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                        Create OASIS boot disk
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This is a four step process. You will need 6 blank floppy disks.

       The first step is to update OASIS to create the latest diagnostic disks.
       The second step is to create the diagnostic disks.
       The third step is the find out what type of bootdisk you need to create.
       The fourth step is to create the bootdisk.

Update OASIS
  1. Go to:
  2. Click on Client 32 Bootdisk Utility
  3. Insert a formatted floppy disk into your workstation
  4. Click ‘HERE’

   5. Click Save.

   6. Navigate to 3 ½ Floppy

                                              Click Save.

   7. When the download is complete take the floppy disk to an OASIS workstation
      logged in as Admin.

   8. Insert the floppy disk and press O2 Update OASIS.
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   9. Select Floppy a:/ and press Enter. The update process should commence.
      Follow the onscreen prompts until process completes.

   Create OASIS Bootdisk:

        1. Go to M5 Create Bootdisk.

        2. You will be prompted to select the number of the bootdisk you wish to
           create. The update process should have added a number of new options to
           this list. NOTE: As you scroll down the list of bootdisk, the
           corresponding computer model description is displayed underneath.

        3. Follow the prompts to create your bootdisk.

        4. Label the bootdisk with the correct number.

Test your new bootdisk.

Good Luck!!
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