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					                   T H E M O N T H LY M A G A Z I N E
                   OF THE PHOTOGRAPHERS

                            The monthly paper Foto Mozaik (Mosaic of
                            Photo) is the oldest and popular magazine of
                            Hungary that appears nowadays also. Between
                            our readers we had in the first place the
                            professional photographers and excited fans
                            but do not lack the artists, students and the
                            retailers either.

                           Our fundamental aim is the information
                           service and in this way according to our
                           possibilities we informed to our readers about
                           the contests, exhibitions, the present news, of
                           the prices of the services and of products but
also is the multitude of the small announcements. Aside from all this our newspaper it provides
information of the recent photographic new features, considering the didactic necessity. The
technical tests done of our experts assure a safe base for the presentation the new theories and for
the practical advice.

The Foto Mozaik magzine is unique the monthly one of its sort in Hungary that as of 1998
uninterruptedly appears every month with regularity, fact that demonstrates that the readers need to
him and appreciate that they can be informed by a very competitive price.

                       MONTHLY MAGAZINE FOTO MOZAIK
It leaves: monthly, 12 times to the year Diffusion: national, through salesmen of
Format:B/5                               newspapers, special establishments,
Pages: 68-108                            instalments.

If outside necessary our editorial staff this always to its disposition by far pleasure.

                                           Cordial greetings:

                                                                      The editorial staff of Foto Mozaik
                            Available only in English at this moment

                                    PRICE LIST (re'sume')

                                   magazine, Hungary
                                     Valid from January 1., 2009

                                    Prices in EUR (without TAX)
                  Position                             Size                    B&W         Color

1/16 inside page(1)                            35x54 mm                         120         145

1/8 inside page(1)                             72x54 mm                         185         245

1/4 inside page(1)                             72x109 mm                        265         370
                                               146x72 or
1/3 inside page(1)                             47x220 mm
                                                                                390         510
                                               146x109 or
1/2 inside page(1)                             72x220 mm                        530         655
                                               166x240 mm (full) or
1/1 inside page(1)                             146x220 mm (w/margins)           840         999
                                               166x240 mm (full) or
Cover II(1) – Inside, front                    146x220 mm (w/margins)
                                                                                           1 050
                                               166x240 mm (full) or
Cover III(1) – Inside, rear                    146x220 mm (w/margins)                      1 050
                                               166x240 mm (full) or
Cover IV(1) – Outside, rear                    146x220 mm (w/margins)                      1 150
                                               from 3rd adv.(successive)             10%
Discount                                       from 6th adv.(successive)             15%
(except „Börze” head)
                                               Agency commission                     20%
                                  Agency commission: 20%
    B&W material: TIF format, 300 dpi, grayscale • Color material: TIF format, 300 dpi, CMYK
                                       (Bleed +3-3 mm ! )
                                  Price list valid until repeal!

         Deadline every month's 15th. Coming out every month 5th.
                        Hungary, 1088 Budapest, József krt. 19. B. lph. II/4.
                          Tel.: +36 (1) 4-111-111 • Fax: +36 (1) 2-670-670
           • e-mail:

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