Arawang Primary School Operational Plan 2010

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					                          Arawang Primary School Operational Plan 2010

Domain                    Teaching and Learning
System Priorities              Improve literacy and numeracy outcomes for all students
                               Close the learning achievement gap between Aboriginal and
                                   Torres Strait Islander students and other students
Priority 1                To improve the NAPLAN Results of Arawang Students
Target                    That we improve the NAPLAN results of Year 3 and 5 by 4 mean scaled
                          points in reading spelling and comprehension
Expected Outcome          That a programmed Balanced Literacy Program is taught in Literacy across
                          the school and moderation and authentic assessment is implemented to
                          track progress
Identified factors to be addressed:
     Time for the teaching of literacy including a dedicated and uninterrupted block for literacy
     A balanced literacy program in every classroom leading to consistency in teaching across the
     The detailed programming of literacy in every teacher’s program
     Teachers trained in First Steps Reading and Bee Spelling
     Students engagement in their own assessment of learning
     Expertise in ensuring a consistent criteria for assessment of reading and comprehension

Actions                                                 Who                 When              Resources
   Communicate to all staff the results of analysis    Executive           2009 staff        Meeting time
    of NAPLAN 2009 results and outline a plan for       Teaching and        meetings
    improvement                                         Learning School     Wks: 1 & Wk ,
                                                        Improvement         Term 1 2010

   Develop and implement the plan for                  All staff           School Plan       Team Planning
    improvement in all classes following analysis of                        Goals: Wk: 2      and
    NAPLAN results                                                          Term 1            Programming
                                                                                              in Weeks 4, 5
   Identify a literacy, programming and assessment     Principal/Deputy    Wk 2 Term 1       & 7 Term 1
    priority within each teachers’ Professional         and all staff
    Pathways related to skills needed to monitor
    progress                                                                Wk: Term 1

   Implement an uninterrupted literacy block for all   DP/All staff
    classes in the school

   Implement a balanced literacy program in all        Principal/DP and    Wk 3 Term 1
    classrooms in the school                            Literacy and
                                                        coordinator         Wk:

   Access to professional learning for all staff       Principal/DP
    Including training in First Steps Reading ; Bee     Executive and all   Bee Spelling PD
    Spelling, Balanced Literacy PD and Programming      staff               Wk: 8 Term 1
    to enhance explicit teaching in all classes                             CTK & at
                                                        School Learning     Arawang Wk 9
   Moderate student learning in literacy through        Teams /support
    the tracking sheets developed by K-2 teachers to     from Literacy &   Team meetings
    be used across all classes                           Numeracy          Wk 1, 4, 5 & 7

Evaluation Instruments:
NAPLAN and PIPS Results
First Steps Reading Development Maps
Priorities within Professional Pathways

System Priority                     Improve the Quality of Teaching through relevant professional
                                     learning, high quality curriculum and pedagogical support

Priority 2                To implement the Quality Teaching Framework which allows for Quality
                          Teaching and authentic assessment in all classrooms
Target                    Teachers and students
Expected Outcome          That the delivery and assessment of learning at Arawang Primary School is
                          embedded in all classrooms in the school
Identified factors to be addressed:
     Staff commitment to the Framework and working as a team to implement it
     Time to implement changes to teaching effectively

Actions                                                  Who               When             Resources
         To build on the understanding of the Quality   Principal, DP,    Wk: Term 1       Meeting time
          Teaching Framework build during 08 and 09      Executive staff                    DET support
          by investigating and implementing a            and DET Quality                    staff
          moderation system for the consistent           Teaching
          assessment of student work across the          support

         To develop and implement across grade          Supervisors and   Learning team
          assessment tools to assess student learning    learning teams    meetings Wk 4,
          and to communicate learning to parents                           5,& 7
          through portfolio assessment

Domain                      Leadership and Management
System Priorities               Encourage innovation and achievement by fostering a strong and
                                   collaborative organisational culture
                                Enhance and align succession planning, leadership development
                                   and performance management across the Department
                                Improve and align strategic and business planning, risk
                                  management and performance reporting
                               Foster more productive partnerships with families, key
                                  stakeholders and the community
Priority 3                To strengthen partnerships and communication within the school
Target                    To develop and understanding of quality teaching, teaching and learning
                          and student achievement at the school by students, teachers and parents
Expected Outcome          The strengthening of the partnership with parents and families and the
Identified factors to be addressed:
     Ensuring that parents attend the workshops to develop and understanding of teaching and
     The need to develop trust between parents and teachers to form more effective

Actions                                                 Who                When            Resources
         The planning of parent teacher evenings to    Principal, DP,     1 evening per   Parent evening
          communicate information about: First Steps    the Executive      term            time
          Reading, Bee Spelling, Quality Teaching and   and Literacy and
          Literacy and Numeracy programs at the         Numeracy
          school                                        coordinator

         To implement a class parent support person    All staff          On going        Plan of
          to assist in the communication of                                                implementation
          information to parents in the class and to
          enhance the volunteer parent groups in the

Evaluation Instruments:
Program of parent teacher evening
Evidence of class support parents working

Domain                      Student Environment
System Priorities                To facilitate effective student learning through safe and inclusive
                                 To strengthen student engagement and learning outcomes by
                                    enhancing student support and intervention services
                                 Continue to improve school facilities to support contemporary
                                    teaching and learning
                                 Embed information and communication technology (ICT)
                                    effectively into all learning environments
Priority 4                  To empower students to be engaged in learning and its assessment to assist
                            students to improve their learning outcomes and to improve their
                            leadership capabilities
Target                     To involve and engage student in the assessment of their work and the
                           consequent improvement in outcomes especially in literacy and numeracy
Expected Outcome
Identified factors to be addressed:
     Expectations by staff that student will be involved in the assessment of their learning
     An understanding by teachers of the importance of engaging students in their learning and

Actions                                                 Who              When        Resources
   Identify and plan and implement self assessment     Principal, DP,   Term 2      Meeting and
    and reflection proformas as part of the             the Executive                Team Planning
    assessment schedule for use in all classes          All staff                    Time

   Investigate and develop proformas for three way     All staff        Term 2
    conferences which support students in setting
    goals for learning to ensure that students take a
    lead in goal setting and learning outcomes
                                                        Principal/DP     Term 2
   Create and implement a new reporting format         and all staff
    which identifies student outcomes and ensures
    that the reporting to parents is facilitated for

Evaluation Instruments:
Leadership program plan for 2010
Reporting format
3 Way interview format
Reflection sheets for students
Self assessment sheets