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									Lines of Liberty
THANK you to all who worked so very hard on our second
annual Mardi Gras. As I am writing before the event, we are
hoping all who come will have a grand time and enjoy food,
fellowship, and find welcome here at St Jude. Today being the
first Sunday of Lent, even nature is reminding us that Easter is
coming, but we all need to prepare beforehand. Lent is called
a joyful season, for we know and believe that the Tomb of
Jesus was indeed found empty. Our observance of Lent helps
us to approach Easter with a renewed and invigorated sense of
God’s love for each of His sons and daughters. Lent is not
about self improvement, losing a few pounds, but reminding
our selves that we are utterly dependent on God’s grace and
Today the story of Christ’s temptation helps to understand that
we are not alone when we feel tempted. God is always near to
us and we need only call out to Him. We fall and sin when we
rely on ourselves and our ability to overcome temptations. As
we begin this joyful season of Lent let us recommit ourselves
to being the Good News. Maybe we need to do some spring
cleaning in our spiritual life—why not attend a reconciliation
service? The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available here at
St Jude at 3:00 pm on Saturday.
Have an Awesome week, Fr Robert


We are offering free income tax assistance for low-
income seniors and the handicapped. Tax counselors will
be available in the Parish Center from 9:00 a.m. until
1:00 p.m., on Mondays until April 14th. If married, bring
information below for both spouses. Bring copies of
2006 Tax Returns. You must call the office at (313) 527-
0380 to make an appointment. Please bring with you:

•    All   wage     statements—W-2,     W-2P,      Railroad
     Retirement, Social Security.
•    Dividend and Interest Statements (#1099) & from
•    Rent receipts if you are a renter
•    2007 Property Tax Bills, whether paid or not.
•    Total amount paid for Hospitalization Insurance
•    Gas & Fuel Bills for 2007

   ST. JUDE WOMEN’S RETREAT                                      Tickets available for
             “To hear God’s Voice,                             Women’s Enrichment Day
        Turn Down the World’s Volume”
                                                        Our 7th annual Women’s Enrichment Day is
We live in a world filled with noise, noises            Saturday, March 15, noon to 3:30 p.m..
designed to sell, plead , seduce & deceive.             Lunch is included. We invite all women of
If you want to find peace and quiet that will           the parish to participate, and to bring their
allow you to hear that “still small voice”,             women friends.
join us for our annual Women’s Retreat at
the Capuchin Retreat House in Washington,               This year the focus is Women on the Wall,
MI. The weekend of March 7-9, 2008 has                  that is, the women depicted on the
been reserved for the women of St. Jude                 Iconostasis Wall, the curved wall behind
Parish. The cost of the weekend is $150                 the altar. Presenters will feature St. Maria
which includes private room and bath and                Goretti, Blessed Kateri Tekawitha, Dorothy
all your meals and linens.                              Day, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Teresa
Growing out of the retreat themes from the              Bendicta of the Cross and Mother Teresa.
past two years on Mission and the
Humanity of Christ, this year the theme                 Tickets are $15, and are available from
focuses on the subject of Spirituality, its             Diane Garrison, Debbie McHardy, or Carol
roots, the gifts of the Spirit, Jesus and               Jachim. Attendees are asked to bring a non-
spirituality     and   identifying   healthy            perishable item for the food pantry on the
spirituality. Is God whispering in your ear?            Enrichment Day.
Maybe it’s time to pull away for a few days
and be attentive to that Voice that speaks
within your heart. A retreat may be just what
                                                               THIS WEEK AT ST. JUDE
you need. If we are to hear God speaking to             SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10
our hearts through His Word, we need to pull               9:00 am Mass-C
away from the noise of the crowd. Only when              11:00 am Mass-C
we learn to be quiet can we really                       11:00 am Children’s Liturgy of the Word-LC
                                                        MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11
understand what it means to commune
                                                           8:30 am Mass-C
with God who cares for us.
                                                        9 am-1 pm Taxes-PC
If you are interested in attending, contact                1:30 pm Rosary Altar Society-PC
Gloria Pastuszak at (586) 757-2046 and                  TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12
reserve your room. Give it a try. If you go                8:30 am Mass-C
one time, you will want to attend every                    9:30 am Armchair Aerobics-LC
year. Ask the ladies that have been going                  7:00 pm Choir Practice-CR
every year. They wouldn’t miss it. The One              WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13
who matters the most is waiting for you.                No Service
                                                        THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14
           Congratulations to                           Happy Valentine’s Day
 Emily Sawicki and Jessica Wilson for                      8:30 am Mass-C
 their fine achievement in making the                    12:00 pm Rapport Club-PC
 honor role at Regina High School for                      4:00 pm REP-Q of P
                                                           7:00 pm AA-PC
              this quarter.
                                                           7:30 pm Usher’s Board Mtg.-R
                                                        FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15
        So you’ve been coming to St. Jude…
                                                           8:30 am Mass-C
               you must like what you see!
                                                           7:00 pm Stations of the Cross-C
                   It’s time to register!
                                                        SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16
 We would love to have you as part of our community.
                                                           3:00 pm Confessions-C
   Please fill out the form below and place it in the
                                                           4:00 pm Mass-C
                     collection basket
                                                        SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17
Name __________________________________________            9:00 am Mass-C
Address _________________________________________        11:00 am Mass-C
Phone _________________________________________          11:00 am Children’s Liturgy of the Word-LC
E-Mail _________________________________________         12:00 pm Baptisms-C
RELIGIOUS ED CORNER                                      Nurse’s Notes
After School Religious Ed                                By Dee Clark, RN
IMPORTANT DATES:                                         Faith Community Nursing
Feb. 14: Parents Day for Grades 1 & 7                    Beaumont Hospital
Feb. 21: Winter Break – no class
Religious Ed. Office:                                    February is Heart Health Month and
313 839-5810 Tues. at St. Jude                           the American Heart Association has a
313 884-8744 Th., F, at Queen of Peace                   number of programs being offered
                                                         targeting women and healthy hearts.
At   the   Easter    Vigil,  we    celebrate             If you're a woman, you may not believe
sacraments of initiation for those who are               you're as vulnerable to a heart attack as
baptized or unbaptized.       Any teens or               men. Women account for nearly half of all
adults that have missed sacraments                       heart attack deaths. Heart disease is the
(Baptism, Reconciliation, First Communion,               number one killer of both women and men.
or Confirmation) are encouraged to contact
the Parish office as soon as possible.                   There are differences in how women and
Preparation Classes will begin soon.                     men respond to a heart attack. Women are
                                                         less likely than men to believe they're
            USHERS CLUB NEWS                             having a heart attack and more likely to
                                                         delay in seeking emergency treatment.
St. Valentine’s Day is February 14th! It’s the perfect
opportunity to let that special someone know just how    Further, women tend to be about 10 years
much they mean to you. Be creative—the possibilities     older than men when they have a heart
are endless! Have You picked up tickets for the
                                                         attack. They are more likely to have other
February BIG 50/50 Drawing? See your favorite
Usher or any of the fabulous Customer Service            conditions, such as diabetes, high blood
Representatives at the Harper Woods Christian            pressure, and congestive heart failure–
Financial Credit Union to grab some. Someone has to      making it all the more vital that they get
Win, why not You? Men interested in joining the          proper treatment fast.
Ushers Club are invited to contact any Usher or Father
Robert for additional information.                       Everyone should learn the heart attack
                                                         warning signs. These are:
Upcoming Events
Little Caesar’s Pizza Kit Sale - Now thru March 10,      •   Pain or discomfort in the center of
2007                                                         the chest.
February Advisory Board Meeting—February 14th            •   Pain or discomfort in other areas
February General Membership Meeting —February
21st                                                         of the upper body, including the
Palm Sunday Pancake Breakfast – March 16, 2008               arms, back, neck, jaw, or stomach.
                                                         •   Oth er sy mptoms, su ch         as
Our Annual Palm Sunday “All You Can Eat” Pancake             shortness of breath, breaking out
Breakfast is only five weeks away! Will You be               in a cold sweat, nausea, or light-
ready? Pizza, Pizza! Little Caesar’s Pizza Kits are          headedness.
back! See your favorite Usher to peruse the new menu
that includes many delicious new items! We keep in
                                                         But women are somewhat more likely than
our thoughts and prayers Gerry Bartkowiak who is at
home recuperating from surgery. Gerry, we look           men to experience some of the other
forward to seeing your bright, smiling face very soon!   common symptoms, particularly shortness
Pray for Peace! St. Jude, Pray for Us.                   of breath, nausea/vomiting, and back or
                                                         jaw pain.
Counting Schedule
Date    02/10/08 02/17/08       02/24/08    03/02/08     If you feel heart attack symptoms, do not
Crew        3        1              2           3        delay. Remember, minutes matter! Do not
                                                         wait for more than a few minutes–5
Dan                                                      minutes at most–to call 9-1-1.
                             First Sunday in Lent
         Scripture for       Masses for the Week                                  Pray for the Sick
          the Week
                             SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9 (1st Sunday in Lent)            Shirley Asner
MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11                                                               Gerry Bartkowiak
                               4:00 +Cass Moroz, +Don Hagerty, John Hickey (L)
LV 19:1-2, 11-18
                             SUNDAY, FEB. 10 (1st Sunday in Lent)                 Donna Biegas
MT 25:31-46
TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12           9:00 Mrs. Kubilus (L)                              Betty Briggs
IS 55:10-11                   11:00 Intention of St. Jude Parishioners            Paul Cammarata
MT 6:7-15                    MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11 (Lenten Weekday)                 Cocuzza Family
WEDS., FEBRUARY 13              8:30 +Kevin Erne                                  Dr. Millie Lake
JON 3:1-10                   TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12 (Lenten Weekday)
LK 11:29-32                                                                       Sr. Marlene Lieder
                                8:30 +Nell Putrow
THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14                                                             Beatrice Litzan
                             WEDS., FEBRUARY 13 (Lenten Weekday)
EST C:12, 14-16, 23-25                                                            Carrie Mader
MT 7:7-12                      8:30 No Service
                             THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14 (Lenten Weekday)               Geraldine Mahoney
EZ 18:21-28                    8:30 +Sr. Mary Schultz                             Helen Marsh
MT 5:20-26                   FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15 (Lenten Weekday)                 Bill McNanney
SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16          8:30 Intention of Barb & Al Kritek                 Tom Million
DT 26:16-19                  SATURDAY, FEB. 16 (2nd Sunday of Lent)               Gloria Pastuszak
MT 5:20-26                     4:00 +Norma McEachin
SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17                                                               Mary Pawlowicz
                             SUNDAY, FEB. 17 (2nd Sunday of Lent)                 Dolores Peckham
GN 12:1-4a
2 TM 1:8B-10                   9:00 Intention of St. Jude Parishioners
                                                                                  Agnes Perna
MT 17:1-9                     11:00 +Anthony Cocuzza, +Angela Godard (4th Ann.)
                                                                                  Evelyn Perna
                                                                                  Bill Ramberger
    TRY IT ON!
                                    Schedule for February 16/17                   Jim Rowan
Jesus was led by the
Holy Spirit into the          Mass      Servers              Lector               Adele Van Maldeghem
desert for forty days of                                                          Debby Van Dale
                               4:00     S/C Blachut          Gilleran
prayer and fasting. Are                                                           Mary Waters
you open to being led          9:00     J. Moore              Schnee              Kenneth Zimmerla
by the Spirit into the
state in life God has        11:00      J. Hudson             V. Sawicki
prepared for you? If you
are considering a vocation                Weekly Reflection
to the priesthood or
consecrated life, call       We all struggle with temptations—even
Father Tim Birney at the     Jesus was tempted in the desert! There is
Vocation Office at (313)     no sin in being tempted. It is the giving
237-5875, or visit           into temptation that is the problem. Every    time we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we say
                             “Lead us not into temptation.” Do you ever
      A Family               stop to think about your own responsibility             Stewardship
     Perspective             to avoid temptation. Some temptations are                  Report
      by Bud Ozar            just part of life and we have to learn to              Time, Talent &
In today’s Gospel, Jesus     deal with them. However there are others                  Treasure
cautions that it is not      that we open ourselves to and then                      Offertory Week
enough to provide food       bemoan our failure. Just as a reformed                 January 27, 2008
for our children: “one       alcoholic know they cannot hang out in a
does not live on bread                                                            Budget      $4200.00
                             bar, we need to know our weaknesses and
alone.” Let Lent 2008 be                                                          Envelopes $2858.00
a time when you are “led     avoid temptations when we can.                       Loose Coll.   $136.00
by the Spirit” to explore         Thoroughly wash me from my guilt                Mail-In       $340.00
new ways to be a moral                and of my sin cleanse me.                   Total        $3334.00
guide to your children.                      —Psalm 51:2                          Shortfall     $866.00
        ST. JUDE’S PARISH DIRECTORY                                               Food Pantry News
ST. JUDE RECTORY                                       527-0380
15889 E. Seven Mile Rd., Detroit 48205       FAX (313) 527-3511
                                                                              Many times God tries to teach us a
Web Site:                                               lesson but we just don’t seem to
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION                                                           get it. Most of us learn life’s
15865 E. Seven Mile Rd., Detroit 48205                 839-5810               lessons the hard way.
         PARISH MISSION STATEMENT                                 Many of those who come to the pantry on a
                                                                  regular basis have not quite mastered those
We the people of St. Jude Parish celebrate the presence of        life lessons. Whether it is because of how
Christ in every aspect of our daily lives. We are dedicated
to the Word of God and find strength and joy in celebrating       they’ve been raised, they’ve just forgotten
Eucharist. As parishioners we commit ourselves to share our       or have gotten so used to living life on a day
time and talent and our treasures for the good of our parish      to day basis-(sometimes hour to hour) it is
family. We are a diverse community and we celebrate our           those little lessons and lots of prayer that
diversity. We pledge ourselves to promote social justice in our   help all of us to survive in a world that is less
cities and neighborhoods. We welcome all people to join us.
                                                                  than perfect. Our pantry clients are very
                   PASTORAL STAFF                                 faith filled people. Many put me to shame as
                                                                  far as knowing scripture. I’ve learned many
 Pastor                                  Rev. Robert Liberty      lessons from them. One is never too old to
Director of Religious Education          Mrs. Mary Fortunate      learn, either!! It keeps your mind as well as
Business Manager                         Ms. Lynn McEachin        your heart and soul from getting stale, bitter,
Parish Nurse                             Mrs. Dee Clark, RN
Food Pantry Manager                      Mrs. Debbie McHardy
                                                                  and angry.
Music Minister                           Mr. Michael Koprowicz    Sometimes we want to do things our way or
                                                                  how we think is best. Those ways are not
                                                                  always the way God sees it. We have to
             SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION                          trust that God does know what is best for us
      Saturday at 3:00 p.m. and any day by appointment.
                                                                  and wants us to be in His favor by following
      The third Sunday of each month or by arrangement
                                                                  the teachings of Jesus. A few weeks ago we
              A Baptismal preparation session for                 heard the Beatitudes. I’ve heard these
              parents is held prior to the Baptism.               referred to as the life attitudes. Imagine how
                         MARRIAGES                                great our world would work if everyone took
  Arrangements must be made at least six months in advance.
                                                                  care of their neighbor! Maybe we could
                 VISITATION OF THE SICK
        Fr. Robert and Special Ministers of the Eucharist         eliminate poverty as we know it! Take a few
                   are available upon request.                    minutes during this Lenten season as we
                                                                  prepare for the second coming of Christ, to
                 PASTORAL COUNCIL                                 ponder a world without violence, prejudice,
                                                                  hate or war. Imagine that everyone got
Reverend Robert Liberty                           313-527-0380    along, respected each other and was kind to
Bill Darmetko, Chairperson                        313-527-4446
Barbara Constantino, Secretary                                    others. Could this actually happen? Well, in
Michael Anderson, Member at Large                  248-414-6644   my imagined world it’s going to
Diane Garrison, Christian Service Chairperson      313-526-5868   take sometime to convince the rest of the
Wanda Hemmen, Worship                              313-521-3069   world of it, though!! Try it out...make one
Barb Janiszewski, Member at Large                  313-881-8050
Maxine Jones, Renaissance Vicariate Rep.                          small step, one random act of kindness, one
Les Lafata, Senior Citizens Rep.                   313-881-3052   extra prayer or word of kindness to someone
Lisa Perlotto, Member at Large                     586-776-3843   in need. It could be someone you know well
Michelle Moody, Member at Large
Ellen Stanton, Stewardship                         313-417-2826   and have had a falling out with or it could be
Mike Sawicki, Member at Large                      313-886-2634   the stranger on the street-it could be Jesus.
                                                                  Our Pantry needs this week include tuna,
              St. JUDE PARISH PAPER                               tuna helper, pasta and cereal. Kids sure do
 All articles for the parish paper must be submitted to the
                                                                  eat a lot of cereal!! We are also in need of
  Parish Center by Monday at 9:00 a.m. for the following          small containers for soap-those that work
      Sunday’s issue. Holiday deadline as announced.              best are margarine, sour cream or cottage
                                                                  cheese containers. Any other kinds of screw
  CHRISTIAN FINANCIAL CREDIT UNION (313) 884-1512                 type jars are good too. We just don’t want
                                                                  the soap to spill on the rest of the groceries.
                                                                  Thanks for all you do and for your
                                                                  faithfulness to all those in need!!
                                                                  Blessings! Debbie

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