Social Studies Chapter 4 Study Guide by vap12861


									                   Social Studies Chapter 4 Quiz Study Guide

Core Lesson 2 Pages 130-135
Core Lesson 3 Pages 136- 139

1. What is a document giving permission to a person or group to do something?

2. A ________________ is a piece of ownership in a company.

3. Which colony is known as “The Lost Colony”? ____________________________

4. A crop that people grow and sell to earn money is a

5. Who was the leader of Roanoke? ___________________________________

6. Jamestown merchants grew ____________ as their main crop.

7. Which Native American group lived in the Jamestown area?

8. John White was the leader of ___________________________.

9. Who sponsored the Jamestown colony? _________________________________

10. What was the land that Jamestown was on like?

11. Which group was more prepared when they came to the New World the
Pilgrims or the Puritans? _______________________

12. Who formed the Massachusetts Bay Colony? __________________________

13. Who landed at Plymouth and began a colony? __________________________

14. What year did the Pilgrims come to the New World? ______________________

15. What year did the Puritans come to the New World? ______________________

** The quiz will be on Senteo and will include multiple choice and true/false.

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