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					                        Tucson Legion of Anonymous

                                                                         For Release 12 p.m. MST
                                                                               February 21, 2008

             Campaign to Investigate Tax-Exempt Status
Anonymous Announces Campaign to Investigate Tax-Exempt Status of Church of Scientology.

LOCATION UNSPECIFIED - Anonymous today announced a campaign to launch government
  inquiries into the Church of Scientology's status as a tax exempt organization. Beginning on
  February 26th and continuing on Tuesdays thereafter, Anonymous plans to coordinate phone
calls and letter writing activities directed at their Federal legislators. Similar efforts are planned
around the world. The internet-based group made reference to an unconstitutional agreement for
                  tax exemption between the IRS and the Church of Scientology.

 "Since 1993, the Church of Scientology has enjoyed favored religious status in violation of the
First Amendment. Anonymous aims to draw attention to this violation of our Bill of Rights, and
to initiate congressional hearings in to their validity," said David Mudkip, an American member
  of Anonymous. "The Church of Scientology's agreement with the IRS grants the organization
  tax-exempt religious education, a provision that no other religion in the United States enjoys,
 including widespread faiths such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam. This makes the Church of
       Scientology a favored religion, a severe violation of the United States Constitution."

  On October 1, 1993, the Church of Scientology obtained tax exemption from the United States
Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This ended 26 years of what the Church itself has described as a
 "war" against the IRS, in which it used extraordinary and in many cases illegal tactics - bugging
government offices, stealing mountains of classified files, having private detectives pursue senior
government officials, launching thousands of lawsuits, publishing full-page attack adverts in US
                                 daily newspapers, and so on.(1)

  An essential element of the Church of Scientology campaign for tax exemption was the huge
 number of lawsuits which its members launched under its orders against the IRS. According to
the Church of Scientology's leader, David Miscavige, at the time of the tax exemption agreement
in 1993 there were over 2,500 lawsuits in progress. Though this example is an American one, the
   Church of Scientology enjoys tax exempt status in other countries outside the United States,
                          including the United Kingdom and Australia.

   "On February 10th, Anonymous held a global wave of 108 demonstrations, with over 9000
   concerned individuals participating," said Mudkip. "Having generated global interest in the
Church of Scientology's unethical practices, we encourage the public to contact their government
               representatives with their concerns regarding this organization."

   Sources: 1. Owen, Chris. "Scientology vs. the IRS" Carnegie Mellon School of Computer
                    Science 7 February 1998; accessed 18 February 2008

    The campaign's website, still under construction, is located at http://www.coslobby.com

     For local inquires in Tucson, please contact Ronald Krizp – ronaldkrizp@gmail.com.

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