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									                                        Post & Panel Overview
Vinyl                                   This sign system has been developed to meet all of the
                                        criteria for a quality freestanding post and panel sign; robust,
                                        interchangeable, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly
                                        cost effective. This system is ideally suited to organisations
                                        located on large estates where there is a need to have
                                        numerous reference points to guide visitors around the estate.

                                        Constructed of sturdy aluminium, which means no rusting and
Digital Large                           staining commonly associated with steel sections. The panels are
                                        mounted inside posts hiding all panel fixings from sight giving
Format Printers                         the sign smooth unobtrusive lines. The back face is identical to
                                        the front face so that both sides of the sign can be used. An in-fill
and Cutters                             trim section clips in to complete the shape of the posts.

                                        The sign is generally set into ground in a concrete pad.
                                        Baseplates can be supplied for the 80mm round post for
                                        bolting directly into existing concrete surfaces. The heavy duty
                                        post will accept an internal steel section for extra strength. Base
                                        plates for the heavy duty posts will need to be welded. Caps
                                        are made from aluminium plate and the sign has no plastic
 Post & Panel Systems

Digital Media                           The Signlink 1000 system is suitable for making a variety of
                                        sign types including: -Freestanding Post & Panel Sign
                                                              -Under Awning Sign
                                                              -Cantilevered Sign

                                                  End Cap
                                                                                              Standard Panel
Computer Cut
                                                           Mounting Track
Film & Supplies                                                Male

                                                                                             Box Section Panel

Sign Systems

                                                                                             Econo Panel

                                                            Infill Section
Accessories             80mm Diameter
                        Round Pole

                                                                POST & PANEL SYSTEMS

            Post Types
80mm Diameter Round Pole
This pole is best suited to smaller garden type sign
applications. It has an in fill trim which is designed to clip
in to continue the shape of the pole.
75mm Square Lightweight Pole
This pole is also suited to smaller garden type sign
applications where the square pole look is preferred.
104mm Square Heavy Duty Pole
This pole is suitable for carrying larger panels, higher
off the ground. It shares the same clip in-fill and trim
as the square lightweight pole. As with the lightweight
pole, it has been designed to accept a ‘Duragal’ steel
box section mounted inside which effectively increases
the strength of the pole. Duragal section available

            Panel Types
Standard Panels
These panels are formed from a proprietary multi functional section which
accepts a variety of materials up to 5 mm thick, front and back, to form                     Standard Panel
sign faces which can have a surface area up to 2450mm x 1200mm. This                         Double Sided
panel can also have an option where the sign face is front loaded instead
                                                                                             Foam Core
of top loaded which is ideal for signs that need to be changed on a regular
                                                                                             Sign Face
basis such as Church times or industrial estates where there is often a high
turnover of occupants. This option uses magnetic plates to hold the sign
onto the sign face.

Econo Panels
These panels have been designed, as the name
implies, to deliver excellent economy without
compromising the functional or aesthetic value of
the sign. They are quite simple to put together as    Cover           Dibond Mounting
                                                                                               6mm Dibond
                                                                                               Sign Panel
                                                      trim            Sign   Track
there are only two elements to assemble onto the      top and         Panel
panel. The sign face material is 6mm thick, double
sided Dibond, which is a composite panel with
painted aluminium faces on both sides. Dibond is an
extremely strong, rigid sign material which is made          Side View                Top View

in Germany specifically for the sign industry. Powder
coated white cover trims are mounted over the top and bottom cut edges of the panel.
The Dibond is fixed into a mounting track on both the left and right hand sides, which in
turn mounts inside the sign pole. The finished panel is very sturdy and is available in sizes
up to 3000 x 1500mm. Panels which are wider than 2400mm have a secondary reinforcing
trim top and bottom.

Box Section Panels
These panels are made from aluminium extruded box sections available in a
standard panel height of 100mm. The panel comes in powder coated white
however it can be painted with polyurethane paint in any nominated colour.
This type of panel is extremely cost effective due to the minimal amount                         Sign Face

of labour required in manufacture and assembly. Standard lengths include
1250mm, 1550mm, and 1850mm. Perfectly suited to hospitals, schools,
university , nursing homes and similar community organisations.


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