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									Real Estate Agent

               Most real estate agents are independent
                salespeople who provide their services on behalf
                of a licensed real estate broker. The broker pays
                the agent a portion of the commission earned
                from the agent’s sale of property. Earnings are
                almost always based strictly on commission.
               Good real estate agents understand the local
                market backwards and forwards. They help
                house-seeking clients find neighborhoods and            FACTOIDS:
                homes offering the best balance between their           • "Realtor" is a proper noun,
                                                                        a title only conferred upon
                lifestyles, concerns and budgets.                       real estate agents who are
               Agents are familiar with local zoning and tax laws      members of the National
                as well as effective ways to obtain financing.          Association of Realtors.
                                                                        • In 1999, the average age
                Agents also act as intermediaries in price              of a homebuyer was 39.
                negotiations between buyers and sellers.                • The typical search for a
               It can be very difficult to relocate in this line of    home lasts eight weeks and
                                                                        involves the buyer visiting
                work. Agents build their client base over a             10 homes.
                number of years, so moving across country can
                mean starting from scratch.

               At the end of the day, this is a sales job. A common misperception is that
                someone interested in homes and architecture can have a prosperous
                career; success in this line of work requires the ability to search for clients
                and close deals.
               Real estate agents must be able to interact effectively with various types
                of people. This is a relationship business; if you can't garner good
                relationships with a variety of people, you don't stand a very good chance
                of finding success in this field.
               Flexibility is also key. You'll likely work nights and weekends. Sometimes
                you'll be in the office all day, and sometimes you'll be on the road
                showing houses. One month, you may make a lot of money, while
                another month, you won't make a dime. But no matter what, you're
                expected to put on a happy face for clients.

               In every state -- except New Hampshire -- real estate agents must take a
                basic real estate course. The required number of hour varies significantly
                by state. More than 1,000 universities, colleges and junior colleges offer
                courses in the subject.
               No matter where you want to work in the US, you'll need to pass a state
                real estate licensing exam before you can start selling homes.

               In 2000, there were roughly 340,000 real estate agents in the United
                States. While this field is expected to grow more slowly than most
                occupations, there will be plenty of job openings due to retirement and
                career changers leaving the industry.
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