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					   P    O    R     T     O   R   C   H    A   R    D                       MISSION
                                                                To give our families, friends and neighbors
  CHURCH OF                                                         compelling opportunities to accept
                                                                             the grace of God.

  CHRIST                                                                  LOCATION
                                                                             2585 Carr Ln S.E.
                                                                         Port Orchard, Washington
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Vol. XXVll                                             April 15, 2008                                        No. 14

                         Byrd’s Eye View…
   Tom & Kathy
  ak101atik@msn.com      WE PAY TAXES
 Melvin & Barbara        We don’t like it but we do it anyway. We fuss and complain and often think they
   mbyrd@pococ.org       are unfair. But we pay them. Some of us get it done as soon as possible, as soon as
                         our w-2 is issued. Some of us wait until the very last moment. But soon or late,
 *Les & Len Lewis        complaining or silent we pay our taxes. We have no choice. And when we finally
                         get it done a burden is lifted, a weight removed and we give it no more thought for
    Dale & Lori          another eight or nine months... and tax time rolls around again.
   @wavecable.com        And as much as we hate it, as much as we complain about it, as much as we think
   Ray & Connie
                         “there’s just got to be a better way”… we still do it every year. And it has been that
      Switzer            way since, ooooh, way back in Biblical times.

       *Chairman         So here is a Bible question for you, “ Is it right to pay taxes?” (Matthew 22:17)

                         Jesus’ answer, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.” (Matthew 22:17)
                         Paul also answers the “tax” question, “If you owe taxes, pay taxes.” ) Romans 13:7
    Melvin Byrd          So, yes, it is right to pay taxes.
                         And did you notice that when Jesus answered the tax question, he added a second
    YOUTH &                                                                               God’s.”
                         part to it, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s
     Tim Blair           All that we have comes from God and belongs to God. So we give our tithes and
    tblair@pococ.org     offerings and as wise stewards we use the rest to honor God.

                         The new simplified tax form is something like this, “How much did you make last
    Janet Pearce         year? Send it in.”
                         God’s gracious tax form might be something more like this, “How much did I give
                         you last year? Bring your tithes and offerings. And be good stewards of all the

        phone 360-876-2604            fax 360-895-8391            email church@pococ.org     www.pococ.org
Page 2                                                                                                    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

For Your Prayers…               A Report…
Rhico Allen is home!
Erika Wheeler’s granddad
                                                         A Service of Baptisms
  passed away last week.        It began three Sundays ago. Our intention was to present three sermons on baptism.
Virginia and Lynn Chapman       And with each sermon to encourage those who were ready to be baptized immediately,
  are in Oregon so Virginia     or if they preferred to complete the series, and on the afternoon of that third sermon,
  can see a knee specialist     we would hold A Service of Baptisms.
Zachary Bishop has strep        We were very deliberate in how we approached this series of lessons. The three ser-
  (again!) Scheduled to see     mons were BAPTISM A D JESUS, BAPTISM I THE BOOKS OF ACTS, and BAP-
  a specialist next month.      TISM A D THE APOSTLE PAUL.
Dan Gross’ stepson, has a       Sermon 1 — We walked into the New Testament with Jesus, his baptism and his
  tumor growing at the          teaching on baptism.
  base of his spine. Will       Sermon 2 — Following the Gospels we studied through Acts, observing how baptism
  come to Seattle for           was taught and done there.
  surgery.                      Sermon 3 — Then we came to the letters of the Apostle Paul and Peter to observe
Nora Hoover in terrible         what they did and said about the matter.
  back pain.                    Since late in March we’ve had four baptisms…
Bill Hoover                         Sarah Blair was baptized in the cold Pacific Ocean on Monday, March 31st.
Dorothy Janes to have               Kristi Hall was baptized Sunday morning, April 13th.
  knee surgery April 21st           Jason Hall was baptized Sunday morning, April 13th.
Veva to have eye surgery            Juan Herrera was baptized Sunday afternoon, April 13th.
  April 23rd.                   And I don’t think God is finished yet. Two or three others are presently engaged in
Kenny & Sarah Benjamin          study, discussions and inner struggle coming to a decision. Please pray for decisions
  are due right away.           for the Lord and His righteousness.
      For email Prayer          So the report, A Service of Baptisms was a very good thing, and effective for the sal-
         information            vation of souls.                                                                   —mb

                  “The Red Circle”
                        By Chad Mc att                           But, God has proven that if we lay it all on the altar, he
 Here’s an assignment. Take a moment and write down              will be with us. If we seek to discover, he will be found.
 the names of all of the people who share the exact same         God is looking for soft hearts that are open to re-
 context in life as you, not just one area of your life’s con-   imagining how we serve him in our community. He’s
 text but all of them. Be sure to consider your job, your        looking for missionaries who are loving, intentional, and
 family, your age, your church, your neighborhood, your          forgiving, having the same attitude as that of Jesus.
 upbringing, your gifts, your personality, your friends,
                                                                 Have you seen the State Farm commercials recently?
 etc. (moment passes) Can’t think of any names? Me nei-
                                                                 The commercials often begin with a headshot of a cus-
 ther. So, if God is going to use someone in your specific
                                                                 tomer sharing a difficult time that they’re going through.
 context to further the mission, it’s got to be you. When a
                                                                 As the camera zooms out, you see the person standing on
 whole group of unique people who believe in Jesus come
                                                                 a red circle. The red circle represents State Farm’s pres-
 together and become a church, we all bring our contexts
                                                                 ence in that person’s life. Wherever they go, State Farm
 to the table. While we each have our own individual pur-
                                                                 is there. For believers, our red circle is the Holy Spirit.
 poses, we also have a collective mission to our commu-
                                                                 Wherever we go, he is there. Let’s get honest with our-
 nity. When we move forward on that mission, whatever
                                                                 selves and with each other. It’s time for each of us to step
 it may be, God does amazing things.
                                                                 up to the plate, hand it all to the Lord, and renew our
 What will it take for each individual to join the mission?      openness to his will and our commitment to his mission.
 What will it take for our whole church to fully engage in       We may face giants, but God is with us.
 the mission?
                                                                 “And if we win, we praise him. And if we lose, we praise
 It starts with our hearts. When God wants to do some-           him. Either way, we honor him with our actions and our
 thing in a community, he starts with the hearts of his fol-     attitudes. So, I’m asking you, what are you living for?
 lowers. Sometimes, God shakes things up to re-orient us         I’ve resolved to give God everything I’ve got. Then I’ll
 to his mission. I don’t know exactly where God is lead-         leave the results up to him. I want to know if you’ll join
 ing me. I don’t know where God is leading this church.          me.” (Head Football Coach, from Facing the Giants)
Tuesday, April 15, 2008                                                                                             Page 3

   SPECIAL TEE DEVOTIO AL THIS                              TUESDAY EVE I G LA-             MISSIO TO ZAMBIA—
              SU DAY                                        DIES BIBLE STUDY meets          Becky and Karen Miller are
  Prayer Sweat/ Wienie Roast — On Sunday eve-               the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of     collecting funds for their mis-
  ning all teens are invited to the Blair’s for a special   the month... 6:00 fellowship,   sion to Zambia. They, along
  time of worship and prayer. Everyone is invited to        6:30 prayer, 6:45 study.        with Amy DeFord, will be
  arrive around 5:00 p.m. and stay till 8:00 p.m. We        Study schedule is:              working with Roy Merritt for
  will attempt to run three rounds of prayer sweats           April 22nd—Gal 2:11-21        several weeks. Please re-
  from 5:30 until 6:30 or 7:00 p.m.                           May 13th — Gal 3:1-14         member these ladies and this
  During each prayer sweat round all teens will join in       May 27th — Gal 3:15-29        work in your prayers. If you
  a time of singing and devotional around the camp-         The class meets in the base-    are able to help with the nec-
  fire. Following the prayer sweat time we will roast       ment of our church building.    essary finances, put your do-
  hotdogs on the campfire.                                                                  nation in our collection tray
  The Central Kitsap youth group is being invited to        THE LADIES BOOK                 and make a note of where
  join us. Come prepared for an evening of joy and          CLUB meets Monday, April        you wish that donation to go.
  prayer. Remember to bring your own towel and              21st at Heritage House. The     Les will see that it is cor-
  dress modestly for the prayer sweat. Teens will be        book for discussion this        rectly directed. Whatever
  asked Sunday to bring something for the hotdog            month is THE SHACK by           financial help you can give
  roast.                                                    William P Young. Questions      will be deeply appreciated.
                                                            call Melissa Bell.
  TRI-CITIES YOUTH RALLY —                       Regis-
  trations and Medical Release forms are now avail-         TIPS ON DAILY BIBLE READING — Before New Year's I had
  able in Tim’s office for the Tri-Cities Youth Rally       the boys (Isaiah and Brandon) and we were discussing
  scheduled for May 9th – 11th. This year’s rally will      goals and things we needed to change or do different in our
                                                            lives and I can admit that I have previously resolved to read
  be held at a camp. Space is limited so we must get
                                                            the Bible daily and haven't kept that. Its different when you
  our registrations in early. The cost, if registrations    commit with your grandkids.
  are received by April 31st, will be $35.00. Let Tim
  know if you need help with the registration.              This year I haven't missed a day, you know the saying loca-
                                                            tion, location, location, that has made a difference for me.

  HELP LI E FOOD BA K                   — In May the        I have a Bible above my pillow, so I always read before I go
  Help Line Food Bank will be participating in it’s         to sleep. I have a Bible next to my "regular" spot in the liv-
                                                            ing room and I have a study Bible at my desk at the office,
  annual Postal food drive. Residents of South Kitsap
                                                            usually used for something stuck in my head from the night
  will be mailed fliers advertising the county’s need       before or handy for what comes your way that day.
  for more food. The Postal Service workers will then
  pick up all donated food items on Saturday May            I don't have a "reading schedule", have tried that before
  10th. Our help is requested the following week to         and the required reading was not for me. I like to wallow in
                                                            the word, ask questions, discuss it with Darrell, flip around
  assist Michelle at Help Line organize the donated
                                                            to other verses. Really try to absorb and walk through it. I
  cans and boxes into like kind areas. Our help is re-      am a hands on person for learning, it was amazing to me
  quested on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday                what a difference it made to read the Bible after visiting
  mornings, May 13th , 14th or 15th from 10:30 a.m.         Rome, that's when I knew I needed to slow down
  until 3:00 p.m. each day. The sorting process is          and approach it differently. I try to visualize, our Celebrate
  what takes Michelle the longest. It would be won-         Jesus scenes really help with that too.
  derful it we could send a group down each day to
                                                            Just my two cents!
  help. Let Tim know if you are able to help.
                                                   —Tim      Laura Fry

                     HAVE YOU EXPERIE CED IT?
                     Come experience closing night at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures. This year on Friday,
                     May 2, Jerry Taylor will bring the message “Two Houses in a Storm,” sure to bring
                     the throng of Christians a challenge. Then we’ll rise, join hands, sing the final song,
                     and be led in the final prayer. Before good-byes, we’ll have one more opportunity for
                     late evening fellowship and events. Don’t miss it! Call 310.506.4270 or visit
  SCHEDULE OF                                DEACONS                                     LEADING & SERVING SUNDAY
   MEETINGS                                                                                    APRIL 20, 2008
                                              Rick Bell                                           1ST WORSHIP          2   D
First Worship   8:15 a.m.                     Tim Blair
Bible Classes   9:55 a.m.                   Gary Chasteen                       COMMUNION          *Jarrod Coley        *Gene Gerard
Second Worship 11:00 a.m.
    (with Children’s Bible Hour)            *Gene Gerard                        SERVERS           *Terry Bratcher      *Mike Oswald
                                            Darren Hanson                                           *Tim Duffy         *Shawn O’Dell
  SU DAY EVE I G                            Trent Herbert
*Small Groups Various times                   Troy Hill                         USHERS             Dale Sanders         Rob Smith
                                              JC Lawler                                           Matthew Miller       Ken Woodrow
*Call the church office for                 Chad McNatt                                             Troy Hill          Brandon Karn
                                             David Nance                        GREETERS           Andrea Bishop           David Nance
                                              Brad Orser                                            Dale Sanders           Renee Nance
                                            Brett Wheeler
                                           *Deacon of the month                 NURSERY                N/A           Cindiann Bradburn
                                                                                COMMUNION      FELLOWSHIP TEAM             BIBLE HOUR
SU DAY             Apr. 13th                SUNDAY                              PREPARATION    #1 Lawler (D)            D & L Latham
  Bible Classes     127                    REMINDERS
                                                                                Gary & Tammy #2 Lowe (C)                     and
  1st Worship        84                                                                      #3 Mary Carter (CU)
                                   *Please meet in the library ten              White                                    Melissa Bell
  2nd Worship       136
  Combined Total 220               minutes early for each service.
                                   The Praise Team will meet at                 PRAISE S Alexis O’Dell              SOUND Walt Bedford/
OFFERING        $4,734.62                                                       TEAM A   Rachel & Sarah Blair              Dale Sanders
GIVING GOAL $6,038.94                  7:30AM to rehearse.
                                                                                       T David Nance                LIGHTS Morgen Livers/
                                                                                       B David & Josh Bedford         &    Micah Blair
                                   If unable to serve, contact Chad McNatt at
May God use us and bless us.            876-2604 or mcnatt@pococ.org.                                               SLIDES

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