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					    Volume 7 / Issue 34 A Weekly Newsletter of Solid Rock United Methodist Church                          September 6, 2009

  Mike’s Article                                                                                       The Week at a Glance
  “Koinonia,” the expression of “friendship”                                                        8:30 – Prayer for Services
                                                                                                    9:00 – Traditional Service
  and the “partnering” of the church                                                              10:30 – Prayer for Services
                                                                                                  11:00 – Signature Service
          In His                       “friendship,” we are          1:7). Therefore, as the        2:00 – Martha’s Place
  faithfulness, God has                “partners” with the           church, we are to          Monday
                                       Apostles of Christ and        express our position as       5:30 – Morning Prayer
  called humanity to enter                                                                         6:30 p.m. – Children’s Ministry
  “friendship” with His                all those down through        “friends” of Jesus by
                                                                                                   6:30 p.m. – Women’s Bible Study
  Son (1Cor. 1:9). In this             the centuries who have        truly “partnering” with    Tuesday
  “friendship,” the church             believed, connecting          one another.                5:30 – Morning Prayer
  “participates” in the                us as a whole with                                          7:00 p.m. –Bible Study
                                       God through the love                                           Solid Rock School of Theology
  blood and the body of                                                                         Wednesday
  Christ as our identity               of the Son (1 John
                                                                                                    5:30 – Morning Prayer
  (1Cor. 10:16). We enjoy              1:3). All this being                                        7:00 p.m. – Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts
  the grace of Jesus Christ,           true, then, this                                         Thursday
  the love of God, and the             “friendship” is the                                          5:30 – Spiritual Formation Group
                                       prerequisite to light                                        10:00 – Bible Study
  “partnership” of the                                                                                   Solid Rock School of Theology
  Holy Spirit (2 Cor.                  rather than darkness                                     Friday
  13:14). Remarkably,                  and forgiveness rather                                      5:30 – Morning Prayer
  according to this                    than judgment (1 John                                    Saturday
                                                                                                    7:30 a.m. - Men’s Breakfast
                                                                                                  10:00 – Martha’s Place Volunteers
     Church Office Hours                                                                          11:00 – Martha’s Place
   Monday-Friday 8:00 – 4:00
 Hours for Martha’s Place                 New Season in the Christian Calendar
 Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
  Sunday 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.            Miracles of Jesus
                                          Today is the first Day in the season of      have been called to establish His
                                          Kingdomtide. The Christian Calendar          Kingdom!
     Upcoming Events                      aids us in celebrating the life of Jesus
September 16 – Charge Conference
September 17-20 Men’s Emmaus              throughout the Sundays of a calendar         Greater is He that is in me! I am more
October 8-11 Women’s Emmaus               year. Kingdomtide celebrates the             than a conqueror in Christ. I can do all
October 17 – The Flood at Solid Rock      coming reign and the even present now        things through Christ who strengthens
December 27-31 – EXPERIENCE 2010          Kingdom of Christ.                           me. The WORD is full of reminders and
                                                                                       scriptures to empower me as a world
       Prayer Time                        Visuals of this season are the color         changer.
 5:30 a.m. – Every Weekday                green which is a sign of growth and
         Prayer Wall                      miracles. Also signs of this season are      As Christians we are not called to be
    Internet Intercessors                                                              walked on but rather we put the work of
       Prayer Walking                     The life of Christ declared His              the enemy under the dominion of Christ.
                                          Kingdom where ever he went. It is this       This season of Sundays before Christmas
                                          ministry that Christ has given to us.        remind us to pick up our authority in
                                          The celebration of Kingdomtide helps         Christ and declare His Kingdom in our
                                          to remind and encourage us that we are       world.
                                          to be about the ministry of Christ. We         (Kingdomtide continued on page 4)
Of This N’ That                                  Scouts are receiving new boys for             sound booth at the back of the
All the other stuff going on at Solid Rock       their program in a roundup held on            church. Pastor Gil wears the
        United Methodist Church                  Wednesday night this week at                  shirts available. Cost is $25
                                                 7:00. Invite children in your                 per shirt.
1. Welcome! Solid Rock is a place                neighborhood to come out for the
   you can sink your feet into. We               scouts’ program this week.
                                                                                                     Solid Rock
   are Bible Based, Spirit Filled and
   Family Oriented. Welcome to               6. Charge Conference is the annual                   School of Theology
   “church like you have never seen             meeting of the church to set budget        Resumes this WEEK
   it before.” Solid Rock is a                  and elect leadership. Our District
   church with a mission to reach               Superintendent will be leading our        The Summer/Fall 2009 semester
   those not in churches. Our                   worship which will be held on             will begin
   worship is designed to reach                 Wednesday, September 16 at 7pm.
   those who have not been reached              Everyone is welcome to join this
                                                celebration service in the life of
                                                                                          August 25 (Tuesday nights) and
   by the traditional church. Our                                                         August 27 (Thursday mornings).
   beliefs are grounded in the Bible            our church.
   and the foundations of the
   church. We are glad that you are          7. Congratulations to Dante Poole
                                                who will be recommended at
                                                                                           Don’t miss the start of
   here and pray that something
   done today will bring you into a             Charge Conference to begin the            another great school term
   greater relationship with Christ.            process of ordination as a pastor in             this week.
                                                the United Methodist Church.
2. Holy Communion is celebrated                                                           13. Messages preached at Solid
   on the first Sunday of each               8. Women’s Bible Study is being                              (Of this N’ That continued on page 4)
   month at both of our services.               held on Monday nights at 6:30.
   This service which is also called            Pastor Donna is leading the women       (Kingdomtide continued from page 1)

   the Lord’s Supper is a                       through a study on the women of
                                                                                          Expect life changes during this
   remembrance of the last meal                 the Bible.
                                                                                          season. Step into the authority that
   that Jesus shared with His                                                             Christ has placed in you. Go back
   Disciples. Everyone is welcome            9. Prayer is held every weekday
                                                                                          and read the Romans 12: 9-15.
   to receive this meal. United                  morning at 5:30. Join others for         Declare the word of the Lord. Speak
   Methodists celebrate an open                  intercessory prayer and coffee.          it over your family and over your
   table. This means regardless of               This is a powerful time of               life.
   the church you attend you are                 growing in God and lifting up
   welcome to receive. For those                 the needs of the church.
   who would like to receive these
   elements, Holy Communion is               10. Pastoral Staff are available for
   celebrated every week in the                  emergencies by cell phone should
   9:00 service.                                 you need them. You can reach
                                                 Pastor Gil at 910-322-0100 or
3. Pastor Gil, Justin Berrier, Bobby             Pastor Donna at 910-995-1822.
   Hockenberry and two of our
   youth are away this morning on a          11. The Flood Returns! The Flood is a
   spiritual retreat with the Emmaus             monthly alternative worship
   Community. Keep them in                       service for youth. The first will be
   prayer.                                       held here at Solid Rock on
                                                 Saturday, October 17. Mark your
4. Choir Practice will resume                    calendar so that you miss the kick
   meeting on Monday, September                  off of this returning event to the
   14 at 7:30 p.m. All who would                 Carolinas.
   like to join the choir should
   come on this first night for              12. Shirts with the Solid Rock logo
   auditions. For more information               are being sold through the
   on the choir contact Linda Wise.              church. Order forms and
                                                 designs are available at the
5. Scouting Roundup this week.
Christ Makes a Difference

A story of developing community                                                                        by Wanda Berrier

This is a story about my friend         When they went inside, the pastor          mad with her and that his grace and
Hilda and her sisters. On Friday,      sat down at the piano and started           mercy was for her too. Hilda has become
August 28, Hilda and her three         playing a hymn. The sisters sat             a very uninhibited witness for our
sisters met for lunch and to just      down in a pew and listened. Tears           Lord.
"hang out" (all are retired or semi-   started streaming down the one
retired). While visiting, one of the   sister's face who had wanted to               She told me this story yesterday and all
sisters wanted to go by the little     visit the church. Her arms raised           I could say was "WOW!" I asked her if
Pentecostal church in Selma where      in praise to God. The other sisters         I could share her story and she was
they attended as children (walked      joined in. The pastor and his wife          happy to share what God is doing.
almost 5 miles to the church).         and the people who were there
Since it was Friday, they assumed      cleaning joined in. Hilda knew her           Don't you love happy endings??!!!
the church would be locked, but it     sister was under conviction for she
didn't matter because they wanted      had turned away from God and
to see the church.                     was struggling in some areas.

 When they arrived at the church,
                                       Hilda asked her if she wanted to go
                                       to the altar and pray. She did.                       Thank You!
they saw a couple of cars in the       Hilda went with her as did the
driveway, so they knocked on the       others. They prayed and Hilda's
door and the pastor came to the        sister was restored to her Father.                Just a reminder, greeters
door. They introduced themselves                                                         for September 2009:
and told the pastor they attended       You see, Hilda and her sisters
that church over 50 years ago and      grew up with an alcoholic daddy                   09:00am service: Ron and Pearl Fencl
that they just wanted to come by       and a overly-religious mother.
and visit. The pastor said, with a     Their relationship with God had                   11:00am service: Ricky and Geraldine
chuckle, "sorry, we're only open on    been one of fear, not love. Hilda                 Jackson
Sundays." They all laughed as          returned to God through a Bible
they stepped inside the little         Study just a couple of years ago                  Parking Lot Greeter: Elbert Hamrick
church.                                when she learned that God was not
Online Devotional
How can this be?                                                                           Theology 101
         God identifies Himself        born again (John 3:3). This is
as “YHWH,” the self-existent
and eternal one (Lev. 11:45a).
                                       equally improbable seeing that,                  Epistemology
                                       as Nicodemus points-out, one                     The study of the origins; for
He follows this self-revelation        cannot enter again into his                      example, etymology is the study of
in Leviticus with a command            mother’s womb. This, too, is                     the origin of words; in theology, it
that appears to be improbable:         impossible! How can this be?                     speaks more to the origin of thought
“You shall therefore be holy,                  Both of these statements                 itself. The human ability to reason
for I Am Holy” (Lev. 11:45b).          are in fact based on                             finds its origin in the mind of God.
God, by definition, is                 improbabilities, if it were in fact              The reason that humankind can even
completely and totally separated       humanity that had to achieve                     think is evidence of God,
from anything and everything           their demands. But God                           epistemologically.
by His very nature. Yet, He            supplies what He demands!
demands that His people be just        God, willing to be with                          Solid Rock School of Theology
as He is. This is not just             humanity, supplies His very                      Learn more at Bible Study this week
improbable, it is impossible!          own holiness. Unfortunately, we                    on Tuesday night and Thursday
How can this be?                       view this supply as our own                                  morning.
         Jesus tells Nicodemus         holiness, and place the
that, in order to see the              proverbial cart before the horse.
Kingdom of God, he must be             As we see in Nicodemus,
                                                     (On the WEB continued on page 4)

                                                       New Ministry Taking Shape
                                                       Years ago when I was diagnosed with Bi polar disorder I took it
                                                       pretty hard. I did not understand why I was cursed with this illness.
          Post Office Box 100                          Sometimes it is pretty hard to take.
          Olivia, North Carolina 28368                 There are days and nights with no sleep, hallucinations feelings of
                                                       flying high and the inevitable crashes that follow. My mind is often
              We are on the web!                       foggy Any kind of stress can set it off.
                         However when I came to know the Lord, He helped me through His
                  For a calendar of events
                                                       to love handle it in a new way. I know He is with me throughout it all.              Yet, yesterday as you were talking during the service I suddenly saw
                                                       it as a gift, one given to me so I could help others. How else could I
        919-498-2139 (Church office)                   ever relate to others without knowing their pain? In God's infinite
   919-499-1667 (Benhaven Child Care Center)           wisdom He reveled "why me" and changed my viewpoint completely.
    919-499-1668 (Solid Foundations Office)            Rae
                                                        A support group is organizing and if you would like to be part of this
   Developing community by helping people discover a             group contact the church office for more information
         personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

                                        Solid Foundations, Incorporated
        Children’s Division            “Developing Community by Developing People”                        Human Services Division
Solid Start Child Care Centers - Governor’s More at Four Program - Smart Start                            Martha’s Place
Kids Rock After School Enrichment Program - Kids Rock Summer Enrichment Program                           Community Action

  (On the WEB continued from page 3)                     (Of this N’ That continued from page 2)

  humanity has reversed things and                        Rock are on line. Go to the              Volunteers are needed every
  bases everything on what we must do                     church website and click on              day to help unload the truck
  to match God’s holiness, which is in                    the link “hear the vision” to            and sort food. Contact the
  fact impossible! How can this be?                       listen to previous Sunday                church office to volunteer
           Jesus exclaims that one must                   messages. You can also order             and schedule a time to come
  be born again; and we rack our brains                   a CD copy for a small fee.               in to the office.
  by attempting to fulfill His demands                    Sign up on the chart by the
  without His supply, thereby placing                     sound booth to order a copy
  again the cart before the horse. We                     from Marcus.
  attempt to reach God with our own
                                                       14. Check out the new look of our
  so-called holiness, when all the while
                                                          website. The weekly
  we are actually attempting to dumb-
                                                          newsletter is now available on
  down God to a human level!! How
                                                          line. If you missed a copy go
  can this be when God, by definition,
                                                          to the link “Newsletter” and
  is the self-existent eternal one?!!!
                                                          you can read, print or
  Flesh is flesh and at odds with the
                                                          download a copy.
  spirit, but Spirit is spirit!!!
  -The Pastoral Staff                                  15. Praise God! Another retailer
                                                          was added to our donations
                                                          for Martha’s Place. Trucks
                                                          travel every day picking up
                                                          food to distribute to those in
                                                          need on the weekends.