Pine-Richland School District 2007-2008 Operational Plan

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					  Pine-Richland School District
   2007-2008 Operational Plan

As Presented by:          Pine-Richland School District
Dr. James C. Manley       Administrative Office
Dr. Mary Bucci            702 Warrendale Road
Dr. Bille P. Rondinelli   Gibsonia, PA 15044
August 21, 2007
                                      Pine-Richland School District
                                         “Transformation Year”

Each year the Pine-Richland School District develops an Operational Plan identifying the major
initiatives for the upcoming school year. This operational plan is aligned with the district’s strategic plan
and is based on what will be accomplished in a particular school year. Specific personnel are listed for
accountability purposes along with general action plans and assessment questions to be addressed as
to the degree of implementation by year’s end.

The 2007-2008 Operational plan is a very challenging one and represents the collective involvement of
the district’s leadership team and Board of School Directors. The initiatives listed in the plan are
categorized by the six major sections of the strategic plan Curriculum, Professional Education,
Educational Technology, Student Activities, Special Education, and Facilities with Upper Elementary
Planning being a separate section of this operational plan. The 2007-2008 plan has a total of 14 major
initiatives that will continue to move the district forward in becoming a top tier district.

Planning is essential for organizational success. The operational plan provides for a coordinated
approach and provides the means of informing everyone as to the district priorities for 2007-2008.

James C. Manley                    Mary Bucci                              Bille P. Rondinelli
Superintendent                     Assistant Superintendent                Assistant Superintendent
                                   Elementary Education                    Secondary Education
                                                                                    I. Curriculum
           Objective                     Person(s)                                 Activities                                                            Evaluation
1. Finalize a transformation       Jim Manley*         • Administrative Retreat – engage leadership team in reviewing a       • Was the blueprint prepared, approved by the Board, and
   blueprint that will provide a   Mary Bucci            first draft of the agenda identifying framework concepts (e.g.,        communicated effectively to the public?
   framework for the re-           Bille Rondinelli      academic rigor; customizing education; bench-marking, etc.).         • Random sample of parents will indicate that more than half of
   configuration of grades in      Laura Davis         • Awareness and buy-in on the development of the blueprint.              the parents surveyed will identify at least two concepts in the
   2008-09. The blueprint will     Kathy Harrington      Summer – focus groups with teachers, parent key                        blueprint.
   identify strategies for         Yvonne Hawkins        communicators and selected students.                                 • Has the Educational Leadership Initiative leadership team met
   customizing learning and        Rick Pysch          • Board approval for the transformation blueprint, August 2007.          on a regular basis, were examples of academic rigor identified,
   enhancing academic rigor in     Bob Cooper          • Disseminate the transformation blueprint to the community              were benchmark networks established, were exemplary lessons
   the newly established primary   Michael Loughead      through the web site, inservice, written publication – PTO             and assignments on academic rigor identified?
   schools, upper elementary       Guy Rossi             meetings becoming the major platform for presentations               • Were pre-AP vertical teams identified; was the pre-AP
   school, and at the secondary                          throughout the 2007-2008 year.                                         curriculum written and did pre-AP vertical teams meet on a
   campus schools.                                     • PRTV presentation on the transformation agenda.                        regular basis to share ideas?
                                                       • Student transition celebrations identified – plan for creating       • Was the blueprint followed as intended?
                                                         interest and excitement in students scheduled to attend the new
                                                         upper elementary school.
                                                       • Utilize the Educational Leadership Initiative (ELI) team for the
                                                         implementation and to support the blueprint and to gather
                                                         evidence to determine if the blueprint is moving the district
                                                       • Provide professional development activities around the
                                                         transformation blueprint.
                                                       • Involve noted leaders in education to review the blueprint and
                                                         offer suggestions for possible changes in the plan (i.e. Dr.
                                                         Richard Wallace, Dr. Jerry Longo, Dr. Joseph Werlinich, Dr.
                                                         Linda Hippert, Dr. John Lozosky, Dr. Edgar Holtz, Dr. Charles
                                                         Schwahn, etc.)
                                                       • In June 2008 celebrate the implementation of the blueprint and
                                                         use this initiative as part of the opening of the new primary
                                                         schools and the upper elementary school.

2. Create electronic curriculum    Bille Rondinelli*   • Use OnHand Schools software to place K-12 math in electronic         • To what extent was the K-12 curriculum successfully placed in
   and lesson plans.               Michael Loughead*     form.                                                                  OnHand Schools software?
                                   Mary Bucci*         • Pilot the OnHand Schools curriculum writing and lesson               • To what extent was curriculum writing and lesson planning
                                   John Pietrusinski     planning in Foreign Language, Language Arts, and Social                implemented in Foreign Language, Language Arts, and Social
                                   Bob Cooper            Studies.                                                               Studies?
                                                       • Establish professional development and procedural                    • Was professional development identified and successfully used
                                                         requirements for district-wide implementation of electronic            to implement curriculum writing and lesson planning in OnHand
                                                         curriculum writing and lesson planning.                                Schools?
                                                       • Determine if OnHand Schools is the proper vehicle for                • Was there a determination made as to the most effective use of
                                                         providing an electronic curriculum within the next two years.          OnHand Schools and Blackboard as they relate to the
                                                                                                                                instructional program?

                                       Pine-Richland School District                        >> 1 <<                         2007-2008 Operational Plan
                                                                                      I. Curriculum
           Objective                     Person(s)                                   Activities                                                            Evaluation
3. Revise the Graduation Project   Al Wille*             • Change the current senior graduation project (research               • Were portfolios used in core academic area classrooms?
   beginning with ninth and        Jim Manley              assignment in 10th grade World Cultures) to the following            • Were teacher checklists created and used to track progress?
   tenth grade students.           Bille Rondinelli        options for students to select: career college readiness, service    • Was a new policy adopted?
                                   Laura Davis             projects, leadership initiatives, extended learning, and global      • Was an alignment grid/chart completed?
                                   Department Chairs       connections. The graduation project will be referred to as the
                                   Guidance Counselors     “Pine-Richland Experience.”
                                                         • Implement Kuder software for college and career exploration
                                                           and planning for all students.
                                                         • Develop a plan for monitoring student progress on the
                                                           graduation project (720 project).
                                                         • Create a plan for assisting students in creating a presentation on
                                                           the culmination of their project.
                                                         • Rewrite policy reflecting the new graduation project.
                                                         • Communicate revised graduation project to students and
                                                         • Align high school course offerings to career, education, and
                                                           work standards and enter into Kuder.
                                                         • Design a plan for monitoring student use of Kuder.
                                                         • Align career education and work standards with the PRSD
                                                           strategic plan initiatives.
                                                         • Begin mapping existing curriculum and career education and
                                                           work standards and practice.
4. Study and recommend             Bille Rondinelli*     • As a follow-up to the class rank discussion and change in policy     • Was a thorough review conducted on the current grading
   possible revisions in the       Laura Davis             examine the grading options used at the high school including          procedures used at the high school?
   grading options used at the     Jim Manley              weighted grades, use of percentages for grade reporting along        • Was there agreement on ways to improve the reporting of
   high school and to determine    John Mayberry           with the existing graduation requirements.                             student grades?
   the most appropriate way to     John Pietrusinski     • Connect with graduates to determine if they are satisfied with       • Were any changes made in the weighted grade procedures that
   report student performance to                           their preparation at Pine-Richland and ideas for improvements.         minimize the issues associated with weighted grades?
   parents and perspective                                 Likewise, determine graduates satisfaction with their college
   colleges or universities.                               choice.

                                       Pine-Richland School District                          >> 2 <<                       2007-2008 Operational Plan
                                                                              II. Professional Education
           Objective                    Person(s)                                Activities                                                             Evaluation
1. Focus professional education   Mary Bucci*        • Implement the state requirements for Professional Education        • Were 90 percent of the professional education activities focused on
   activities on increasing       Michael Loughead     under Act 48.                                                        increasing academic rigor and customized learning?
   academic rigor and             Laura Davis        • Align the implementation of Act 48 with the vision and             • Did 80 percent of the staff who participated in professional
   customized learning.           Yvonne Hawkins       provisions of the Strategic Plan.                                    education activities agree that the activities met their needs and was
                                  Bille Rondinelli   • Conduct professional education activities that promote               of high quality?
                                                       academic rigor and customized learning:
                                                            Implement ELI (Educational Leadership Initiative)
                                                            Classrooms for the Future Implementation
                                                            Pre-AP Curriculum Writing and Instructional Skills
                                                            AP Instructional Skills
                                                            OnHand Schools Curriculum and Lesson Planning
                                                            Work with Professional Development Schools
                                                     • Review the roles and responsibilities of department chairs as
                                                       they relate to professional educational agendas and plans.
                                                     • Investigate the establishment grade level chairs at the
                                                       elementary level.
                                                     • Evaluate the role of Literacy/Math Coaches as these roles relate
                                                       to building realignment and restructuring.

                                      Pine-Richland School District                       >> 3 <<                     2007-2008 Operational Plan
                                                                                   III. Education Technology
            Objective                       Person(s)                                 Activities                                                           Evaluation
1. Increase the district’s capacity   Ron Meisberger*     • Implement Classrooms for the Future Grant at PRHS: Identify,       • Have CFF classroom enhancements been completed and equipment
   for teaching and learning          Laura Davis*          order, configure, inventory, and install hardware for designated     processed and placed?
   through the use of digital         Bille Rondinelli      classrooms; secure CFF Coach; acquire and install classroom        • Have participating CFF teachers completed PD requirements?
   resources.                         John Pietrusinski     enhancement hardware and cabling; coordinate professional          • Have grant reports/audits been completed?
                                      Aaron Cornell         development activities; review and disseminate PDE                 • What PD activities have occurred for use of technologies?
                                                            communications; report grant progress; participate in              • Do surveys and observational data reflect desired teaching and
                                                            organizational and procedural meetings and webinars.                 learning behaviors?
                                                          • Implement School District Entity Demonstration Grant at            • Have technology integration guidelines been updated and realigned?
                                                            PRMS and Elementary Schools: Order, inventory and                  • Has a SDED Grant event occurred?
                                                            distribute equipment; organize professional development; report
                                                            on grant progress; hold a kick-off or celebration event.
                                                          • Explore learning management system uses at the elem. level
                                                            and conduct appropriate professional development activities.
                                                          • Conduct walk-throughs and seek teacher feedback in use of 21st
                                                            century teaching skills.
                                                          • Revise and realign K-12 technology integration guidelines for
                                                            primary, elementary and secondary levels.
                                                          • Coordinate the Educational Leadership Network (ELI) to
                                                            observe 21st century teaching and learning skills.
2. Upgrade district network           Ron Meisberger*     • Identify upper elementary technology specifications.               • Have specifications been developed, bid packages prepared and
   infrastructure and participate     Bille Rondinelli    • Bid upper elementary school phone, data, audio, video and            awarded as per schedule?
   in the Act 183 implementation      Bob Cooper            interactive classroom equipment.                                   • Have connectivity solutions been determined and operational?
   of a regional, metropolitan,                           • Determine best solution for district WAN connectivity.             • What is status of PRSD participation in Act 183?
   and state area network.                                • Participate in Act 183 for regional and metropolitan area          • What data and voice switches have been replaced?
                                                            networks planning.
                                                          • Replace core and edge switches where needed as per
                                                            recommended schedule.
3. Develop hard copy and              Tony DiTommaso*     • Review relevant laws and codes for compliance parameters.          • Have policies and practices been established in compliance with
   electronic record retention        Ron Meisberger      • Identify all affected records, locations and caretakers.             existing law?
   policy and practices.              Jim Manley          • Develop matrix to include record type, origin, source law,         • Has a master reference been developed detailing record-specific
                                      Laura Davis           retention end date, location and associated personnel.               procedures and responsibilities?
                                      Kathy Harrington    • Develop applicable policy and administrative procedures for
                                      Bob Cooper            storage, retention and destruction.
                                      Yvonne Hawkins
                                      Rick Pysch
4. Investigate options for the        Ron Meisberger*     • Identify and prioritize current and foreseeable district data      • Have needs been sufficiently researched and documented?
  district’s student information      Mary Bucci*           management and reporting functions.                                • Has a comprehensive recommendation been proposed with respect
  system (currently SASI) and         Bille Rondinelli    • Identify available commercial solutions that represent a “good       to timeline, financing, staffing, PD, support, etc.?
  recommend a planned course          Laura Davis           fit” for the district.                                             • Was a learning community formed to investigate changes in the
  for replacement. Prepare new        Kathy Harrington    • Assess interoperability with existing data solutions.                elementary report card?
  elementary report cards ready       Bob Cooper          • Recommend a preferred solution and implementation plan.            • Did staff and parents review various models?
  for the 2008-09 school year         Yvonne Hawkins      • Establish a learning community composed of parents and staff       • Was a new report card recommended and approved for Board
    l      ih      d di d

                                          Pine-Richland School District                       >> 4 <<                        2007-2008 Operational Plan
along with standardized        Rick Pysch          to review specific desired changes in the elementary report card.     approval?
parent handbooks for the new                     • Collect additional input from staff and review various              • Does the elementary report card have a technology solution?
primary schools, upper                             elementary report card models used in other districts.              • Have the parent handbooks been consolidated and standardized?
elementary school, and
secondary schools.                               • Make certain the report card selected is compatible to a
                                                   technology solution.
                                                 • Consolidate parent handbooks into a common format that
                                                   would provide consistent information to parents across the

                                   Pine-Richland School District                      >> 5 <<                      2007-2008 Operational Plan
                                                                                   IV. Student Activities
           Objective                      Person(s)                                Activities                                                             Evaluation
1. Coordinate all non-athletic      Jim Manley*         • Hire a Student Activities Coordinator and develop an entry plan    • Was the Student Activities Coordinator hired and an entry plan
   activities by hiring a Student   John Mayberry*        for this person to have a high impact with the non-athletic          developed?
   Activities Coordinator who       Bille Rondinelli      activities.                                                        • Were periodic reports on non-athletic activities presented to the
   will oversee the non-athletic    John Pietrusinski   • Analyze participation in non-athletic activities and determine       Board?
   student activities to maximize   Kathy Harrington      what activities should be added or eliminated based on student     • Was a new plan for homecoming developed and accepted by the
   student participation and the    Bob Cooper            interest surveys.                                                    committee?
   overall communications,                              • Provide on-going reports to the Board on non-athletic student      • Was an annual report prepared and presented to the Board and
   recognition, and program                               activities in terms of participation, accomplishments, and           administration for their review?
   improvements for these                                 awards.
   activities.                                          • Provide on-going communications to the public on non-athletic
                                                        • Develop a new plan for homecoming to handle the bonfire
                                                          parade, food booths, homecoming court, and game.
                                                        • In surveying graduates, determine what activities they felt were
                                                          most useful to them. Check with younger students to determine
                                                          their interests for participating in various activities.
                                                        • Develop an annual report on non-athletic student activities with
                                                          recommendations for improving the quality of these programs.

                                        Pine-Richland School District                        >> 6 <<                     2007-2008 Operational Plan
                                                                                  V. Special Education
          Objective                    Person(s)                                  Activities                                                              Evaluation
1. Facilitate the Cyclical        Paula Schmitt*      • Participate in at least one CMCI training to familiarize the team     • Did Mrs. Schmitt attend at least one CMCI training and in-service
   Monitoring for Continuous      Maura Paczan          to the monitoring instrument and procedures (specifically               the rest of the team members in the cyclical monitoring process?
   Improvement (CMCI) process     Michael Loughead      reviewing the monitoring process, documents and web-based             • Were the FSAs completed for each school and submitted to the BSE
   as mandated by the Bureau of   Aaron Cornell         submission process).                                                    on-site review team?
   Special Education (BSE) in     Building LEAs       • Complete Facilitated Self Assessment (FSA) for each school in         • Did the BSE review team meet with administrators, teachers,
   the Department of Education    Department Chairs     the district.                                                           parents, and students?
   (PDE).                                             • Engage the BSE review team with conducting interviews with            • Was the schedule of on-site visits developed and followed as
                                                        administrators, teachers, parents, and students.                        planned?
                                                      • Coordinate on-site verification activities including file reviews     • Was the CMCI review analyzed and was the developed action plan
                                                        of student documents, studies of service delivery and analysis          implemented?
                                                        of policies, procedures, and outcomes.
                                                      • Analyze the results of the CMCI review and develop an action
                                                        plan based on the recommendations.

                                      Pine-Richland School District                        >> 7 <<                          2007-2008 Operational Plan
                                                                                 VI. Facilities
          Objective                 Person(s)                                Activities                                                            Evaluation
1. Enhanced security for the    Al Wille*          • Continue Emergency Preparedness Planning.                         • Has the Emergency Preparedness Planning continued in
   secondary campus and         John Mayberry*     • Update and improve Emergency Operations Plan with recent            collaboration with other agencies?
   emergency preparedness for   Doug McCausland*     revisions.                                                        • Has the Emergency Operations Plan been updated?
   the District.                Maura Paczan       • Build Emergency Preparedness website and populate for staff,      • Did buildings principals complete and submit the Annual
                                Gary Zang            students, and parents use.                                          Emergency Response Update to the Secondary Assistant
                                Aaron Cornell      • Prepare prerecorded messages for Connect Ed notification            Superintendent, e.g., identify “chain-of-command” and conduct
                                Tony DiTommaso       system.                                                             faculty in-service on the “flip-chart”?
                                Guy Rossi          • Work with outside agencies to develop and coordinate              • Were “unannounced” audits conducted?
                                                     emergency plans/services for Pandemic Flu Planning,               • Was the Emergency Preparedness website completed and
                                                     terrorism acts, natural disasters, etc.                             publicized?
                                                   • Work with company to recommend systems that can secure            • Were the Connect Ed “scripts” developed?
                                                     facilities and access control.                                    • Were security systems installed, functional, and maintained at the
                                                   • Issue new proximity card badges to all employees.                   secondary campus?
                                                   • Introduce new visitor badge/identification system.                • Have employees been issued new ID badges?
                                                   • Analyze alternative technologies and select options to be         • Have policies and procedures been developed and Board approved?
                                                     installed and managed given available resources.                  • Have employee manuals incorporated the new procedures and
                                                   • Prepare policies and guidelines to administration of security       guidelines?
                                                     systems and procedures. Policies and guidelines must identify
                                                     penalties and recourse for violations.
                                                   • Create an environment of security and safety among the staff.
                                                   • Continue building level monitoring of established security
                                                     procedures, i.e., Emergency Response Procedures Annual
                                                     Update and “unannounced” audits.
                                                   • Incorporate security review during monthly building safety

                                   Pine-Richland School District                      >> 8 <<                        2007-2008 Operational Plan
                                                                              VII. Upper Elementary Planning
            Objective                    Person(s)                                 Activities                                                                   Evaluation
1. Prepare for the opening of the    Bob Cooper*      •   Monitor progress of Upper Elementary construction and                  • Has construction progressed so the district is confident that the building
   Upper Elementary building at      Mary Bucci           progression milestones to ensure occupancy of the school by July         will be ready for occupancy?
   the start of the 2008-09 school   Jim Manley           31, 2007.                                                              • Was a plan developed to move materials in an organized manner to
   year with the finalization of                      •   Develop a plan to move instructional materials, teacher materials,       ensure school will open on time?
   curriculum, selection of staff,                        etc. from the four existing buildings to the Upper Elementary.         • Have orientation activities been designed so the community feels
   and the overall management of                      •   Establish building operational procedures and publish information        prepared to make the move to the new building?
   the building.                                          for staff.                                                             • Are all planned courses completed and ready for implementation in
                                                      •   Finalize a transportation schedule for the upper elementary school       August 2008?
                                                          and its impact on the starting and ending times for all district       • Have necessary equipment and materials been identified for the
                                                          schools.                                                                 implementation of new and revised courses?
                                                      •   Learning and understand the operational equipment and systems in       • Has the staffing for the Upper Elementary School been completed?
                                                          the Upper Elementary building.                                         • Were professional development activities held during the school year
                                                      •   Develop orientation and transition activities and programs for           to provide staff with necessary understanding of curriculum,
                                                          staff, students, and community.                                          instruction, and assessment?
                                                      •   Investigate, develop, and write planned courses for                    • Was a plan for student activities in the Upper Elementary School
                                                          Keyboard/Applications for grades 4 and 5. Prepare to implement           developed?
                                                          courses by purchasing necessary equipment and teaching                 • Were safety procedures and protocols established for the Upper
                                                          materials.                                                               Elementary School?
                                                      •   Investigate, develop, and write planned courses for combined
                                                          health/physical education courses in grades 4, 5, and 6. Prepare to
                                                          implement courses by purchasing necessary equipment and
                                                          teaching materials.
                                                      •   Realign plan courses for art and music in grades 4, 5, and 6 to
                                                          compact the curriculum that has been taught in grades 4-8.
                                                      •   Investigate best practices in remedial reading programs. Develop
                                                          a new plan to implement remedial reading services in grades 4, 5,
                                                          and 6. Identify and secure necessary materials to implement such
                                                          a program.
                                                      •   Secure staffing for positions that are currently open through
                                                          internal transfers and/or new hires.
                                                      •   Establish interview procedures to identify and hire an assistant
                                                          principal and school counselor.
                                                      •   Provide training opportunities to orient staff changing grade levels
                                                          or teaching responsibilities.
                                                      •   Develop a plan to increase the number of “ensemble” offerings at
                                                          the Upper Elementary School.
                                                      •   Establish new vision for Upper Elementary supplementals.
                                                          Investigate student activities and clubs to be established.
                                                      •   Develop new intramural programming for students in grades 4, 5,
                                                          and 6.
                                                      •   Establish safety procedures and protocols for Upper Elementary
                                                          School. Provide orientation for all staff.

                                         Pine-Richland School District                        >> 9 <<                        2007-2008 Operational Plan
                                                                             VII. Upper Elementary Planning
           Objective                   Person(s)                                  Activities                                                              Evaluation
2. Develop recommendations for     Rick Pysch*         •   Regular meetings will be held with the elementary attendance       • Was the elementary attendance area plan developed and presented
   new elementary attendance       Mary Bucci* (Elem.)     area committee through the summer and early fall.                    to the Board and community?
   areas in 2008-09 and for the    Jim Manley* (HS)    •   Conduct a public hearing on the recommended changes in the         • Was a public hearing held and approval received by the Board
   future expansion of the high    Bille Rondinelli        elementary attendance areas by November 2007.                        according to the timeline established?
   school to accommodate the       Laura Davis         •   Have Board approval of the new elementary attendance area          • Was a report developed and written on the expansion of secondary
   continued increase in student                           plan by January 2008.                                                facilities along with accommodating growth and the possible
   enrollment.                                         •   Conduct secondary facilities expansion committee meetings in         purchase of land?
                                                           late summer and during the 2007-08 school year. The                • Does the expansion report give guidance to the Board on the next
                                                           committee will develop a plan for expanding facilities for the       steps for facility expansion?
                                                           high school students, accommodating the increase in student
                                                           enrollment as the high school prior to the new addition or
                                                           facility, and for the possible land banking for future district

                                      Pine-Richland School District                         >> 10 <<                         2007-2008 Operational Plan