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                      JACKSON COURT BOARD BRIEFS No. 7 -
                           MEETING OF APRIL 24, 2003

1. In Attendance
Ken Hummerston – President
Pat Cobus – Treasurer
Tim Carey – Secretary and Vice President
Malcolm Graham – Director-at-Large
Sam Williams - Director, Landscaping
Scott Smith – Property Manager

2. Property Manager – Contact Information
Scott Smith, Condominium Management Group - CMG (Tel. 237-9519; e-mail:

3. Financial Matters
The financial statement for the period February 1 to March 31, 2003 was tabled.
Operating fund expenditures to date totaled $33,779, which is just below the budgeted
amount for the period. The Reserve Fund balance currently stands at $132,489.

4. Property Management Action List
   a) The regular flushing of basement drains in the JC block leading to Varley Drive
      has been completed.
   b) The interiors of three units in Jackson Court were inspected by the Morrison
      Hirschfield engineer on April 23 for the Reserve Fund study. The study should be
      completed this month (May).
   c) Some additional survey forms have been submitted by unit owners on the
      condition of their windows and doors. A representative of Lambden Windows and
      Doors inspected and reported on windows and doors that were listed by unit
      owners as being in poor condition. The most frequent problem was that windows
      and doors were “drafty”. A few had woodrot and were leaking. Immediate
      replacements will only be undertaken on the upstairs bathroom window at 101
      VL, the living room window at 29C VD, and the living room window at 6 JC (all
      have window frames that are rotten and leaking). Further work on windows and
      doors for this summer will be decided after completion of the Reserve Fund
   d) A contract has been approved with H2O to operate the swimming pool again this
      summer. The cost of the contract will be $10,960.77, an increase of 3% over the
      price in 2002.
   e) Rules for the Jackson Court swimming pool and operating procedures were
      discussed at length. Health and other pool rules have been drafted (see
      swimming pool notice attached), and the intention is to have these rules inscribed
      on large notice boards to be installed in the pool area. Other decisions made
      regarding the pool include:
      • Identification – Each unit owner will be issued with one laminated ID card that
          must be used by unit residents to gain entry to the pool. If the ID card is lost,
          it will be replaced by the Property Manager at a cost of $10.00. Temporary
          cards may be obtained from Board Directors until the replacement cards are

       •   Guests – Jackson Court residents aged 12-17 years can sign in up to two (2)
           guests per day. Adult residents (18 years and over) can sign in up to six (6)
           guests per day. Residents will have priority use of the pool (i.e. if the number
           of people in the pool area exceeds 30 - the maximum for JC pool – guests
           will be asked to leave to make room for residents).
       •   Lessons – Lifeguards working for H2O, the pool contractor, will be
           responsible for organizing and holding the lessons. Time allocated for
           lessons will be the same as last year.
       •   Adult times – The last half hour of swimming time from Monday to Friday will
           be dedicated to adult swimmers.
       •   Daily swimming times – These will be posted at the front gate of the pool.
           Opening date for swimming is scheduled for June 14.

5. Reminder
   The Jackson Court Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 22 at the
   Beaverbrook Community Center. Coffee and donuts will be served, and we hope for
   a good turnout this year.

6. Information
   a) A notice regarding the Jackson Court swimming pool is attached for your
   b) The City of Ottawa held an open house in Kanata on Monday, April 28, where
       information was provided on the proposed re-construction and installation of new
       water mains on Varley Drive. Items of interest that might be of interest to Jackson
       Court residents includes:
       • Work is scheduled to start in early to mid-June, and will last throughout the
           summer and fall.
       • Varley Drive will be re-built from the road bridge over the footpath near Milne
           Crescent to the other end at Beaverbrook Road.
       • Water mains will be laid at a depth of 2.4 m. (about 7 feet).
       • The pavement cap will be removed from the road, and a base coat will be laid
           down this year to allow for settling. The final 2 ins. Of paved surface will be
           laid in spring 2004.
       • Concrete curbs 6 ins. above the road surface will be constructed along the
           edge of the road.
       • Surface drains will be set in the concrete curbs beside the road, not in the
           road surface.
       • Water stoppages are likely to be short (hours, not days) when the water
           mains are hooked up.
       • A new bus stop area will be constructed beside Erskine Johnson School
           (similar to the one near George Vanier School).
       • A new footpath will be built on the “inside” area along Varley Drive between
           Erskine Johnson School and the bus stop at the western edge of the soccer

Ken Hummerston
March 21, 2003

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