Real Estate Agent Questionnaire This is a quick questionnaire that by bigpoppamust


									                                Real Estate Agent Questionnaire
      This is a quick questionnaire that will help determine how to set up the best offer to fit your client’s
   needs. Please fill this out and fax to (636) 898-0965 or email to INFO@CHAMBERLAIN-HOLDINGS.COM

                                                 Today’s Date ___________________________________
Real Estate Agent Name _______________________________________________________________
Agent Cell Phone (_____) ____________________ Email ____________________________________
Agent Office Name __________________________ Office Phone (_____) _______________________
Have you visited our website at _________________________________
Are you interested in having a Chamberlain Holdings representative at your next company meeting to give a
FREE 15-minute demonstration on how we can help you sell more listings? __________________________
Property Address _____________________________________________ Zip Code ______________
MLS Listing Number __________________________________________________________________
Name of Property Owner ______________________________________________________________
May we contact the Property Owner directly? ________ Owner Phone (_____) _____________________
May we set up an appointment to meet with you and the Property Owner? __________________________
Why is the Property Owner selling?_______________________________________________________
How long has the property been listed?____________________________________________________
Why do you think the property has not sold?________________________________________________
What is your listing agreement expiration date?______________________________________________
Is there a mortgage on the property? ______________ What is the approximate payoff? _______________
How much are the monthly payments? _____________ Does that include taxes and insurance? _________
Are the monthly payments current? _______________ Are the taxes current? ______________________
Are any repairs needed on the property?___________________________________________________
How soon would the Property Owner like to complete this transaction? ___________________________
Has the Owner indicated they would be open to a lease option/purchase? ___________________________
Additional Information:
                                                2977 Hwy K, #228
                                               O'Fallon MO 63368
                                       Ph: 636-541-9751, Fax: 636-898-0965

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