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									Splitting Federal
  Income Tax
Important Information for U.S.
    Financial Institutions

 Visit IRS.gov for more information.
More choices for direct deposit of                                     2. Ensuring your customers have correct account and routing

2006 income tax refunds                                                   number information and urging them to double-check the
                                                                          accuracy of account and routing information entered on
Taxpayers will have more choice and flexibility for direct deposits       their returns.
of their 2006 federal income tax refunds. Now they can split their        The IRS assumes no responsibility for taxpayer errors in
refunds among up to three checking or savings accounts, with up to        account or routing information.
three different U.S. financial institutions.                              • If a taxpayer incorrectly enters account or routing informa-
Taxpayers can continue to use the direct deposit line on Form 1040            tion and the financial institution returns the funds to the
to electronically send their refunds to one account, or use the IRS’          agency, the IRS will re-issue that portion of the refund as a
new Form 8888, Direct Deposit of Refund, to split their refunds               paper check.
among two or three different accounts or financial institutions.          •   If a taxpayer incorrectly enters account or routing informa-
This change gives taxpayers more options for managing their                   tion resulting in a deposit to another person’s account, the
refunds — whether for immediate use or future savings — teamed                taxpayer must take corrective action through the respective
with the speed and safety of direct deposit. It’s a win-win.                  financial institution to recover their funds.

You can help your customers understand their new choices, maxi-        3. Encouraging customers to communicate with you about
mize their direct deposit options and ensure their funds arrive as        direct deposits to their individual retirement arrangements.
intended by:                                                              As with all IRA deposits, the account owner is responsible for
1. Informing your customers about your guidelines for accept-             informing their IRA trustee of the year for which the deposit is
    ing direct deposits.                                                  intended and for ensuring their contributions do not exceed
    The IRS will deposit a refund to any of your customers’ check-        their annual contribution limitations. Federal income tax refund
    ing or savings accounts. In the case of refunds on jointly filed      direct deposits will not indicate an IRA contribution year. IRS
    returns, the IRS will deposit the refund into an account of           instructions will stress taxpayers’ responsibilities in communi-
    either or both spouses. For example, the IRS will deposit a           cating with their IRA trustees and advise them that, unless they
    joint refund into an individual retirement account of one             provide advance notification, their trustees can assume the
    spouse. If you place restrictions on the types of accounts or         deposits are for 2007.
    ownership for which you accept direct deposits, please inform
    your customers.

                                                                                                            Speed, safety and choice — with
                                                                                                            direct deposit you can have it all!
                                                                                                            Split your refund among as many
                                                                                                            as three accounts.

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