service
How to Establish a High School Service Group Kid’s Guide to Service Projects
The Kids Guide to Service Projects: Over 500 ideas
Humor, Play and Laughter: Stress-Proofing Life with your Kids

Miscellaneous Teacher Resources
A Common Sense Guide to Mulitage
A Note From Your Teacher
A Room With a Different View
America’s Best Classrooms
Better Than Book Reports
Beyond Retention
Bulletin Boards and Displays
Children:the Challenge
Communicating Family and Consumer Sciences
Every Teacher’s Thematic Booklets
Highly Effective Questioning
How to Stop Sexual harassment In Our Schools
Improving Schools From Within
Mindful Learning: 101 Proven Strategies for Students
Putting the One Minute Manager to Work
Seven Ways of Teaching/Teaching with Multiple Intelligences
Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom
The Best Teacher Stuff
The Cambridge Encyclopedia
The One Minute Manager
The School To Work Revolution
Time Management Survival Kit
Tools for the Cooperative Practices Classroom
201 Icebreakers: Group mixers, Warm-ups, Energizers, and Playful Activities
Making Learning Happen: Strategies for an Interactive Classroom
The Big Book of Humorous Training Games
When they Don’t all Speak English: Integrating the ESL student into the Regular
What is English?
A Teacher’s Guide to the Multigenre Research Project: Everything you Need to Get
started (CD included)
Teacher Study Groups: Building Community through Dialogue and Reflection

And With a Light Touch
Balancing the Basics
Inside the Classroom
Joyful Learning
On Their Way
The Mailbox 1997-98 Intermediate Yearbook
The Mailbox 1997-98 Primary Yearbook
The Phonological Awareness Handbook for Kindergarten and Primary Teachers
Thinking and Learning Together
Middle School
Handbook for Middle School Teaching
Middle Level Education in Small Rural Schools

High School
Teaching Reading in High School English classes
Risking Intensity: Reading and Writing Poetry with High School Students
Teaching Poetry in High School
Word Playgrounds: Reading, Writing, and Performing Poetry in the English
Classroom (Middle & High School)

Increasing Motivation Through Active Learning Strategies
Increasing Motivation Through Dynamic Presentation Skills
Increasing Motivation Through Effective Homework Strategies
Increasing Motivation Through Gender Equity
Managing Change with New Technologies
Positive Parent-Involvement Kit Video
Project Based Learning and Technology
Technology, the Learning Process, and a Vision For the Future
The Internet: A Tool For Research and Communication
What’s up with Standards
Math…Who needs it?

Plagarism: It’s a crime
Body Language: An introduction to non-verbal communication
Beauty and Mathematics
Love and Logic: Helping kids face todays world
Love and Logic: Parenting Doesn’t have to be rocket science

Didn’t I tell you to take out the trash? : Techniques for getting kids to do chores
Avoiding Power Struggles with kids
Trouble free Teens: Smart suggestions for parenting Pre-teens
Childhood lying, stealing and cheating
Love me enough to set some limits: Building your child’s self-esteem
Winning the Homework Battle: Helping children discover and celebrate
Grief, trauma, and Loss: Helping children cope
Shaping self-concept: Encouraging kids to take risks and learn
Raising the Odds for Responsible Behavior

Classroom Connect
English Journal
Language Arts
Mathematic Teaching in the Middle School
Mathematics Teacher
The Master Teacher
The Reading Teacher