Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development

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					Climate Change, Biodiversity
and Sustainable Development

    Balakrishna Pisupati
     Agorra Foundation
  Biodiversity and linkages to
        climate change
• Biodiversity offers goods and
services that are impacted by changes
in climatic conditions;

• For a given ecosystem, functionally
diverse communities are more likely to
adapt to climate change and variability
than impoverished ones
Climate change and Biodiversity:
Observed and projected impacts

‡ Changes in density and diversity
‡ Changes in composition
‡ Changes in structure and
‡ Changes in productivity and
   resilience levels
  Adaptation and mitigation
 options: Links to biodiversity

• Ecosystems and carbon cycle
• Land Use, Land Use Changes and Forestry
• Afforestation and Reforestation, Forest Cover
• Agroforestry
• Marine Ecosystems and mitigation
• Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity
• Alternate energy sources – bioenergy..
• Using the „Ecosystem Approach‟
    Approaches for supporting
  planning, decision making and
        public discussions

 Linkages within MEAs
 Socio-economic relevance of
    conservation action (including
    adaptation and mitigation)
 Understanding ecosystem use and
 Informed policy making
         Lessons Learned

   Designing interventions
   Analyses of actions and outputs
   Adaptive management options
   Information and data needs
   Using the ecosystem approach
Synergies among MEAs for
     achieving MDGs
   The Global 2010 Challenge

“significantly reduce by 2010 the current rate
of biodiversity loss at the global, regional and
national level in a manner that contributes to
poverty reduction”

COP 8 of CBD decided on measures to
achieving the targets the included decision
(VIII/L.20) to request countries to integrate
conservation and climate change issues.
The Millennium Development
       Goals (MDGs)
          MDGs and Climate Change:
              Some Snapshots
MDGs and Climate Change              Vulnerabilities of the   Realising the
                                     poor                     MDGs
Changes in mean climate,             LESS SECURE              Goal 1, 2 and 3
variability extreme events and       LIVELIHOODS
sea level rise
Change in precipitation, run-off     INCREASED HEALTH         Goals 4, 5 and 6
and variability leads to greater     RISKS
water stress;

Temperature, water and
vegetation changes contribute to
increased incidence of diseases

Increased incident or intensity of   CONSTRAINED              Goals 1, 7 and 8
climate related disasters leads to   ECONOMIC
damage to Infrastructure             OPPORTUNITIES
      Linking MDGs and MEA
UNGA 60th session decided to make MDGs as the national
reporting framework for sustainable development beginning

A large assistance package is being put in place to help
countries undertake MDG based reporting that includes
MDG7 on environmental management.

MDGs still do not consider focussing on mainstreaming
biodiversity and climate change related issues as critical to
achieving sustainable development.

The 61st session to be held in September 2006 is expected
to adopt the CBD‟s 2010 target as a target to achieving
Climate change and Development:
          Policy options
1. The role of Sustainable Development
   •   Integrate climate variability and change by
       integrating climate concerns in development process
   •   Minimising risks of climate change/variability
       through pro-active action and anticipatory research.
2. Mainstreaming climate concerns in the
     development processes
   •   Reorienting policies and practices
   •   Mainstream Climate change and filling policy gaps
   •   Vulnerability assessment and prioritisation of
   •   Institutional reform
   •   Knowledge management
   •   Financing adaptation
   Actions to achieve linkages

• Synergies for Sustainable Development :
  Networking, training, awareness raising,
  capacity building…
• Livelihoods and Sustainable Development
  : Local actions to translate global thinking
• Vulnerability and Adaptation Action :
  Learning by doing (ecosystem- based and
           Some observations
• The role and relevance of biodiversity on
      minimising climate change impacts are still
      poorly understood.
• Baseline data and information need
      strengthening, including undertaking of
      specific impact studies
• MEA level linkages are still wanting. The JLG
      needs more focus and clear mandates from
• National level linkages – horizontal and vertical -
      are still weak.
• Analyses of local actions still wanting and many
      times non existent.
If we wish to work towards
sustainable development in a way that
means the mandates – we need to put
environment back into the political
and economic agenda.

The „MEA-fatigue‟ should be fought
with determination, but this time using
the development conduit…
In the absence of addressing
Let us prepare for the

2012 Global Summit on
“Conversing Development”
A hungry person neither
 listens to religion nor

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