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									              GEES Subject Centre Planet Copyright Agreement
This is a record of agreement between The Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Geography,
Earth and Environmental Sciences (The GEES Subject Centre) and ……………………………………….
(lead authors full name) for the provision of an article as specified below for publication in Planet (the
publication of The GEES Subject Centre).

The terms of this agreement may be updated as required for future work, with the consent of both

Author name(s) [lead author first]:
Title of Planet Article:

Copyright and moral rights will remain with you, the author and/or your Institution, with ownership of
specifically commissioned material sitting with The GEES Subject Centre. In producing or donating the
above materials to The GEES Subject Centre, we ask you to waiver copyright to allow The GEES
Subject Centre to use the above materials copyright-free within their UK HE remit and within the context
of UK HE activities of the Higher Education Academy as a whole.

For material commissioned by The GEES Subject Centre for use by the GEES community, it is
imperative that we gain free use of this material within the UK HE educational context and that we can
make this material available to the UK HE community free of copyright. Full and proper
acknowledgement of the author and IPR will be made at all times.

In allowing this waiver, you will give The GEES Subject Centre the right to format and restructure
materials within the The GEES Subject Centre house style and to edit content for length or in other ways
if necessary. You will also give The GEES Subject Centre the right to relocate the materials as needed,
(for example, within the website or Resource Database) or to group or merge them with other materials if
required. Where there are likely to be significant changes as a result of internal editing or external
referee comments, The GEES Subject Centre will consult with you, the author, and will aim to seek your
agreement on such changes.

If the article has been prepared jointly with other authors, we ask that you as lead author have informed
your co-authors of the terms of this copyright waiver agreement.

By ticking the box below, The GEES Subject Centre understand that you, the author, consent to all the
requests made above. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.

    I, as author or as lead author, agree to waiver copyright within the confines of
    the activities of The GEES Subject Centre as explained above.


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