SOCIAL STUDIES Grade 2 Standards

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					Guam Public School System                                             Second Grade Social Studies

                                    SOCIAL STUDIES
                                     Grade 2 Standards

In Grade 2, students focus on a study of their local community by examining the impact of significant
individuals and events in the history of the community as well as on the island of Guam and the nation.
They continue to acquire knowledge of important customs, symbols, and celebrations that represent their
beliefs and principles. Students identify the significance of works of arts and crafts in the local
community. They communicate what they have learned in written, oral, and visual forms.


1. Culture

Performance Indicators

           1.2.1       Define the multiple roles (jobs/responsibilities) of individuals in the
                       families, schools, and in the community.

           1.2.2       Discuss the contributions of different cultural groups to the

           1.2.3       Identify local and national holidays on the calendar.

           1.2.4       Write stories, poems, and compose songs related to different cultures.

           1.2.5       Write and address letters to family members, extended family members
                       and friends.

           1.2.6       Identify and describe the talents and abilities of others.

           1.2.7       Respect and accept other cultures.

           1.2.8       Participate actively in individual, group, multi cultural, and
                       intergenerational activities.

           1.2.9       Identify and explain the significance of selected stories, poems, statues,
                       and other examples of the local cultural heritage.


2. History

Performance Indicators

           2.2.1       Join in singing patriotic songs and reliving history through creative

           2.2.2       Identify and explain important events on a calendar.

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Guam Public School System                                           Second Grade Social Studies

           2.2.3       Discuss with guest speakers events that have occurred in their past and
                       present experiences.

           2.2.4       Create and interpret time lines.

           2.2.5       Explain the significance of various community, island, and national
                       celebrations (e.g., Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, and Independence

           2.2.6       Identify and explain the significance of various community, island, and
                       national landmarks (e.g., Chief Gadao’s statue, Two Lovers Point, and
                       national capital buildings).

           2.2.7       Describe the order of events by using designations of time periods such
                       as ancient times and modern times.

           2.2.8       Use vocabulary related to chronology, including past, present, and

           2.2.9       Describe and measure calendar times by days, weeks, months, and

           2.2.10      Name several sources of information about a given period or event.

           2.2.11      Compare various interpretations of the same time period using
                       evidence such as photographs and interviews.

           2.2.12      Identify contributions of historical figures who have influenced the
                       community, the island, and the nation.

           2.2.13      Identify historic figures who have exhibited a love of individualism
                       and inventiveness (e.g., Amelia Earhart, Robert Fulton).


3. Geography

Performance Indicators

           3.2.1       Read and interpret a map of Guam; identify traffic signs and road signs.

           3.2.2       Locate Guam, the United States, selected countries, oceans, and
                       continents on maps and globes.

           3.2.3       Compare information from different sources about places and regions.

           3.2.4       Use symbols, find locations, and determine directions on maps and

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Guam Public School System                                           Second Grade Social Studies

           3.2.5       Draw maps to show places and routes and to write simple directions to
                       and from certain destinations.

           3.2.6       Describe how weather patterns, natural resources, seasonal patterns,
                       and natural hazards affect activities and settlement patterns.

           3.2.7       Explain how and identify ways people depend on the physical
                       environment and its natural resources to satisfy their basic needs.

           3.2.8       Identify ways in which people have modified the physical environment
                       (e.g., building roads, clearing land for urban development, creating Fena
                       Valley Reservoir).

           3.2.10      Identify consequences of human modification of the physical
                       environment (e.g., use of irrigation to improve crop yields, golf courses
                       affect Guam’s water supply).

           3.2.11      Identify ways people can conserve and replenish natural resources.

           3.2.12      Illustrate and explain the geographical features of Guam.

           3.2.13      Construct a model of an area being studied.

           3.2.14      Construct and interpret graphs.

           3.2.15      Discuss and list ways to help improve the school and community


4. Government

Performance Indicators

           4.2.1       Discuss the rules and laws that are a necessary part of community life.

           4.2.2       Follow safety rules during work and play, going to and from school, and
                       at home with or without supervision.

           4.2.3       Recognize why there is a need for authority in the home, school, and the

           4.2.4       Accept group decisions.

           4.2.5       Respect the opinions and rights of self and others.

           4.2.6       Make personal choices from different options.

           4.2.7       Choose and vote for group/class leaders and decide their

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Guam Public School System                                              Second Grade Social Studies

           4.2.8       Identify basic functions of governments.

           4.2.9       Identify and explain the value of some governmental services in the
                       community (e.g., libraries, schools, parks).

           4.2.10      Describe how governments establish order, provide security, and
                       manage conflicts.

           4.2.11      Compare the roles of public officials (e.g., mayor, governor, president).

           4.2.12      Identify ways that public officials are selected (e.g., elections,
                       appointments to office).

           4.2.13      Identify characteristics of good citizenship (e.g., justice, truth, equality).


5. Economics

Performance Indicators

           5.2.1       Recognize that people have basic needs.

           5.2.2       Tell how various occupations contribute to the well being of the

           5.2.3       Discuss what, where, and how services are available in the island

           5.2.4       Differentiate among economic terms (e.g., buy, sell, trade, barter,
                       getting things free, goods, services).

           5.2.5       Identify economic problems and suggest solutions (e.g., no paper, no
                       lunch ticket).

           5.2.6       Explain the importance of money and its proper use and effects in
                       everyday life.

           5.2.7       Name different businesses or agencies that contribute to Guam’s

           5.2.8       Explain how work provides income to purchase goods and services.

           5.2.9       Explain the choices people can make in the United States free
                       enterprise system (e.g., earning, spending, and saving money;
                       where to live and work).

           5.2.10      Distinguish between producing and consuming.

           5.2.11      Identify ways in which people are both producers and consumers.

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Guam Public School System                                         Second Grade Social Studies

           5.2.12      Trace the development of a product from a natural resource to a
                       finished product (e.g., furniture making, dairy processing).


6. Technology

Performance Indicators

           6.2.1       List technological toys/games students would like to have.

           6.2.2       Describe how science and technology have changed communication,
                       transportation, and recreation.

           6.2.3       Explain how science and technology have changed the ways in which
                       people meet basic needs.

           6.2.4       Follow rules and direction regarding the use of computers.

           6.2.5       Locate, collect, organize, and evaluate information from media sources.

           6.2.6       Transfer information/knowledge learned regarding use of tools and
                        equipment used in business centers (e.g., cash registers, automated

           6.2.7       Classify and describe modes of transportation used on Guam.

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