Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (Part-time) Application Guidance by fiw10869


									2009-10 Entry

            Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (Part-time)
          Application Guidance Notes for Home & EU applicants

The Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (Part-time) is offered at the
following Colleges of the University of the Arts London:

      Camberwell College of Arts
      Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
      Chelsea College of Art and Design
      Wimbledon College of Art

Potential applicants are advised to seek further information about the content
and structure of each course directly from the College, prior to making
application. Contact details for the Colleges appear on Page 8

Student selection is based on a portfolio review or interview with portfolio.
Applicants are also expected to meet the following academic entry
requirements at enrolment:

    3 GCSEs at Grade C or above, and
    1 GCE A Level/AVCE/ BTEC National Diploma/GNVQ Advanced
    Applicants whose first language is not English: IELTS level 5.0 English

We welcome applications from students without a typical art and design
education, and those who have attended an access or portfolio preparation
class. For these students portfolios should contain evidence of their personal
interest in art and design and their creative skills. For detailed portfolio advice
please contact the College to which you are applying.

Please complete sections A to H, and Box A of Section I, using block capitals,
and then pass the completed form to your referee. The closing dates for
receipt of completed application forms at the Colleges are:

    Central Saint Martins and Chelsea Colleges of Art & Design
     Closing date 30th April 2009 for September 2009 start
    Camberwell & Wimbledon Colleges of Art
     Closing date 23rd November 2009 for January 2010 start

Your application should be sent to the College to which you are applying, not
later than the closing date stated above. When your form is received you may
be invited by letter to attend for portfolio review or interview: you should
contact the College if you have not received this invitation within one month of
the above deadline. You will be notified of the outcome of your application by
the College within one month of the portfolio review or interview.

If your application is unsuccessful, you will be notified of any vacancies at
other Colleges offering the part-time Foundation course.

If for exceptional reasons you are unable to attend for portfolio review you
should send your portfolio or other forms of art and design work in accordance
with arrangements which will be specified by the College. You will be
expected to arrange for collection of your portfolio after your application has
been considered.

University of the Arts London is committed to ensuring equality of opportunity
for our diverse student population, which is emphasised by our Equal
Opportunities Policy. Increasing legal and governmental requirements place a
duty on educational establishments to undertake monitoring activities, and our
equal opportunities questionnaire is included in section H of the form. Your
assistance in completing this data will help us to monitor its commitment to
equal opportunities and measure the impact of changes made to overcome

In consenting to give this information this is on the understanding that it will be
held by the University in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988, and
used for monitoring purposes. Information will be processed manually and
automatically, with any monitoring reports employing anonymous data.

Applicant checklist: Please use this checklist to ensure that you have
completed your application correctly. Failure to provide information could
delay your application

    I have answered all questions that apply
    I have indicated my chosen College in Section A
    I have read the above Data Protection statement
    The application form has been signed and dated
    I have attached certified copies of all relevant certificates, with a
     translation if appropriate at end of application form
    I have attached a certified copy of my IELTS/TOEFL language
     certificate (required if English is not your first language)

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (Part-time)

Section A College to which you are applying


Section B Personal details
Your full legal name as shown on your passport or birth certificate

Surname/family name__________________________________________

First names______________________ Title Mr/Ms/Mrs/Ms/other_______

Permanent address                             Correspondence address
____________________________                  ___________________________

_____________________________                 ___________________________

_____________________________                 ___________________________

Postcode______________________                Postcode____________________

Tel No_________________________               Tel No_____________________

Mobile No______________________               Email______________________

Male/Female_____________________ Date of birth_________________

Your nationality (as shown on your passport) ________________________

Your country of permanent residence (domicile) ______________________

Date that you first came to live in the UK___________________________

Do you need a visa to enter or remain in the UK?         Yes/No

Do you have ‘                           in
             indefinite leave to remain’ the UK?         Yes/No
Please attach relevant documents

Do you have ‘                           /
             exceptional leave to remain’
‘                       /’                 ?
humanitarian protection’discretionary leave’             Yes/No
Please attach relevant documents

Office use only

Student ID____________________       Fee Status__________________

Date Application received_________   Accepted/rejected

Section C            Education

Names and addresses of Schools and Colleges attended            Dates attended
     since age 13


Please give details of GCSE, AS or A level examinations passed or to be
taken this year. Applicants from outside the UK should give exact
qualifications passed and enclose photocopies

Date        Examination Board & subjects                          Level & Grade

Other academic or professional examinations already passed or to be taken

Date          Title of Examination & subjects                   Grade

If you do not have formal academic qualifications please describe your
relevant education and experience here

Section D            English Language Proficiency

If English is not your first language, please detail any English language
qualifications you have gained or for which you are studying. Please enclose
a certified copy of your language certificate. If you are offered a place you will
need to provide your original certificate before you can enrol. This must show
an IELTS score of 5 or equivalent to enable you to join the course.

Qualifications (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL)                       Grades         Dates

Section E           Relevant employment/work experience

Name & address of employer                            Type of work Dates

Section F           Personal statement

Please provide a statement (maximum 200 words) indicating why you have
chosen this course, the kinds of work in which you are interested in making on
the course, and how this will help with your future plans (continue on separate
sheet if necessary)

Section G Signature
I wish to apply to a Foundation course at the University of the Arts London for
the 2009/10 Academic Year and confirm that all information given on this form
is true, complete and accurate, and that this is the only application to a
Foundation course within UAL that I am making.
I understand that the information given will be held by the University in
accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988, and used for monitoring

Signature_________________________________             Date_______________

Signature of parent/guardian (under 18’only)_________________________

Section H             Equal Opportunities Monitoring

Ethnic origin: please choose one section & tick the appropriate box

White                                        Black or Black British
10. White                                    21. Caribbean
Asian or Asian British                       22. African
31. Indian                                   29. *Any other
32. Pakistani                                Mixed Heritage
33. Bangladeshi                              41. White & Black Caribbean
39. *Other Asian background                  42. White & Black African
Chinese or other ethnic group                43. White & Asian
34. Chinese                                  49. *Other mixed background
80. *Other ethnic background                 *Please give details
Learning Difficulty:

Please indicate whether you have a learning difficulty            Yes/No
If you have answered Yes, please tick the appropriate box

01. Moderate learning difficulty              11. Dyscalculia
02. Severe learning difficulty                90. Multiple learning difficulties
10. Dyslexia
19. Other specific learning difficulty
97. Other (please specify)


Do you consider yourself to be disabled according to the Disability
Discrimination Act 1995?                                     Yes/No
If you have answered Yes, please tick the appropriate box

02. Blind/Partially sighted
03. Deaf/Hearing impairment
04. Wheelchair user/Mobility impairment
05. Personal care support
06. Mental health difficulties
07. Unseen disability, e.g. diabetes, asthma, epilepsy
08. Multiple disabilities
10. Autistic Spectrum Disorder, e.g. Asperger’Syndrome
11. Specific Learning Difficulty, e.g. Dyslexia
96. Disability not listed above

Please inform us of any arrangements that need to be put in place to assist
you with the application process or to support your studies. You are welcome
to arrange a visit to check access by contacting the Disability Team at Student
Services, University of the Arts London, 65 Davies Street, London W1K 5DA,
telephone 020 7514 6156/7, FAX 020 7514 6219, email 18001 followed by the UAL telephone number

Section I           Reference

Please complete your personal details in Box A and pass your completed
application form to your referee. Please advise your referee of the closing
date for receipt of your application at the College

Box A
Applicant’name _______________________________________________

College applied to ______________________________________________

College address________________________________________________

Box B
Referee: please complete this form and send this direct to the College.

Surname________________________ Forename_____________________

________________________________________               Tel No____________
________________________________________               email_____________

Please comment on the applicant’academic and/or creative work

Signed____________________________________ Date______________

College addresses and telephone numbers

Camberwell College of Arts     Home/EU applicants         020 7514 6302
Wilson Road, London SE5 8LU

Central St Martins College      Home/EU applicants        020 7514 7204
      of Art & Design                                     020 7514 8149
Back Hill Administration Office
10 Back Hill, London EC1R 5EN

Chelsea College of Art & Design Home/EU applicants        020 75147941/2
Student Administration Office
16 John Islip Street
London SW1P 4JU       

Wimbledon College of Art       Home/EU applicants         020 7514 9687
Merton Hall Road
London SW19 3QA      


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