Automotive Engineering Program Ramps Up by ProQuest


In August 2009, Clemson University graduated its first class of automotive engineers with master's degrees. Clemson's unique new program is expected to provide new leaders to the US and international automotive industry. Launched in January 2008, Clemson's automotive engineering program is the focal point of the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR), a research campus where university, industry, and government organizations work collaboratively. John C. Ziegert, Professor and Timken Chair in Automotive Design and Development, is making sure that CU-ICAR is taking a fresh approach to training students in the field. The CU-ICAR program continues to grow. As the school approaches its goal of 120 graduate students in the program, nearly 40 new students each year are learning to use and integrate metrology in the day-to-day work of designing and building new cars. The program at CU-ICAR is becoming an important building block for a more dynamic group of next-generation automotive engineers.

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