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					Guam Public School System                                                 Fourth Grade Social Studies

                                      SOCIAL STUDIES
                                       Grade 4 Standards

                                         GUAM HISTORY
In Grade 4, students understand the contributions of people of various racial, ethnic, and religious groups
on Guam.


1. Culture

Performance Indicators

            1.4.1       Identify and compare multi cultural groups in Guam.

            1.4.2       Contribute to, and actively participate in, multi cultural and
                        intergenerational activities in school and community.

            1.4.3       Practice respect for self, property, and others at home, in school, and in
                        the community.

            1.4.4       List ways in which one culture can influence other cultures and bring
                        about change.

            1.4.5       Compare different stories, legends, and myths and identify how they
                        contribute to our understanding of the past.


2. History

Performance Indicators

            2.4.1       Prepare an oral report on the ways we can reconstruct the past using
                        maps, textbooks, photos, journals, and other resources.

            2.4.2       Discuss major events in the development of Guam in chronological
                        order utilizing a time line.

            2.4.3       Identify Micronesian groups before European exploration and describe
                        the regions in which they lived.

            2.4.4       Compare the ways of life in various Micronesian island groups before
                        European exploration.

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Guam Public School System                                            Fourth Grade Social Studies

            2.4.5      Summarize reasons for European exploration and settlement of the
                       Spanish on Guam.

            2.4.6      Identify the accomplishments of significant explorers (e.g., Christopher
                       Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan).

            2.4.7      Explain when, where, and why the Spanish established Catholic
                       missions on Guam and elsewhere throughout the world.

            2.4.8      Identify how the Spanish-American War impacted events on Guam.

            2.4.9      Analyze the causes, major events, and effects of the Spanish-
                       American War.

            2.4.10     Describe the benefits and problems of Spanish colonization on Guam.

            2.4.11     Identify Spanish and Chamorro leaders important to the colonization of

            2.4.12     Describe the effects of political, economic, and social changes on
                       Chamorros after Spanish colonization.

            2.4.13     Identify how Japanese occupation impacted events on Guam.

            2.4.14     Identify how American occupation impacted events on Guam.

            2.4.15     Discuss and place major events in the development of Guam in
                       chronological order.


3. Geography

Performance Indicators

            3.4.1      Use a globe to demonstrate rotation, revolution, and axis of the earth and
                       generalize how these cause day and night and seasons.

            3.4.2      Describe the cause and effect of earthquakes, volcanoes, glaciers, and
                       erosion on the earth.

            3.4.3      Define the meaning of terms commonly used to locate and describe
                       natural regions (e.g., mountain range, plateau, valley, peninsula, plain,
                       ocean, natural made and people made boundaries).

            3.4.4      Gather, organize, and discuss geographical information to make maps,
                       graphs, and tables.

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Guam Public School System                                              Fourth Grade Social Studies

            3.4.5      Describe the climate of Guam and compare it with the climate of other
                       Pacific islands.

            3.4.6      Describe the physical, economic, and cultural geography of Guam and
                       their causes, advantages, and disadvantages.

            3.4.7      Locate and describe the major places and villages of Guam.

            3.4.8      Identify clusters of settlement on Guam and explain their distribution.

            3.4.9      Analyze the consequences of human modification of the environment on


4. Government

Performance Indicators

            4.4.1      Sing or recite the Guam Hymn in Chamorro and English and explain its

            4.4.2      Describe the origins and significance of local celebrations (e.g.,
                       Independence Day, Liberation Day, Veteran’s Day).

            4.4.3      Explain how individuals can participate in civic affairs and political parties
                       on Guam.

            4.4.4      Explain the role of the individual in Guam’s elections.

            4.4.5      Identify the importance of historical figures that modeled active
                       participation in the democratic process.

            4.4.6      Explain how to contact elected and appointed Guam leaders.

            4.4.7      Identify leadership qualities of Guam’s leaders, past and present.

            4.4.8      Explain and discuss the concept and purpose of government at home,
                       in school, and in the community.

            4.4.9      Explain the functions of government officials and community services.

            4.4.10     Identify the rights and responsibilities of each individual child in relation to
                       his/her family, school, and community.

            4.4.11     Take part in class and school elections and activities.

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Guam Public School System                                           Fourth Grade Social Studies

            4.4.12     Explain how ancient Chamorros governed themselves.

            4.4.13     Identify characteristics of Spanish, American, and Japanese colonial
                       governments and their influences on the inhabitants of Guam.

            4.4.14     Identify the purposes and explain the importance of the Organic Act.

            4.4.15     Identify and explain the basic functions of the three branches of the
                       government of Guam.

            4.4.16     Explain selected patriotic symbols and landmarks on Guam.

            4.4.17     Explain how a bill becomes a law.


5. Economics

Performance Indicators

            5.4.1      Distinguish between needs and wants.

            5.4.2      Explain and discuss how people on Guam make a living to meet their
                       needs and wants.

            5.4.3      Identify and discuss individual career choices and options.

            5.4.4      Explain and discuss economic concepts and terms (e.g., market place,
                       pricing, budget, choices).

            5.4.5      Identify and discuss people in various occupations on Guam and in the
                       United States.

            5.4.6      Actively participate in career awareness activities and environmental
                       improvement projects.

            5.4.7      Identify examples of private and public goods and services.

            5.4.8.     Explain and demonstrate the use of money in everyday life.

            5.4.9      Explain the economic patterns of various early people on Guam.

            5.4.10     Explain the economic patterns of early immigrants to Guam.

            5.4.11     Identify the economic motivation for exploration and settlement on

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Guam Public School System                                           Fourth Grade Social Studies

            5.4.12     Identify the economic motivations for colonization of Guam.

            5.4.13     Describe the development of the free enterprise system on Guam.

            5.4.14     Describe how the free enterprise system works on Guam.

            5.4.15     Give examples of the benefits of the free enterprise system on Guam.

            5.4.16     Explain how people on Guam earn their living, past and present.

            5.4.17     Explain how geographic factors have influenced economic activities on

            5.4.18     Analyze the effects of immigration, migration, and limited resources on
                       the economic development and growth of Guam.

            5.4.19     Describe the impact of mass production, specialization, and division of
                       labor on the economic growth of Guam.

            5.4.20     Explain how developments in transportation and communication have
                       influenced the economic activities on Guam.

            5.4.21     Explain the impact of American ideas about progress and equality of
                       opportunity has had on the economic development and growth of Guam.

            5.4.22     Identify ways in which technological changes have resulted in increased
                       interdependence among Guam, the United States, and the world.

            5.4.23     Identify agricultural and/or technological products of Guam that are
                       purchased to meet needs in the United States and around the world
                       (e.g., tourist souvenirs).

            5.4.24     Explain how the people of Guam meet most of their needs through the
                       purchase of products from the United States and the rest of the world.

            5.4.25     Describe some of the major movements of goods, people, jobs, and
                       information within and outside of Guam.


5. Technology

Performance Indicators

            6.4.1      Describe how scientific discoveries and technological innovations have
                       been beneficial to the people and businesses on Guam.

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Guam Public School System                                           Fourth Grade Social Studies

            6.4.2      Predict how future scientific discoveries and technological innovations
                       might affect life on Guam.

            6.4.3      Identify ways in which technology has affected the island's environment
                       and its way of life over the years.

            6.4.4      Use the computer to gather, organize, and present reports to the class.

            6.4.5      Use modern technology tools to enhance learning (e.g., word processing
                       spreadsheets, database, presentation software, desktop publishing, the
                       Internet, teleconferencing).

            6.4.6      Discuss and apply policies and laws governing scientific and
                       technological applications (e.g., Endangered Species Act, environmental
                       protection policies.

            6.4.7      List ways individuals monitor and protect Guam's physical environment
                       (e.g.. brown tree snake, Guam Rail).

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