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									Information Leaflet for International Students
Respect for tradition and receptiveness to new ideas plus a particu-       Applicants who cannot be admitted directly (usually those with less
larly wide range of subjects: these are the special features of the        than 12 years of school attendance) must first take an assessment test,
Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU). With           the so-called „Feststellungsprüfung“. If you have to sit this test you
its five faculties our university is the second largest in Bavaria with    are urgently advised to attend a one-year preparatory course at a
currently some 27,000 students enrolled. Although 70 per cent of           „Studienkolleg“ before doing so. The Studienkolleg closest to Erlan-
FAU students originate from the Northern Bavarian area called Fran-        gen-Nuremberg is the one in Munich (
conia, there are more than 2500 foreign students from all over the         If you have already completed one or two years of a degree pro-
world who have come to study to Erlangen or Nuremberg. For many            gramme in your home country you may be exempted from the as-
years the FAU has also had partnership ties with numerous foreign          sessment test.
                                                                           3. German Language Classes and DSH Language Profi-
     1.   How to apply                                                     ciency Test
Foreign applicants normally apply directly to our university's admis-
sion office:                                                               With the exception of only a few courses taught in English (see sec-
Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg                                              tion 4), all other courses at our university are held in German. Hence
Zulassungsstelle                                                           it is imperative that you gain a high level in the German language.
Postfach 3520                                                              Prior to commencing your course of study you must take the DSH
91023 Erlangen                                                             language proficiency test for admission to higher education („Deut-
(Visitor’s address: Schlossplatz 3, Room 0.031)                            sche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ausländischer Studien-
                                                                           bewerber“).The DSH test result is expressed in three levels: DSH 1,
There is only one exception to this rule: If your degree course is         DSH 2 or DSH 3. A pass achieved at Level DSH 2 or better counts as
subject to nation-wide admission restrictions and if you are a citizen     proof of sufficient German language skills for matriculation in any
of a European Union member country or a holder of the German               degree programme.
High School Leaving Certificate "Abitur" (a so-called „Bildungsin-         Applicants can only be exempted from the DSH test if they gained
länder“), you must address your application to the „Zentralstelle für      their Abitur in Germany (or at one of the recognised German schools
die Vergabe von Studienplätzen (ZVS)“ in 44128 Dortmund.                   abroad) or if they are holders of one of the following certificates:
At the moment the following disciplines are subject to the central
admissions procedure:
                                                                                •    "Zentrale Oberstufenprüfung" or "Kleines/Großes Deut-
                                                                                     sches Sprachdiplom" issued by the Goethe Institute
Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy (also Veterinary Medicine which
is not offered at the FAU)
In order to apply to the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg you must              •    Level II/ C 1 language certificate of the Conference of Min-
fill in the application form for international students: „Antrag auf                 isters of Education and Cultural Affairs of the German
Zulassung zum Studium für ausländische Studienbewerber/innen“.                       "Länder" (states)
You can download this form (which is also available in an English               •    TestDaF certificate: The TestDaf is administered by a net
version) from the university server in pdf format. To do this you will               of licensed test centres and can thus be taken in the candi-
need Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can also download free of                        date's home country (or in Germany and also in Erlan-
charge.                    gen/Nuremberg, see ). Test Daf passed at a
forms/formeng.pdf                                                                    minimum level of TDN 4 in all four sections of the exami-
If you have no possibility of downloading the registration form, we                  nation is sufficient for enrolment in all degree programmes.
are also prepared to send it to you by mail.
Together with the registration form you must hand in authenticated         The DSH test is held at our university twice a year, at the end of
copies of the following documents:                                         March and at the end of September. Applicants wishing to sit the test
                                                                           must hand in proof that they have completed the „Mittelstufe“ (in-
-    high school leaving certificate                                       termediate level) corresponding to a minimum of about 600 course
-    certificates acquired during university studies                       hours.
-    certificates indicating your level of German proficiency or proof     If you are not yet able to pass the DSH test you may attend German
     of enrolment in a German language course not yet completed            classes at the FAU. The tuition fee for theses courses is € 600 for one
                                                                           semester (4 months).
Your application for admission must have reached the university by         The entry requirements for the language classes are as follows:
July 15 for admission to a winter semester and by January 15 for                your certificates from secondary education (and university stud-
admission to a summer semester.                                                 ies) must entitle you to be admitted directly to university studies
                                                                                in Germany.
2. Higher Education Entrance                                               -    you must have acquired a certain basic level of proficiency in
                                                                                the German language (minimum 200 course hours).
Admission to studies at a German university depends on how your
secondary school leaving certificate is assessed. If it is recognised as   If you wish to apply for admission to a German language class you
being equivalent to the German high school leaving certificate „Abi-       must also fill in the admission form paying special attention to sec-
tur“ you can be admitted directly to university studies after having       tion 11 („Antrag auf Zulassung zum Studium für ausländische Studi-
passed the DSH language proficiency test (see below). This applies to      enbewerber/innen“).
certificates from most European countries but also to quite a few
certificates from African and other overseas countries such as Cam-
eroon, Tunisia, Syria or Israel.

                                                                                             Informations- und Beratungszentrum für
                                                                                             Studiengestaltung und Career Service (IBZ)

                                                                                             Beratungsbüro am Schlossplatz 3 in Erlangen, Zi. 0.021
                                                                                             und Studientelefon 09131/85-23333 oder -24444: Mo-Fr 8.00-18.00 Uhr
                                                                                             E-Mail: * Infomaterial:
                                                                          You must not plan on financing your studies by working in Germany.
4. University Studies                                                     Only students from EU countries get a work permit, while for all
                                                                          other foreign students it is only possible to work full or part time for a
In the course of the so-called Bologna process German universities        limited period of time (90 working days per year or 180 days half-
have introduced degree programmes leading to a Bachelor’s and             time) and with a special allowance.
Master’s degree. These programmes will eventually replace the tradi-
tional degree programmes of diploma, Magister or state examination.       6. Costs, Fees and Scholarships
In the winter semester 2007/08, our university started offering Bache-
lor’s degree programmes in all fields of study with the exception of      The standard of living in Germany is high and, consequently, so are
medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, food chemistry, law and theology.          the costs and expenses needed to share in this standard. On an aver-
Some of the corresponding Master’s degree programmes have started         age, you should reckon with monthly expenses of at least € 600.
in the winter semester 2009/10, the others will follow in the academic    The tuition fee for our university is € 500. Each university has a
year 2010/11.                                                             „Studentenwerk“ (student affairs organisation) which provides social
(                  facilities such as the student refectory („Mensa“) and student halls of
Whereas the new Bachelor/Master programmes will be taught mostly          residence. All students have to pay social contributions for the use of
in German, our university is also offering International Master Pro-      these facilities. These amount to € 42 at the FAU at the moment
grammes where the language of instruction is mainly English, al-          which you have to pay when you register as a student.
though the number of classes or lectures conducted in English will        German universities do not have financial means to award scholar-
differ depending on the particular subject studied. Graduates with a      ships or grants. The most extensive German scholarship programme
Bachelor’s degree can apply directly for these courses.                   is offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).
                                                                          However, these scholarships are only available for advanced students
- Advanced Materials and Processes (M.Sc.)                                or graduates. Information about the possibilities of gaining a scholar-
- Advanced Optical Technologies (M.Sc.)                                   ship can be obtained from German foreign diplomatic missions and
                                                                          German offices abroad such as the Goethe Institute or offices of the
- Computational Engineering (M.Sc.)                                       DAAD.
- Chemical and Bio-Engineering (M.Sc.)
- International Business (M..A.)                                          7. Accommodation
- International Information Systems (M.Sc.)
                                                                          The search for a room or flat is a major problem which you must
- Physical Activity and Health (M.A.)                                     solve at the beginning of your stay in Germany. In Erlangen the
- Systems of Information and Multimedia Technology (M.Sc.)                situation on the accommodation market is not too difficult though.
(        The „Studentenwerk“ as well as religious and private organisations
studiengaenge.shtml)                                                      maintain student halls of residence. Unfortunately however, the num-
There is also a degree programme leading to a Master of Laws              ber of rooms or flats is limited and there are waiting lists. Many
(L.L.M.) for law graduates from institutions outside Germany. This        students have to rent their room or flat from private owners.
programme requires, however, a very good command of German.               The rent for a room in a hall of residence ranges from € 125 to 220
                                                                          per month, privately rented rooms are usually more expensive start-
In addition to the above-mentioned courses our university offers          ing at about € 180 to 300.
Ph.D. programmes in all subjects. These are research-based courses,       For the first few days you will be able to find accommodation in the
and it is possible to write the dissertation in English, for example.     youth hostel for approx. € 18 a night (Jugendherberge Frankenhof,
Thus Ph.D. students do not automatically have to pass the DSH Ger-        Südliche Stadtmauerstr. 35, 91054 Erlangen, Tel. 09131/86-2274/86-
man proficiency test and can conduct their research in English.           2555).
Foreign degrees may be recognised as fulfilling the requirements for
registering as a doctoral candidate. The required degree will normally    8. Health Insurance
be a Master’s. If you hold a Bachelor’s degree you cannot register for
a doctorate directly.                                                     All registered students are subject to compulsory health insurance
It is important that international students interested in undertaking a   until the completion of their 14th full semester and up to a maximum
doctorate in Germany realise that in most fields there is no structured   age of 30. The statutory health insurance companies offer student
programme of study. There are, however, some exceptions to this           tariffs amounting to about € 64 a month currently. This health insur-
rule, the so-called “Graduiertenkollegs” (Research Training Groups)       ance covers doctors‘ fees, hospital expenses and medicines.
and the “Doktorandenkollegs” (International Doctorate Programmes          If you are more than 30 years of age when you enter Germany, you
or Graduate Schools) which offer structured and research-focused          must insure yourself with a private insurance company. The same
doctoral studies and intensive individual supervision. Where there is     applies to all students attending German language classes before
no such programme, academic achievement is assessed solely on the         enrolling for their study courses.
basis of a written dissertation which is supervised by a professor (the   The premiums for private health insurance are higher than those for
so-called apprentice model). This supervisor is known in German as a      statutory health insurance and vary a lot. The student affairs organisa-
‘Doktorvater’ or ‘Doktormutter’.                                          tions („Studentenwerke“) have arranged an insurance coverage with
                                                                          the Union Versicherungsdienst. This is provided in a policy of the
                                                                          VICTORIA Krankenversicherung AG, Abt.KV 51, Hans-Böckler-
5. Entry and Residence Regulations                                        Str. 36, D-40198 Düsseldorf, Germany, Tel. ++49-211-4770.
                                                                          Monthly premiums are around € 33,50 for the basic tariff.
Foreign students wishing to enter the Federal Republic of Germany                            I:\Referat_L3\Infos_Auslandsstudium_Ausländerstudium
require a residence permit visa for educational purposes issued by a                                                  Information Leaflet 2009_.doc
diplomatic representation of Germany (embassy or consulate) in the                                                             Version: 12/2009 Kr
student’s country of origin. This regulation does not apply to students
from EU countries and from countries with whom different regula-
tions have been agreed upon (e.g. Norway, Switzerland, USA...).
Do not enter Germany as a tourist because a tourist visa cannot be
retrospectively converted into a residence permit for educational
We would advise you to contact the German embassy or consulate as
soon as possible about which documents you need for the visa appli-

The required documents normally are:
-    a valid passport
-    a higher education entrance qualification recognised in Germany
-    notification of admission from the German university
-    proof of sufficient financial funds

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