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Health Savings Accounts


Healthcare, Savings Accounts

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									Health Care costs is not a National problem…
…It’s your problem, and you may have too much
                           insurance coverage.

                     Instead, Think about
                     Health Savings Accounts…
                       …to reduce your costs, and
                    limit your maximum expenses.
                                Prepared for:Everyone
   INSURANCE: “risk” to cover High Medical Expenses
Responsibility by           Individual Plans        Company Plans

You or company Don’t need insurance, you are   Company Self Insures
Insurance           Premiums will be high      Group premiums are high

Some risk - You Premiums are Lower             Group Premiums are
   • Focus on plan benefits to cover highare Lowest
Some risk - HSA Premiums are Lowest           Premiums risks…
                You make monthly HSA deposits Company contributes to
   • Get a high deductible HSA qualified plan HSA

    • Open an HSA for tax free savings
    • Pay your own preventive care costs with
    Tax Free money.
The HSA is a U.S. Treasury approved
 Defined Contribution concept for…
           …You to Insure for the major medical costs…

    …and Self-Insure for the smaller stuff.
•   You cannot lose your access to Health Care.
•   You and your Doctors decide the costs.
•   You also decide how to pay for it!
•   It’s your money, an HSA does not require an
    insurance decision by a gatekeeper.
•   As a “consumer” you will become prudent
    because it’s your own money.
        Health Savings Deposits
• Are Tax-Free with triple tax savings, and
•   Interest is Tax-Deferred.
•   Deposits can be transferred from an IRA,
•   Qualified for investments, and
•   At age 65…it becomes an IRA…

 …a retirement plan. The extra money you’re
currently giving to an Insurance Company might
    …money for your own personal investments.

 These are the Most Affordable
Health Insurance plans anywhere
   For Groups, Families, and Individuals

You Benefit with:
• Higher Take Home Pay.Pay
• Lower Premiums – Average about 45%
• Medically Necessary costs are “capped.”
• Low Cost Copay for an Annual Physical.

And if that’s not incentive enough…
         Your Savings will also pay for…
  •   Doctors and Dentists
  •   Hospitals
  •   Chiropractic
  •   90 Alternates that insurance won’t cover
  •   Vision Care
  •   some over-the-counter medicines
  •   Prescriptions medications

                  …all with Tax Free money.
     Plus other great incentives...
But if you lost your job (your income),

 • A COBRA premium may cost you            $750/mo =   $9000/yr
 • an HSA plan premium may be about        $400/mo =   $4800/yr

              • Your premium savings =     $350/mo =   $4200/yr
  • Tax savings with an HSA (10% X $400)   $ 40/mo =   $ 480/yr

                       • Total savings =   $ 390/mo = $4680/yr

 …here you save of 53% of COBRA premiums
And, If out of work, pay less premiums from your HSA

       Is it wrong to save $4680 per year?
The HSA is “acts” like a 401(k)
• 401(k) plans may be taxed under the new D.C.
• Used for medical benefits, HSA funds are never
  taxed, and
• Tax savings (10% Minimum) for HSA deposits is
  better than any investment plan known today.
• The HSA is your money. You don’t pay 1.5% for
  a 401k administrator.

You can use your TAX FREE HSA funds
              to buy…

     • Annuities
     •   Certificates of Deposit
     •   Stocks
     •   Bonds
     •   Mutual Funds
     •   Bullion or Coins
     •   Other insurances, e.g., LTC,

  Defined Contribution plans are
       incentive plans that
• Answer your healthcare needs at lower costs, and
• Protect your finances against major costs. You get...
   • A Lifetime of Reduced Medical Expenses.
   • Retirement Savings, and
   • A Medical plan that delivers exactly what is

 You’ll know right where you stand with your
   HSA, and what you don’t spend is your
               retirement plan.
        A Qualified HSA Consultant.
    Traditional insurance does not pay for
   preventive care. Pay this cost from your
    HSA with tax reduced savings. Become

               JAICO Marketing Associates
    John T. Cothern, License: CA OD84429, AZ 882076
Off: 714-962-1789, Cell: 714-420-2311, Fax: 714-963-9293

          Remember, the HSA is for YOU!
      Become a CONSUMER of Health Care,
    And stop being a USER of Health Insurance.


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