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									8th Annual Leadership Institute Recruitment Conference & Career Fair

                                                       CONFIRM YOUR

                                   Critical Thinking:
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                     Four ve
                  Consec rs
                           ut i        Real World,
                                  Real Time Decisions
                                          October 24-27, 2008
                                   Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers

    America’s #1 HBCU Diversity Recruitment Conference
The Thurgood Marshall Leadership Institute exposed me to a network of individuals who have paved
the way for African American students. The information gained from the conference is priceless!
                                     — Christian Varnado
                                        Jackson State University

  Why Attend TMCF’s 8th Annual Leadership Institute
  Recruitment Conference?
                                            n   To Develop the latest career building strategies and learn the latest
     The Institute Focuses                      resume tips
     on 3 Key Components:                   n   To Attain life skills to assist you in both your professional and
                                                personal development
     1.  Job Acquisition — What skills
         and training will be required to
     secure an internship or job?
                                            n   To Gain the resources and knowledge needed to be successful in
                                                the job market
                                            n   To Participate in workshops and discussions with executives from
     2.  Job Maintenance — Will I
          need a mentor? How do I
     navigate the corporate maze?           n
                                                America’s leading corporations
                                                To Interview with major corporations for internships and full-time

     3.  Work/Life Balance — How do
         I balance the demands of the
     workplace with family life?

                                                To Network with CEOs and executives
                                                To Network with fellow TMCF students from the 47-member TMCF
                                                Colleges and Universities

                                            Join Us for The 8th Annual Leadership
                                            Institute Recruitment Conference
                                            For four exciting days, the Big Apple will be home to students from colleges
                                            and universities from across the country and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

                                            The 8th Annual Leadership Institute Recruitment Conference is an
                                            informative, intensive, four-day conference providing the latest tools and
                                            technologies to assist you as you continue your college education and
                                            prepare to enter today’s competitive global marketplace.

                                            Panel Discussions
                                            Workshops will provide a panel of experts, presenting different perspectives
                                            and encouraging various viewpoints.
My experience with the TMCF
Leadership Institute 2007 was               Board Breakfast
not the usual leadership seminar            Board members work in diverse fields and will be able to offer you insight
experience. The TMCF approach was           into the workplace from many disciplines. Whether your goal is to be an
effective and helpful. I appreciated        entrepreneur or vice president of a major corporation, you’ll find answers here.
the opportunity to participate and
share my experience with freshmen
                                            Receptions, Student Party, and Special Events
and sophomores at Alabama State
                                            Throughout the conference, you will be indulged in great receptions, student
                                            parties, and star-studded events — each designed to enhance your New York
University about the opportunities          experience and assist you in building those all important life skills of socializing
TMCF provides to students. Thank            and networking.
You and I am looking forward
to being selected for Leadership            21st Anniversary Awards Dinner
Institute 2008.                             (Black-Tie)
                                            On Monday, October 27, 2008, you will be an invited guest at the 21st
     — Cameron Glenn                        Anniversary TMCF Awards Dinner held in the Metropolitan Ballroom at the
       Alabama State University
                                            Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers. This is a black tie affair honoring
                                            movers and shakers of the business community who have made significant
                                            contributions to society and their field of industry and to education.
Past Highlights                                               Sampling of
Speakers                         Events                       Sessions
                                 n Welcome Reception
                                                              Dress For Success
Clarence Johnson
                                   For students held at the   Co-Presented by Ashley Stewart,
Principal Director & Director,
                                   NBA store in Midtown       Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Civilian Equal Opportunities
                                   Manhattan                  Speaker: BJ Coleman, Entertainment
U.S. Department of Defense
                                                              Columnist, Publicist, TV Personality
Stu Jackson                      n Students and TMCF
                                                              Careers in Commercial Real
Executive Vice President,          Board of Directors
                                                              Estate & Development
Basketball Operations              Luncheon — Hosted by
                                   United States Department   Barry Johnson, President & CEO,
National Basketball
                                   of Defense                 Acresh Development – Moderator
                                                              J. Steven Lovci, Beyer, Blinder, Belle
                                 n Students are special       Architects and Planners LLC
Stephen A. Smith
Quite Frankly with Stephen         guests of TMCF during      Careers in Entertainment                                      CMYK Form (preferred)

A. Smith                           the Annual Dinner Gala
                                                              Lesley N. Pinckney, Director,
ESPN2                                                         Digital Development, Essence

June Ambrose
                                 Career Panels                Communications Inc. – Moderator                          Ford Motor Company

                                                              Flo Anthony, Syndicated Columnist/
Celebrity Fashion Stylist        Include Careers              Publisher, Editor in Chief, Black NOIR
Joey C. Cole                                                  Careers in Media
Producer                                                      (Print & Television)                                           Black and White Form

The Montell Williams Show        Consulting                   Johana Reyes, Director of Strategic
                                 Education                    Sales & Marketing, Black Enterprise               Ford Motor Company
John Funny                       Engineering                  – Moderator
President & CEO                  Entrepreneurialism           Khalid Salaam, Senior Editor,
Grice and Associates             Entertainment                SLAM Magazine
                                 Finance & Investment         Michelle Lee, VP, Associate Group
Harriet Cole                     Banking                      Media Director, Media Vest
Best Selling Author,             Food Service & Hospitality
                                                                                                Ford Fund Master File Format: CMYK.EPS Ford Oval: CMYK
                                                              Cynthia Horner, Editor at Large, 6/2003                         BW.EPS              Black
                                                                                                                                                                                        Text: Black

Editorial Director for           Government Agencies          Hip Hop Weekly, Magazine
UPTOWN Magazine                  Healthcare                   Dave Cummings, Senior Deputy
                                 Human Resources              Editor, ESPN Magazine
Johnny Taylor                    Law
President & CEO                  Life Sciences                Investment Banking/                Marketing & Sales            Corporate Finance
                                 Media                        Rick Carr, Managing Director,
                                 Medical Professions          Institutional Investor Management,
                                 Philanthropy                 Wachovia Securities
                                 Sports                       G. Tommy Daison, Assistant Vice
                                 Technology                   President, Global Bank Group,
                                 AmeriCorps/Peace Corps       Merrill Lynch
                                                              Tonya Gayle, Director of SEO
                                                              Program, Sponsors for Educational
                                                              Opportunity (SEO)                                                                         100% K and 100% PMS 286

Workshop Topics Include:
Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills
                                                                                                   My name is Donza L. Knight, and
                                                                                                   I am a second year student at
                                                                                                                                  100% K and Process Values (C=100 M=66 Y=0 K=2) substituted for PMS 286

Creating Winning Cover Letters and Other Business Correspondence
Owning Your Own Business
                                                                                                   North Carolina Central University
Understanding & Navigating the Corporate Maze
                                                                                                   School of Law. My interest in
Continuing Your Education and Advancing Your Career
                                                                                                   corporate law further developed                               100% K

The Value of Internships
                                                                                                   last semester after attending the
Spoken & Unspoken Rules in Business
                                                                                                   Thurgood Marshall Leadership
Your Financial Security                                                                            Institute. At the Leadership
Knowing and Understanding Your Credit                                                              Institute, I had the opportunity
                                                                                                   to hear from a panel of
                                                                                                   practicing corporate attorneys
                                                                                                   whose focus was mergers and
                                                                                                   acquisitions. I am thankful for
                                                                                                   the experience.
                                                                                                          — Donza L Knight
                                                                                                          North Carolina Central
                                                                                                          University School of Law
8th Annual Leadership Institute
Recruitment Conference Registration
The Career Fair Exhibition
The Career Fair presents an opportunity for students to pursue
internships and full-time positions with America’s leading
corporations and other major organizations. This event will
provide an environment where students can network amongst
recruiters and executives from several of the nation’s fortune 500
companies, in addition to organizations from the government and
non-profit sectors.
Approximately 80 companies will be exhibiting at the conference.
                                                                        General Information
Sampling of Exhibitors from 2007                                        Students are required attend all sessions. All students should bring
Aetna                                                                   some spending money for incidentals and meals not covered by
AT&T                                                                    TMCF (dinner is not provided on Saturday or Sunday night). TMCF
Bank of America                                                         has a zero tolerance policy on underage drinking. Students under
Central Intelligence Agency                                             21 years of age will not be served any alcoholic beverages at any
Costco                                                                  TMCF event or function. Students 21 and older are reminded
General Mills                                                           that this is a professional networking event and that any alcoholic
Hewlett-Packard                                                         consumption should be in moderation. TMCF encourages students
Lehman Brothers                                                         not to drink.
Nike                                                                    Registration
NBA                                                                     Registration must be completed online at the following:
Philip Morris USA                                             , by September 15, 2008.
                                                                        Registration Fees
Requirements for Career Fair                                            The cost for you to attend the conference is $1000. This fee includes
                                                                        hotel accommodations (double occupancy — two to a room), meal
n Resumes must be posted to our website no later than Friday,           functions, ticket to the 21st Annual Awards Dinner and workshop
  October 3, 2008.                         sessions. Registration must be received by September 15, 2008.
n Students must bring updated copies of their resume to the event.
                                                                        (Total per person value $2500.)

n It is recommended that students do preliminary research on            Cancellations and Substitution Policy
  companies that will be exhibiting at the Career Fair. The list will   Cancellations must be made by October 10, 2008. All cancellations
  be posted on TMCF’s website prior to the conference.                  and substitutions must be submitted in writing. There will be no
                                                                        refunds or substitutions after October 10, 2008. No exceptions.
Fundraising Suggestions
Suggested Contacts for Sponsorship                                      Attire
Parents/Relatives       Family Physician         Local Jack & Jill,     Business attire is appropriate for all functions. Formal attire is requested
Church                  Banks                    The Links, or          for the 21st Annual Awards Dinner on October 27, 2008.
Fraternities/           Utility Companies        Mason Chapters
Sororities              Alumni Association       Elected Officials      Badges
Local Businesses                                                        Badges are required at all events (except the Annual Awards Dinner)
                                                                        for security purposes.
How To Ask
n Write a letter stating your grade point average and how the           Hotel Accommodations
  program will benefit you                                              All students will be housed in the conference headquarters
n Provide information on the program                                    hotel, the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers, 53rd Street
n Secure an endorsement letter from your President or Coordinator       and 7th Avenue, New York, NY. All accommodations will
                                                                        be double occupancy. Students will check-in on
                                                                        October 24, 2008, and check out October 28, 2008.

                     TMCF National Office                               For More Information About The 2008 Leadership
                     80 Maiden Lane, Suite 2204                         Institute Recruitment Conference & Career Fair
                     New York, NY 10038                                 Please call toll free at 1(877) 690-8673 or visit our website
                     T 212-573-8888 F 212-573-8497                      at

During my Undergraduate tenure at PVAMU, I was blessed with several opportunities to attend
conferences for my many organizational affiliations. I learned a great deal from the brilliant seminars
and workshops that were hosted by several companies and from the distinguished students that were
in attendance from the many Universities. As a result of the Leadership Institute, I received many
opportunities for employment. Upon graduation, I accepted a full-time job that I obtained just three
weeks after attending the conference.
                               — Kenneth Wilson, Prairie View A&M University

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