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									Customer Service Improvement Plan                                            3.2

That Audit and Risk Committee discuss the paper

                              Charles Darwin University

                       REPORT TO AUDIT & RISK COMMITTEE FROM
                        Executive Director, Corporate Services

     The Organisational Level Business Risk Assessment report of September 2004
     identified Customer Service as a high risk. The overarching statement, “Risk that
     customer service culture not embraced by the University”, provides a summary of
     the findings and analysis.
     What follows is a proposed framework in which actions for risk treatment in the
     area of Customer Service can be articulated and monitored. The aim of these
     actions will be principally to reduce the likelihood of risk occurrence.
Approach to Addressing Customer Service Risks
     Customer service risks will be considered in a variety of dimensions. Firstly,
     customer service can be divided into three categories:
         •      Processes;
         •      Employee commitment and training; and
         •      Customer dialog.
     Each of these has an internal and external component:
         •      Processes. Externally, the aim is to have customer-friendly processes
                that are easy to find and easy to use. Internally, business process must
                be optimised as much as possible, to provide the customer with the best
                support and outcome in the shortest period of time.
         •      Employee commitment and training. Externally, the aim is to have well-
                informed and motivated staff interact with customers. Internally, staff
                must have a clear vision around expectations of both their role and of
                what the customer is to receive, and the training necessary to meet
                these expectations.
         •      Customer dialog. Externally, the aim is to remain in regular contact
                with the customer, through a variety of media. Internally, the aim is
                to have regular and useful communication amongst the various areas of
                the University.
     The Risk Assessment identifies the key stakeholders in the risk management
     process at CDU as: Community, Industry, Council and Audit & Risk Committee, VC
     and VCMG, Deans and Heads of Schools, Senior Managers, Staff, Students,
     Governments - Federal and Territory, Commonwealth and NT Education
     Departments, and Regulators and Auditors. From the standpoint of customer

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      service, several of these can be consolidated to yield the following list of customer
          •         Students (current and prospective);
          •         Staff (academic and general);
          •         Managers;
          •         Industry;
          •         Government;
          •         Council and related groups; and
          •         Regulators and auditors.
      It is then possible to construct a matrix (customer service components vs customer
      groups) in which risk-mitigating activities can be summarised.
      Once the matrix is constructed, high priority improvement / risk mitigation tasks
      can be described. It is suggested here that internal processes and staff training be
      given the highest priority for action (internal meaning processes that do not come
      into direct contact with external customers / stakeholders). It is pointless for the
      University to push for expansion and improvement in external customer service
      until the organisation is able to operate in at least a competent manner in all
      areas relating to “customer service”
Areas of Work
      What follows are some areas of work being undertaken or planned to reduce risk
      and improve customer service. Timelines are still required for many of these

  Customer Service                    Process                      Employee Commitment and                   Customer Dialog
    Component /                                                            Training
   Customer Group
General Measures        Establishment of a group of 6-8         The outcomes of the People             An internal University
                        student cadets to both undertake        Development and Management             newsletter will commence in
                        customer service audits across all      Review project and working groups      February.
                        corporate service portfolios, and       have been given to the new Acting
                        provide resources to assist corporate   Director, Staff Services, for
                        service areas with required process     implementation. The Acting
                        redevelopment and update.               Director, who has been retained for
                                                                the period January – May, has a
                                                                depth of experience in many of the
                                                                areas under consideration in the
Current Students        Some process improvement to take        The Student Services team leader       Communication with students
(need to consider       place as part of SATAC movement.        with responsibility for the InfoShop   from University to be improved
VET, HE, and                                                    has enrolled in the Certified          with a regular University
Postgraduate)           Need a review of general student        Customer Service Managers Course       student newsletter.
                        processes for accessibility.            from the Customer Service Institute
                                                                of Australia. This will be a “train    Other mechanisms of student
                                                                the trainer” arrangement, wherein      feedback and communication
                                                                the team leader will conduct further   required, with the aim of
                                                                sessions in Student Services.          improving the student
                                                                Customer service training for
                                                                academic and other administrative
                                                                staff is current being investigated.
Prospective             Website to be reviewed for usability
Students                from a prospective student
                        perspective. Feedback from Group
                        Training has been received in this
                        regard, and changes are being made
                        to simplify and improve material
                        specifically for apprentices. A
                        larger, overarching, project will
                        commence this year.

60   Audit and Risk Committee Papers 01/05
Academic Staff        Need to overhaul all processes in      General customer service training     Need to improve
                      2005. Student cadets will be of help   required.                             communications in general,
                      here.                                                                        via a weekly newsletter.
General Staff         Need to overhaul all processes in      General customer service training     Need to improve
                      2005. Student cadets will be of help   required.                             communications in general,
                      here.                                                                        via a weekly newsletter.
Managers                                                     Head of school and division basic
                                                             training program to be developed.
Industry              Need to make it simpler for industry                                         Need to improve regular
                      to contact appropriate people.                                               communications with industry
                                                                                                   groups. Need to develop a
                                                                                                   database to support this.

Council and related
Regulators and

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