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Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner Workstation by giz14122


									           ENVIRO 800
Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner Workstation
                                           ENVIRO 800
                Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner Workstation
Cleaning a spray gun with water-based fluids can be complicated compared to cleaning with traditional chemical solvent.
The water-based fluids are weaker and less aggressive. To confront this challenge, Becca developed the ENVIRO line of
Waterborne spray gun cleaners: the only spray gun cleaners on the market with PowercleanTM and Powerclean PlusTM!
PowercleanTM and Powerclean PlusTM are Becca’s patent pending technologies that utilize the strength of compressed air
to enhance mechanical cleaning actions by injecting air into passageways and mixing with cleaning fluid for superior
internal gun cleaning. Air is used to accelerate the wash basin’s fluid velocity for complete gun exterior and cup cleaning.

   • Powder coated finish over heavy duty metal construction
   • “Hands-Free” cleaning basin constructed of stainless steel
   • Designed to have fluid spray around and flow through the spray gun
   • Large basin to accommodate two guns and cups
   • Includes clips for holding the trigger
   • Top of the line, industrial strength brush
   • 2-year Limited Warranty - longest warranty in the industry!
   • Becca Care Service - next day delivery of parts - national network
     of service centers
   • Dimensions - 57"H x 26"W x 26"D 270 lbs

Manual Cleaning:
   • Manual Flow Brush
   • Flow Control Valve adjustment depending on needs                                  Envirowash waterborne filtration system
                                                                                       includes a 75 and a 25 mircon filter which
Options and Upgrades:                                                                  recycles the solution by removing the paint
                                                                                       residues (shows optional GP heat).
   • Heat Systems (EXP & GP)
   • Power Pistol (#825201K)
   • Cover Door (#830128)
   • High Flow Quick Disconnect for H2O (#825440)
   • Becca ProtectTM Factory Applied Maintenance Film (#831004AP80)
   • 10 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank (#8301071L)
   • Replacement Filter Kit (#825265K)

                                       Power Clean™ and Power Clean Pistol™ are
                                       ideal for cleaning spray guns with disposable
                                       liner cups. Both air flow and liquid flow are
                                       processed separately through appropriate
                                       channels for thorough cleaning.
                                                                                       Manual and automatic gun cleaning
                                                                                       stations include Power Clean, Power
                                                                                       Clean Plus and multi-port nozzles.

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