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					   Digital Retail Made Easy
    Accept Online Credit Card Payments with Minimal Effort for Digital Goods

Retail Zip, Split Payments, and Viral Retail are products of The Retail Zip Company and not owned by PayPal or eBay Inc.

     Clean, Simple, and Powerful!
Simply drag and drop your folders and files and set your price.

                                             The Retail Zip Creator
                                             (Mac version shown).

                                             Compatible with:
                                             Windows XP SP2+
                                             Windows Vista
                                             Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5

                                                  Retail Zip has no file or
                                                  package size limits.

                                                  Sell small files or a burnable
                                                  50GB Blu-ray disc!


PayPal and Retail Zip
The easiest way to accept credit card and PayPal processing
capabilities for your digital goods. Receive instant payments.

                             How it Works

                             PayPal web site

      Customers open your    They pay on secure        And return to the Retail Zip
                                                       Extractor after payment to
      Retail Zip and click   PayPal pages branded      enter their PayPal e-mail and
      the payment button.    with your company logo.   save files instantly.


                             Sell with Passwords
   KodeKeys are unique serial numbers activated to archives for easy digital
   distribution with Variable Data Print (VDP) media such as paper inserts,
   flyers, plastic retail cards and web promotions.

You can generate KodeKeys directly from the Retail Zip manager or you can import your own passwords
from a .csv file. You can activate the same password lists with multiple Retail Zip packages for diverse business
models. You are in total control!

          Content owners can sell private data by selling KodeKeys with a custom payment gateway.


                            Sell with Redeem Points
Rather than using a browser each time a package is
purchased, Retail Zip offers a valuable and time saving
system based on the use of redeem points.

  Our system allows buyers to
  purchase multiple Kredits with
  one payment via Paypal and store
  them in their account for future

  Receive real-time conversions of
  Kredits to an assigned PayPal
  account while keeping your e-mail
  address anonymous from
  spammers and solicitors.

  The use of Kredits provides the
  best privacy option for sellers and


                       Sell Private Data

   Distribute and sell private data with super strong
   1,344,000-bit key certificates

You can optionally generate
KKEYCERT certificates with each
package. You must distribute the
KKEYCERT file with the Retail Zip
file to your private customers.
Buyers will be required to load the
certificate before they can make a


           Split Payments with Partners
Split Payments allow sellers to easily set up automated
point-of-sale split payments with multiple PayPal recipients.
                             How it Works

   Payments are split with
   your partners at the


                                 Pay Affiliates in Real-Time
           Viral Retail is an optional feature which offers reseller
           opportunities to your buyers using PayPal.
                                         How it Works

Example of a $8 Retail Zip with a $2 Viral Retail reseller offer:


Why use Retail Zip for Your Digital Marketplace?

How You Benefit
► Complete – Accept credit cards instantly – Retail Zip’s
  unlimited bandwidth ensures that all sales are made.
► Great Value – Eliminate the need for expensive server
  setup costs and a separate Internet Merchant Account.
► Quick – Get up and running in a few minutes without
  dealing with the business credit approval process.
► Secure – Avoid the liability of protecting shoppers' credit
  card data because this information is entered on secure
  PayPal pages.
► Flexible – Take direct payments or stay private with
  acceptance of Retail Zip’s reserve points system.


The PayPal Advantage

Manage Your Business Effectively at

► Reports – Keep on top of sales trends and activity with
  monthly reports.
► Reconciliation – Automate financial settlement and
  accounting with downloadable logs.
► Backend integration – PayPal has been integrated with
  Retail Zip to automate fulfillment.


 Affordable Pricing
                              Retail Zip Licensing (billed in USD)

Pricing is valid for U.S. and EU server locations.
$0.10 service fee added to all Split Payments and Viral Retail setups.
All plans are billed $1.00 per 1000 (0.01 per PUT and LIST) requests for files or KodeKeys created after plan allotment is full.
All plans are billed $10.00 per 10,000 (0.01 per GET) requests for files or KodeKeys redeemed after plan allotment is full.
Retail Zip has no file size limits so files above 25MB will be split in 25MB parts with each representing a “file”.
You will not be charged for deleting Retail Zip packages from your account.
$0.30 one-time setup fee is applied to all plans

            Get started in November 2008 at