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Death of a Diver Contaminated Water Diving by jeq15539


									    international coverage for the professional subsea industry
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£4.99 (where sold)                                                                       Volume 5: Issue 5

  Death of a Diver
  Contaminated Water Diving
  Diver Health Screening
  International Diving Regulation II
                                                                                               f e a t u r e s
Diving and Training for Polluted
Water Diving Operations
One of the world’s leading authorities on diving in high risk environments, Steven M. Barsky, recently
worked with Trelleborg Protective Products to update their educational video on diving in contaminated
water and here he gives us an insight into how this video was made...

           n 2002, I was hired by Trelleborg Protective       topside temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.              protection. The river is highly polluted with agricultural
           Products, the manufacturer of Viking dry           Like all of the other dive teams we filmed, Don and his        wastes including pesticides and fertilisers, as well as
           suits, to make an educational video on             crew showed us extraordinary courtesy and were                 other industrial wastes that enter the river further
diving in contaminated water. As the author of the            exceptionally helpful.                                         upstream.
book, “Diving in High-Risk Environments,” I had spent                                                                          The Rome       Fire Brigade not only uses surface-
a good deal of time with professional dive teams                                                                             supplied diving gear, including a “Dirty-Harry” system,
                                                              The Rome Fire Brigade – Sophistication
photographing them while they worked in a variety of                                                                         which vents the divers exhalations to the surface (similar
                                                              in Contaminated Water Diving                                   to a helium reclaim system). They also make extensive
  Translating much of what was in the book into a film          We arrived in Rome in mid-May 2008 and visited the           use of side-scan sonar and other advanced technology.
presented me with a unique opportunity to show in             Rome Fire Brigade at their headquarters to discuss the         However, one of their most impressive pieces of gear is
detail, procedures such as decontamination, and other         logistics of shooting and what we wanted to capture on         their   high-flow      shower     that   they   use    for
techniques, which would have a dramatic impact when           tape.                                                          decontamination. When this device revs up, the diver
seen in action.                                                 Unlike most public safety dive teams, where the              literally disappears in the water spray that covers him.
  To shoot the first video, I worked with the New York        divers have other responsibilities, such as fire-fighting      It’s one of the most effective              systems for
Police Department dive team, the Long Beach, California       or law enforcement, the Rome Fire Brigade divers only          decontamination ever seen.
lifeguards, the California Department of Transportation       responsibility is diving. To help ensure their capabilities,     Diving Supervisor Roberto Proietti and team leader
divers, the staff at Santa Barbara City College, and divers   they complete extensive training and re-training, and          Simone Sega provided us with an exceptional
and haz-mat team members from the Columbus,                   are equipped with the most modern equipment                    opportunity to see all aspects of their operation. We
Georgia Fire Department. The project gave me the              available.                                                     even had the chance to have lunch with them at the fire
chance to see how different groups of divers dealt with         Diving in the Tiber River, which runs through the            academy cafeteria in Rome, which was a special treat,
the same problems.                                            centre of Rome, is dangerous without the proper                dining with hundreds of fire fighters.
  In 2007, Gustaf Ekberg and Martin Lundstrom from
Viking approached me again to discuss updating the
Viking video with new material. Since the prior program
had been filmed entirely in the U.S., and Viking is a
global firm, they wanted to show how Viking suits are
used around the world. In addition, since they had just
released their new HDS suit – “Haz-Mat Diving Suit” –
made from a new rubber coated textile called” Nitecs,”
they felt this would be an ideal opportunity to show
divers using this rugged new material in challenging
  With the help of Lorenzo Cervellin from Aquatica IT
we made arrangements to film the Rome Fire Brigade in
the Tiber River, within sight of the Vatican. Lorenzo also
secured assistance for us from Nautilus SRL, a well-
known commercial diving firm who works in Venice and
across the continent.
  Lou     Vandendries of De Zeeman Pro Nv is a
commercial diving equipment supplier in Belgium and
France who gave us an introduction to the divers with
the Belgium Explosive Ordnance Team. He also assisted
us in gaining permission to film at INPP in Marseille, one
of the leading commercial diving schools in Europe.
  Finally, we also made arrangements with Don Sutton,
of Applied Diving Services in Phoenix, Arizona, to film        The high-pressure shower used by the Rome Fire Brigade for decontamination is
his team diving in a sewage treatment plant with               truly impressive. The diver literally disappears in this deluge of water.

                                                                                                  Volume 5: Issue 5 2008 H2Ops 23
  f e a t u r e s
Nautilus SRL – Commercial Diving in the
City of Canals

   Nautilus SRL is a commercial diving firm who works
in the polluted waters surrounding the city of Venice.
While Venice is certainly one of the most charming
cities of Europe, it’s a known fact that raw sewage and
waste water are regularly dumped into the canals that
weave throughout the city. This means that any diving
in the lagoon exposes the diver to a wide range of
   We filmed aboard the Nautilus SRL barge, which was
deployed specially for us, and watched their procedures,
with the city of Venice serving as a backdrop for their
work. They normally dive with tethered scuba gear, full-
face masks, wireless communications, and dry suits.
   Although most people think of Italy as a warm
country, during the winter months, ice actually forms
on the surface of the lagoon, so the divers appreciate
not only the biological protection afforded by their
equipment, but also the warmth factor when the
lagoon freezes over.
                                                                  Nautilus SRL is one of the leading commercial diving companies in Venice, Italy. Each of
   Masimo Nazzari and Michele Vaccher, chief diver                their divers averages 250 dives a year in the polluted waters surrounding Venice.
could not have been more gracious in providing their
facilities and divers for our project. It’s obvious that their
                                                                 Belgium’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal
divers are highly experienced and professional in their                                                                     any terrorist watch list. Initially, we had been told that
                                                                 (EOD) Divers – Grace Under Pressure
work. We were also impressed that their barge was as                                                                        we would not be able to film the recovery of live
meticulously maintained as the rest of their equipment.            Getting permission to film the Belgium EOD divers        ordnance. Then, once we arrived in Belgium we were
These guys are true professionals.                               wasn’t easy. To begin, we had to submit copies of our      taken to an undisclosed site where the divers were
                                                                 passports, so that they could ensure that we weren’t on    recovering mortars from World War II. Our briefing

 24 H2Ops Volume 5: Issue 5 2008
                                                                                           f e a t u r e s
before we began to film consisted of the warning that if       On a second day of diving, we watched the divers        - which they have collected around the globe. Their
any of the mortars started to smoke, which would be         recovering grenades and mortars from a river where a       experience covers the range of explosives from World
the ones containing phosphorous, that we should start       rail car filled with explosives had dumped its load into   War I until the present.
to run upwind, and keep running until we could not run      the water as the German army retreated through
any further! Since this lecture was delivered by the EOD    Belgium. When you’re handling explosives in black
                                                                                                                       INPP – Training Commercial Divers for
supervisor, Gino Van Huffel, we took it very seriously!     water, entirely by feel, you’ve got to know what you’re
  As we approached the small lake where the divers          doing and have confidence in your abilities. The relaxed
                                                                                                                       the World
were working, we could see a diver surfacing every          nature of this dive team hid their obvious extensive
other minute and handing a mortar out of the water to       knowledge and talents.                                       INPP in Marseille, France, is one of the most famous
another diver standing in knee-deep water. Each mortar         The Belgium EOD divers use full-face masks (or          commercial diving schools in the world, with an
was then taken and placed on a table where the              helmets) and vulcanized rubber dry suits to protect        outstanding staff and facilities. After our initial meeting
encrusting mud was removed with a chipping hammer.          themselves from contaminants in the water, some of         with Gerard Chiarazzo director, and Eric Albier, training
Following this step, the mortars were placed in plastic     which may come from the explosives themselves. In          manager, we were given the run of the facility where we
tubes to protect the firing mechanism, and then stacked     some cases, they must use non-magnetic gear when           filmed for two days.
back in plastic bins in the water for eventual disposal.    working around mines that may be triggered by contact        Instructor Alain Giraud was conducting air diver
  Although Van Huffel is with the Belgium Navy, most        with ferrous metals. Their team has never had an           training from one of the school’s boats, for a group of
of the divers on the EOD team are with the Belgium          accident with a diver working in the water.                student divers from India, during our visit. The students
Army. They exhibit a unique spirit of cooperation not          Back at EOD headquarters, we got a tour of their dive   were training with dry suits and Aquadyne helmets, but
often seen when different military commands try to          locker, which included a display of virtually every type   the school also has a complete selection of Kirby
work together.                                              of explosive imaginable – disarmed or awaiting disposal    Morgan demand helmets. The school considers dry suit
                                                                                                                       training to be essential for any commercial diver.
                                                                                                                         Of course, INPP also conducts mixed-gas open
                                                                                                                       bottom    bell   training   and    hyperbaric    chamber
                                                                                                                       operations. As one of the few diving schools that has
                                                                                                                       the capability to train saturation divers in the open sea,
                                                                                                                       INPP instructs divers from all over the world. The school
                                                                                                                       was started with the assistance of the French
                                                                                                                       government. They train students to meet the standards
                                                                                                                       of the International Diving School Association (IDSA),
                                                                                                                       the International Marine Contractor’s         Association
                                                                                                                       (IMCA), and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the
                                                                                                                       United Kingdom.
                                                                                                                         Located right on the water, INPP has a great location,
                                                                                                                       giving the students the opportunity to dive in the
                                                                                                                       harbour rather than training tanks. Their well-
                                                                                                                       maintained facilities combined with their highly

  Belgium’s EOD divers routinely recover mortars, hand grenades, and other explosives from World                       At INPP in Marseille, France, divers are trained
  Wars I and II, in the lakes and rivers of Belgium. This work goes on daily, whenever there are not more              in surface-supplied diving, hyperbaric chamber
  urgent issues in other parts of the world. This diver is handling a mortar from World War II.                        operations, and saturation diving.

                                                                                              Volume 5: Issue 5 2008 H2Ops 25
  f e a t u r e s
experienced instructors make this a great location to      after about five minutes underwater and the decal on   type of solvent into the system and the dive was
learn the commercial diving profession.                    the brand new suit he was wearing was starting to      aborted as soon as Sutton realized the problem.
                                                           delaminate. Obviously, someone had dumped some                       Applied Diving Services favours the use of
Applied Diving Services – Diving in the
                                                                                                                  Desco free-flow helmets and vulcanized rubber dry
Arizona Desert                                                                                                    suits for almost all of their diving. They monitor their
                                                                                                                  divers carefully for heat stress and follow rigorous
  Applied Diving Services is one of the leading                                                                   decontamination procedures.
commercial diving firms in the southwestern United
States. Located in Phoenix, Applied Diving Services
                                                                                                                  See the Action for Yourself!
performs a wide range of diving jobs, from working in
sewage treatment plants to potable water diving
systems inspections and repairs.                                                                                    The DVD, Viking Dry Suits: Diving Skills and
  Don Sutton of Applied Diving Services invited us to                                                             Procedures is now available free from Viking distributors
come over to Phoenix to watch his team work in a                                                                  and dealers around the world. The program outlines the
sewage treatment plant in the middle of August. With                                                              risks of diving in contaminated water and demonstrates
an average daytime temperature of over 100 degrees F                                                              the skills and procedures to properly perform this type
in the summer months, diving in a dry suit with a helmet                                                          of work, whether your team is involved with public
and dry gloves presents thermal challenges to the diver                                                           safety or commercial diving. The program includes 53
that are extreme. Add the risk presented by hypodermic                                                            minutes of live action video as well as a bonus track,
syringes, used condoms, and other assorted elements                                                               with more than 30 minutes of interviews with the divers
that have been emptied into the sewers of Phoenix and                                                             and supervisors shown in the program, talking about
every dive demands the best from both the divers and                                                              their work.
their equipment.                                                                                                    The disk also includes a DVD-ROM section with
  Even by following the most stringent precautions                                                                training materials for contaminated water diving as well
possible, it’s not always possible for Advanced Diving                                                            as Viking’s chemical tables with details on acceptable
Services to know what hazards may be present when                                                                 suit exposures in different environments.
they enter the water. If an unscrupulous dry cleaner                                                                For more information, visit Viking on the web at
dumps solvent down the drain, or a methamphetamine                                                      
                                                            Applied Diving Services is one of the leading
laboratory gets raided, chemical hazards may suddenly       commercial diving companies in the Southwest
be present that were not in the water just minutes          U.S. Their divers routinely dive in raw sewage,
before. On one dive, several years ago, a diver surfaced    but also do potable water diving work as well.

26 H2Ops Volume 5: Issue 5 2008

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