Terms and Conditions:
The Bank issues Citibank Credit Card pursuant to the following terms and conditions and such
card shall remain at all time the property of the Bank.

1. The following terms wherever used in this agreement shall have the following meaning:

     Bank: shall mean Citibank N.A. in Egypt, a branch of Citibank New York, located at 2 Abdel
     Kader Hamza St. – Cairo Center Building – Garden City District – Cairo and its affiliates /
     subsidiaries in Egypt.
     The Original Card: shall mean the credit card issued by the Bank to holder of the original
     Original Card Holder: shall mean the person to whom the Bank has issued the original card
     and opened in his name the card account. Such person shall be legally liable for all amounts
     due / accrued resulted from using his original card and his supplementary cards if there is
     Supplementary card: shall mean the card that is issued at the request of the original
     cardholder to a person designated by him. All amounts dues / accruals arising from such
     supplementary card shall be automatically chargeable to the account of the original
     Supplementary cardholder: shall mean the person to whom the Bank has issued such
     supplementary card upon the request of the original cardholder.
     Card Account: shall mean the opened account or the record maintained at the Bank in the
     name of the original card holder wherein the following entries are recorded: goods
     purchased, services, cash withdrawal, charges, installment plan, fees and any other
     expenses or damages that result from the use of the card or its number in any manner
     Credit limit: shall mean the maximum determined by the Bank from time to time for the
     ceiling allocated to the card account for both the original card and supplementary card jointly
     at any time. A portion of the credit limit shall be earmarked and named as “ cash withdrawal
     limit ” which will be subject to withdrawal .The Bank may change at any time the credit limit
     or the cash withdrawal limit and notify accordingly the card holder.
     A personal identification number (APIN) shall mean the number used to verify electronically
     the identity of the cardholder at the automatic teller machine (ATM).
     Telephone Personal Identification Number (TPIN) shall mean the number used to verify
     electronically the identity of the cardholder via telephone.
     The Issuing Institution: shall mean Master Card International
     Merchant: shall mean the shop, company, bank, or establishment which accepts the card for
     payment / settlement the value of goods, services or cash withdrawals.
     The Receiving Bank: shall mean the bank with whom the merchant enters into contract and
     deal with it in settlement of the credit card transactions.
     The Issuing Bank: shall mean the Bank that issues a credit card to its holder.
     Citiphone: shall mean customer service rendered by the Bank via use of telephone

2. The Bank shall be entitled to request a -collateral / security in order for it to issue the credit
   card. The Bank shall retain / withhold such collateral / security until the card and
   supplementary cards have been cancelled and all accrued amounts paid.
3. Card holder shall write his effective signature on the back of the credit card immediately upon
   his receipt thereof and shall adhere upon the use of the card to its specified credit limit and to
   the terms and condition herein under.
4. The card and the supplementary cards issued by the Bank shall be subject to terms and
   conditions of this agreement.
5. The cardholder may not allow any other person to use his card, and shall be at all time be
   committed to keep APIN and TPIN safe.
6. The cardholder shall sign the sales and cash withdrawal advices/ receipts upon using his
   card and maintain a copy thereof. However, the card holder shall not be relieved from his
   obligations for payment to the Bank in the instances that (1) it is unnecessary for him to sign

                                                                                      CCAPP – 01/06/06
    any of such advices/ receipts, (2) should there be available a card print or should the card be
    electronically registered at the ATM used by the card holder or, (3) should the card holder
    requested the merchant to supply him with the goods and services via telephone, internet, or
    mail and to record the value on his card account. In all aforesaid instances the cardholder
    shall be committed to settle/ pay the due amounts.
7. The Bank shall not be bound to attach copies of purchased items/ sales or cash withdrawal
    advices/ receipts with the account statement. In the instance that the cardholder has not
    contended or submitted a written application to rectify the account statement within thirty
    calendar days from the account statement date, this shall mean his approval of the
    particulars of the statement. However, copies of purchases or cash withdrawal advices/
    receipts may be provided to the cardholder by virtue of a written application submitted by him
    and against expenses recorded to his card account.
8. The original cardholder shall notify Citibank in the event he has not received the monthly
    account statement within 15 calendar days from the statement date specified for receipt
    thereof. Failure to do so will relieve Citibank from any liability regarding any mistakes in
    calculating his balance.
9. Upon a dispute on the part of the cardholder, the Bank shall not be bound to credit the value
    of the advices/ receipts subject of the dispute to the cardholder’s account unless such value
    has been credited to the bank account by the receiving bank or by the issuing institution.
10. Use of the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) or Point of Sale (POS)
         a. Upon using the card at any of the automatic teller machines or point of sale to effect
             any banking transactions or instructions (whether manually or automated / through
             computer), the bank’s records shall be binding and final for all purposes.
         b. The Bank shall debit / deduct the value of withdrawals or expenses effected by use of
             the card from the card account of the cardholder.
         c. Deposit of checks or banknotes are accepted at the automatic teller machines which
             accept Citibank credit cards; the net value of checks will be credited to the card
             account after having been fully collected and the bank’s account shall be binding and
             final in this connection.
11. The Bank shall be entitled to disapprove any transaction related to the use of the card without
    giving any reason.
12. The Bank shall not be held liable for cards refused by a merchant, establishment or automatic
    teller machine and shall not also be responsible for the quality or condition of goods or
    services rendered to the card holder by merchants, companies, automatic teller machines or
    point of sale.
13. The Bank shall not be liable for any loss incurred by the card holder should the bank fail or
    delay in rendering a banking service or other service as a result of any Force Majeure or
    power failure or failure to procure equipment, or other reasons uncontrollable by the bank.
14. The Bank is entitled to debit fees and other expenses on the card account. The cardholder
    shall be committed to pay the fees and different expenses related to his card according to the
    rates posted by the bank and that such fees and expenses are irretrievable.
15. Interest Calculation:
         a. Should the existing debit balance fully settled (with the exception of the cash
             withdrawal) to the bank prior to or on the payment due date, no interest will be
         b. Interest will be calculated on cash withdrawal as of the withdrawal date and until the
             full payment thereof.
         c. If the total amount due in the monthly statement is paid in full before the Payment
             Due Date, no interest is charged. If you chose not to pay the amount due in full,
             interest will be charged on the total outstanding balance deducting interest on
             payments made.
The Bank shall be entitled to change the interest calculation method after giving prior notice and
the cardholder will be notified of such change by mail.
16. All transactions shall be recorded in Egyptian Pound on the card account. Transactions made
    in foreign currency shall be converted into Egyptian Pound according to the exchange rate
    determined by the Bank upon effecting the transaction.

                                                                                    CCAPP – 01/06/06
17. The cardholder shall pay on a monthly basis the minimum amount prior to or on payment due
    date. Such minimum represents total of the following items:
         a. Total of the previous amounts, which have become due including fees and charges.
         b. Amounts in excess of the credit limit.
         c. A prior fixed percentage from the total payable amount
18. The Bank shall send a monthly account statement to the card holder on the most recent
    address available to the Bank and including the following details:
              Name of the card holder, card number, credit limit, and date of the account statement
              Details/ Particulars of the transactions
              Total amount due, minimum amount due, and payment due date
19. The card holder shall be deemed defaulter in the following instances, 1) should he fail to pay
    on the payment due date the minimum set forth on card statement or, 2) should he submit an
    application to declare his bankruptcy or, 3) should he exceed the credit limit without a
    permission from the Bank . However, should the cardholder be subject to any of the
    aforesaid instances, the Bank may cancel the card or request immediate payment of the full
    existing balance. The Bank shall also be entitled to assign a third pay to collect fully or
    partially its amounts due from the original / supplementary cardholder.
20. Total debit balance including all charges and fees of the card account shall become due and
    payable immediately in the event of card cancellation, bankruptcy, loss of capacity or demise
    (of the cardholder). In these instances, the card may not be used and must be delivered
    immediately to the Bank and the existing card balance be immediately settled. In case card
    member is delinquent for more than 60 calendar days past due, EIP will be cancelled and the
    entire EIP outstanding balance will become payable.
21. The Bank shall have the right to retain/ withhold for a period of ninety (90) calendar days any
    credit balances related to the card holder’s accounts after having returned the card to the
    Bank or expiry thereof and shall also be entitled to settle any existing balances available in
    the card account by debiting such accounts.
22. Payment may be made at any branches of Citibank in Egypt or at any other location
    designated by the bank for payment. Payment shall be made in Egyptian Pound and the
    following payment methods shall be acceptable:
         a. Cash payment (monies are not to be sent by mail)
         b. Checks issued for order of Citibank – account number of the card. In this instance the
              value will be credited (after deduction of charges) to the card holder account
              immediately following collection thereof.
         c. Cash transfer to the card number of the card holder
         d. Permanent instructions from the cardholder to debit / deduct the amount due (of the
              card number) from his accounts with the bank.
23. The cardholder shall notify the bank in writing of any change related to his address or to any
    other information provided for in this application; and shall be committed for payment on the
    payment due date even in the instance his account statement has been subject to a postal
    delay. Any notification dispatched to the cardholder on the most recent address recorded by
    the bank shall be deemed duly served and shall come into effect.
24. The cardholder may at any time cancel his card by notifying the Bank in writing (of his
    intention to do so), and must return his card or any other supplementary cards attached with
    such the notification. Cardholder will remain liable for payment of the amounts due resulted
    from his use of the card according to the conditions herein. The Bank may cancel, recover or
    discontinue renewal of the card without a prior notice to or consent of the cardholder and
    without giving any reasons.
25. The cardholder shall immediately notify the Bank should his card be lost or stolen as follows:
    (name, card number, expiry date, date and time of the card loss). He must contact
    immediately the credit card section at the Bank advising it of the loss incident. This is to be
    followed by a written confirmation signed by the cardholder indicating the aforesaid details.
    The cardholder will remain responsible for all amounts set forth on the sales and cash
    withdrawal advices/ receipts or otherwise/ other transactions effected by the card until the
    date / time on which the bank has received a written notification that such card has been lost.
    Moreover, a report for the incident is to be filed at the police station, a copy of which is to be

                                                                                       CCAPP – 01/06/06
      handed to the Bank. The cardholder shall refrain from using the card, which he reported lost
      and shall return it to the Bank in the event he finds such card.
26.   The Bank shall have the right to inform any third party of the data related to the card holder’s
      accounts when deemed proper by the Bank and shall be entitled to issue / generate any
      special data related to the card holder’s accounts or records abroad.
27.   The Bank shall be entitled at any time and at its sole discretion to totally or partially assign,
      transfer and sell to a third party in any manner whatsoever any of its rights under this
      agreement or under any other instrument related to the card without a need to have the card
      holder’s consent.
28.   The Bank shall be entitled to record the telephone calls of the cardholders when they contact
      Citibank or when cardholders are contacted by Citibank staff.
29.   The card holder can give instructions related to transfer of monies or to banking transactions
      pertaining to the his credit card accounts via facsimile machine, Citibank Online, telephone,
      telex, mail or to hand it to the Bank by a dispatcher. The Bank shall be entitled for any reason
      whatsoever and at its sole discretion to effect or not to effect the instructions sent by any of
      the aforesaid methods. The Bank shall also have the right to verify the authenticity of such
      documents or instructions by any means the Bank deems appropriate. The cardholder agrees
      and confirms that these transactions are effective whether they are carried out by the original
      or supplementary cardholder and may not object to it by any way of objections.
30.   For the purpose of Insurance only: I hereby declare that I am less than sixty (60) years old,
      capable of work, not suffering from any type of total or partial disability, and has not be
      absent for more than fifteen (15) consecutive calendar days from work, and has not been
      hospitalized for more than ten (10) consecutive calendar days during the last two years, and
      that I have not been suffering during the said period from any critical surgery related to
      cardiac or varicose or severe blood pressure or cancer or diabetes or kidney and liver failure
      or pneumonia.
31.   The Bank reserves its right to amend and change such terms and conditions from time to
      time and shall notify the cardholder of such amendments by mail. Use of the card following
      enforcing such amendments (whether or not cardholder has received them) shall be deemed
      as an acceptance by the cardholder of such amendments that therefore become binding.
32.   This agreement shall be subject to the Egyptian Laws and any dispute arises out in
      connection with its interpretation or execution shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Cairo
      Courts with all its degrees. Expatriates shall accept the Arabic text submitted by Citibank to
      the said courts.
33.   The cardholder allows the Bank to notify him of any data/ statements deem proper by the
      Bank via SMS/ messages on his cellular phone, email box, or by mail to his address.
34.   Upon signing the credit card application and for the purpose of facilitating the decision
      making process by the Bank regarding this application, the applicant grants the Bank the right
      to collect all related and necessary information and data whether such information or data is
      of financial nature or otherwise, or whether has been collected from banks operating in Egypt
      or abroad. The applicant also permits the Bank to share the information and data obtained
      from any third party whether in Egypt or abroad. In the instance of disapproval of the
      application submitted for issuing a credit card or should the applicant decide for any reason
      whatsoever to discontinue the credit card process (to obtain the credit card) following his
      receipt of bank’s approval letter, the applicant will have the right to recover the supporting
      document submitted by him in this connection within ten calendar days from the date of his
      receipt of the Bank ’s approval or disapproval letter, and that after such period prescribed the
      Bank shall not be liable for or committed to return such documents.

Terms and conditions (from 35 to 41) shall be applicable only to Citibank Vodafone Credit

35. The cardholder will be granted reward points for using the card; Citibank shall reserve its right
    in amending all details of rewards program and the cardholder will be notified by mail of such
    amendments which include but not be limited to number of points of granted for volume of
    use, value of the points granted, and conditions for redeeming such points.

                                                                                        CCAPP – 01/06/06
36. Citibank reserves its right to halt granting and redeeming the said points without giving any
37. Citibank shall not be held liable for any disagreements or disputes which may arise out
    between the cardholder and the partner of the issue (Vodafone) in any matters related to the
38. Citibank is permitted to obtain the information related to the volume of the card holder’s
    invoices and his regularity in payment and any other information as deemed necessary by
39. Citibank reserves its right at its sole discretion in converting the Citibank Vodafone Credit
    Card into “an ordinary “ Citibank Credit Card in instance of the card cancellation for any
    reason whatsoever.
40. The right of cardholder will be forfeited in (having) a Citibank Vodafone credit card should he
    terminate his subscription with the partner of this issue (Vodafone) and Citibank will be
    entitled at its sole discretion to convert him into the ordinary Citibank credit card.
41. In case the applicant of this type of card is one of Citibank ordinary credit cardholder,
    customer shall not request the Bank to return any annual fees for his previous credit card.

Terms and Conditions (from 42 to 47) shall be applicable only to Citibank – Hospital 57357
Credit Card

42. Citibank will transfer directly without recourse to the customer the value of points gained on
    Citibank – hospital 57357 credit card to the Association of Friends of the National Cancer
43. Points on Citibank – hospital 57357 credit card shall be charged only to the purchases
    transactions made in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
44. Value of points gained on Citibank – hospital 57357 credit card shall be determined by
    Citibank and subject to amendment at any time at Citibank sole discretion.
45. Citibank shall be entitled to withdraw or cancel or amend the points program at any time
    without giving any reasons.
46. Customer authorizes Citibank to provide the information related to him to the Association of
    Friends of the National Cancer Institute.
47. Cardholder shall not request redemption of the value of points gained on Citibank – hospital
    57357 credit card.
48. Easy Installment Plan (EIP):
         a. The Easy Installment Plan is offered to eligible cardholders to convert the payment of
             purchase and / or cash advances to equal monthly installments with a pre-selected
         b. To calculate the EIP monthly installment, the transaction amount is divided by the
             payback tenor selected by the customer. To this amount, the monthly finance charge
             is added which is calculated as a percentage of transaction amount.
         c. The outstanding principal is deducted from the available credit limit. The total of the
             principal installment and the finance charge are billed as the EIP installment in the
             monthly statement until the end of tenor period.
49. Please read the ‘Schedule of Charges’ that is printed in this Application Form.
50. Sign’n Fly Insurance Program is available only for Gold cardholders. Under the Sign n Fly
    program, cardholders are covered against accidental death, dismemberment, flight delays,
    baggage delay, and baggage loss in case tickets are purchased using Citibank Credit Card.
    Please read the detailed Terms and Conditions are available upon request and also enclosed
    in the Credit Card Welcome Pack.
51. The Bank will be authorized to apply the payments made by the customer against a specific
    payment hierarchy. All the payments that Citibank receives from cardholder will be applied in
    the following order of priority: Cash withdrawal interest billed not paid, cash withdrawal
    service charge billed not paid, purchases interest billed not paid (including interest portion of
    purchase and cash EIP), purchases service charge billed not paid, purchases past due and
    over limit fees, purchases insurance billed not paid, membership fees billed not paid, cash
    withdrawal balance requested in the statement, purchases balance requested in the

                                                                                      CCAPP – 01/06/06
    statement including principal portion of purchases and cash EIP, cash withdrawal current
    month balance, purchases current month balance.
52. In case you make payment on your credit card that is in excess of your billed amount, the
    Bank reserves the right to return the same excess amount to you by a check sent to the
    address available on our records.

                                                                                   CCAPP – 01/06/06

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