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									PureTech Systems Inc.
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                                                                               March 8, 2007

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      PureTech Systems Integrates Its Wide-area Video Surveillance Solution
                       with the AXIS 232D+ Network Camera
       Technologies Combined to Create Robust Security System for Critical Facilities

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- PureTech System Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Pure Technologies
Ltd. (TSX-V: PUR) and a leading manufacturer of wide-area video surveillance solutions,
today announced that it has integrated its PureActiv Solution with the AXIS 232D+ Network
Camera made by Axis Communications, the global leader in the network video market. The
integration proves to be a key aspect in the architecture design, which utilizes the best
technology from these two companies to heighten security measures at multiple water
facilities and airports throughout the southwest United States.

“PureTech Systems provides the best wide-area video security technology on the market,
and Axis Communications offers one of the premier network cameras on the market,” said
Larry Bowe, president of PureTech Systems. “This integration allows our customers to
achieve the highest level of performance from both our products while providing the
security and reliability that they demand.”

“Combining the AXIS 232D+ with PureTech’s wide-area video surveillance technology
proved to be an effective security solution and a logical fit for our customers’ needs,” said
Fredrik Nilsson, general manager of Axis Communications. “The camera’s superior image
quality and standard operating platform made it easy to integrate with the PureTech

PureTech, a member of Axis Communications’ Application Development Partner program,
completed its integration with the AXIS 232D+ in late 2006 and has since installed several
systems utilizing the new integration. The combination of the two systems provides for a
fully digital security solution whereby viewing of video and camera control can be
accomplished anywhere on the client’s network, including an access-controlled web
interface. Additionally the two-way communication features of the camera allow the
PureActiv system to provide the user with an unprecedented level of geographical based
camera control, whereby simply clicking on a geographical feature of the client’s facility will
automatically redirect the camera to that exact location. This eliminates the need to
struggle with a joystick, or directional arrow type control, which is often difficult to master
and introduces issues, such as overshoot error.

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“This integration provides a very easy control experience for the user, literally a point and
click interface. The camera’s low lux operation, IR cut filter and fast frame rate options
combined seamlessly with PureActiv’s video analytics to create an extremely responsive and
highly accurate surveillance system which can automatically detect, identify and track
intruders and other threats in both day and night situations,” stated Eric Olson, PureTech
Director of Product Management. “The ability to provide PureActiv’s full suite of intelligent
video analytics on a fully digital camera opens up a whole new category of feature choices
for our customers,” stated Olson.

Both companies expect continued success of the integration as they continue to roll it out to
new customers and adjacent market opportunities.

About PureTech Systems Inc.
PureTech Systems Inc. is a leading manufacturer of wide-area surveillance solutions for
Fortune 1000 firms, utilities, ports, schools, prisons and federal, state and local
governments. With headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, PureTech Systems serves national and
international markets. PureTech’s premier security solution is PureActiv™, an automated
outdoor surveillance system incorporating innovative geographic map presentations,
advanced object detection and tracking, fence intrusion detection, automated camera
steering, scalable video distribution, and automated security policy response. Together, this
technology provides world-class situational awareness and proactive management to
address critical security threats. Using PureActiv’s interactive interface, operators can
program PureActiv to account for certain control parameters, such as speed, size and shape,
and tag specific areas of concern. The PureActiv system identifies when designated security
parameters have been violated, notifies security personnel with an alarm, tracks and
records the intrusion and provides operators with the information they need to orchestrate
an appropriate emergency response. Information about PureTech Systems can be found at

About Axis Communications
Axis is an IT company offering network video solutions for professional installations. The
company is the global market leader in network video, driving the ongoing shift from analog to
digital video surveillance. Axis products and solutions focus on security surveillance and remote
monitoring, and are based on innovative, open technology platforms.

Axis is a Sweden-based company, operating worldwide with offices in 18 countries and
cooperating with partners in more than 70 countries. Founded in 1984, Axis is listed on the
Nordic List, Mid Cap and Information Technology exchanges. For more information about Axis,
please visit our website at www.axis.com.


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