Introduction to the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries by kxi15611


									Introduction to the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries

To give the participant an overview of the stakeholders, issues and trends of this dynamic and
growing sector of Canadian industry.

Canadian pharmaceutical environment and trends
        ☆ History of the sector
        ☆ Pharmaceutical companies and products
Brief historical overview of the sector, how ethical pharmaceutical companies first started back
in the second half of the 19th century
Leading Canadian corporations and leading products
Stakeholders of this industry
Description of various segments such as prescription drug manufacturers, non-prescription drug
manufacturers, bio-pharmaceutical firms, generic manufacturers, universities, hospitals &
research centers and contract research organizations; their key issues and the interactions
between these segments
        ☆ Regulations
        ☆ Drug reimbursement
        ☆ Patent protection
What is the process for drug development, what are the timelines? How does Canada review and
approve medicines?
Who reviews drug advertising?
Self regulation mechanism of the industry
Pricing regulations
Reimbursement of pharmaceutical products in Canada: Common drug review, provincial
Patent protection for pharmaceutical products

Ethical and commercial challenges
        ☆ Business model
        ☆ Organizational strategies
        ☆ Marketing strategies
        ☆ R&D
        ☆ The consumer
How has the pharmaceutical company business model evolved from past, present to future?
What are some of the opportunities for growth and success?
Who are the customers?
Learn about the important role of Research and Development and what the key steps in drug
development are.
How is the Marketing of pharmaceutical products different from that of other products? What
are some of the strategies used for the commercialization of medicines? What is a product
lifecycle and what is its impact on marketing strategies in the pharmaceutical industry.
What are the requirements for drug advertising in the pharmaceutical industry?

Governance, company structure and organization
       ☆   Visions, missions and values
       ☆   Workforce
        ☆ Opportunities
The influence of globalization on pharmaceutical companies, the lifecycle of these organizations,
their structure
Deployment of companies across Canada
Labour profile
HR management practices
Profile of people working in the pharmaceutical industry
Role and composition of the field force
Consumers and direct to consumer advertising
Suppliers to the pharmaceutical industry

The changing global environment and its impact on the Canadian pharmaceutical industry
       ☆ The empowered patient
       ☆ Access to new emerging treatments
       ☆ Competing for innovation investment
The changing environment: potential changes in health care and health care delivery and its
effect on pharmaceutical companies
Changes from a short, medium and longer term perspective can affect the environment for
consumers and businesses alike.
Opportunities can be created for those who can shape and embrace change

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