Video Conferencing Learning Community

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					Video Conferencing Learning Community

     Teaching with Videoconferencing

                               01 December 2005
                               Karen Lynch
                                 - VC Curriculum

Haydock City Learning Centre
                               Lesley Moon
Garswood Primary School
St. Helens LEA
                                 - Primary Teacher
Video Conferencing Learning Community

  The Vision                      For every School in
                                   St. Helens LEA to have
                                   access to high quality
                                   Video conferencing, that
                                   can be accessed at
                                   anytime within the
                                   Borough, NWLG and
Haydock City Learning Centre
Garswood Primary School
St. Helens LEA
Video Conferencing Learning Community

Story in August 2002           November 2004 to date

                                Deployment of VC into all
   16 Videoconferencing end     Schools
    points purchased            75 End points,
                                   11 Secondary Schools
     11 Secondary schools         56 Primary
     2 City Learning              4 Special & PRU
      Centres – Haydock and
      Rainhill                     2 CLCs
     3 Loan units for             1 Rivington Centre
      primary schools              1 Floating
                                MCU, Gateway,
                                 Gatekeeper and IPVCR
Video Conferencing Learning Community

Recent events                     Schools Video
                                   Conferencing Champion
                                  Staff Training
                                  Curriculum Development
                                  Web Site – online
                                   bookings etc.
Haydock City Learning Centre      Monitoring and Evaluation
Garswood Primary School
St. Helens LEA
Video Conferencing Learning Community
    Lesson planning

   Facilitators role
   Accessible on the
   Schemes of work
    related to QCA
    combined units
   Remarks
   Easy to follow
Video Conferencing Learning Community

                  Usages ?
                Look and learn
                Global Leap
                National Space
                Art Galleries
                MFL Links
Video Conferencing Learning Community

                                  Networking schools
     Usages ?                     Lesson
                                  Cross phase teaching
                                   and learning
                                  Research and
                                  Compete and
Haydock City Learning Centre
Garswood Primary School            motivate
St. Helens LEA                    Getting to know you
Video Conferencing Learning Community

Continued Professional

                         Peer observation
                         Model lessons
                         Mentoring
                         Teacher training
                         PPA time
Video Conferencing Planning Grid

                 Focusing                       Developing                          Establishing           Enhancing
   Possible     Test            Compete and motivate e.g. Quizzes and           Research and           Combined QCA
 Conferences    Conferences      competitions                                     Interview Children      units are
                Virtual         Model lessons e.g. Numeracy and Literacy        research a topic and    currently being
                Prospectus       masterclasses to share best practice             then prepare a video    written by
                                 Citizenship/ Speaking & Listening /PSHE         conference interview    members of the
                                 lessons e.g. School Councils joining for         session or a number     Curriculum
                                 debates, joint circle times                      of sessions with an     Development
                                 Joint inset e.g. sharing staff training         expert or an actor      Team that link
                                 therefore sharing costs                          e.g. Henry VIII         together a
                                 Hotseats e.g. MP or Author answering            Collaboration for      number of QCA
                                 questions from a group of children               learning Schools        units into a series
                                 Cross phase teaching and learning e.g.          research a subject      of 10 to 15
                                 Secondary schools giving MFL lessons to          and feedback on a       lessons. All
                                 feeder Primaries                                 regular basis to each   lessons are
                                 Awareness raising e.g. Governors, parents,      other to evaluate       planned in detail.
                                 trainees participating in lessons                learning and to make    These are
                                 Experts and visits e.g. Poet or expert visits   presentations about     interspersed with
                                 one school and others share in costs.            what they have          about 5 or 6
                                 Booster lessons/ After school activities e.g.   learned. This can       videoconferences
                                 joint clubs                                      take place over a       to draw the
                                 Gifted and Talented e.g. children challenged    number of               participating
                                 by engaging with G&T pupils in another school    conferences.            schools together.
                                 Conferences over ISDN to Museums and
                                 galleries etc.

 Participants   Schools using   Schools beginning to use VC as a medium for     Schools becoming       School confident
                VC for first     delivering the curriculum                        confident with VC       with VC.
                time                                                              equipment
 Facilitators   AST’s, VC Champions, Consultants, Advisers, teachers, museums and galleries, actors.
Video Conferencing Key Performance Indicators
                Focusing          Developing             Establishing                      Enhancing
               Able to turn    Experience of         Experience of          Experience of taking part in at
               on a unit and    taking part in at      taking part in at       least ten conferences.
               move camera      least five             least ten               Experience of facilitating at least
               around the       conferences            conferences.            five conferences.
               room.            Able to operate a     Experience of          A strong grasp of the technical
               Able to focus   videoconferencing      facilitating at least   elements of videoconferencing e.g.
               camera on an     unit to a basic        two conferences.        How the unit works, using ISDN,
               object.          level e.g. Presents,   Ability to fully       MCU, Gateway and Gatekeeper.
               Able to make    camera movement,       operate a               Experience of sharing data in a
               a call from      making a call.         videoconferencing       variety of ways.
               the directory                           unit to make a point    Ability to train others in the use of
                                                       to point and multi-     videoconferencing and its Pedagogy.
                                                       point call.             A strong understanding of the
                                                       Experience of using    elements that make up a high quality
                                                       a concert box.          videoconference.
                                                       Some understanding     Ability to evaluate
                                                       of the elements that    videoconferences.
                                                       make up a high          Ability to schedule conferences
                                                       quality                 understanding the resource
                                                       videoconference.        implications.
                                                       Ability to evaluate    Experience and understanding of
                                                       videoconferences.       Videoconferencing across the Region
                                                                               through NWLG and UKERNA

Participants    using VC for   beginning to use      becoming confident     confident and experienced with VC.
               first time       VC as a medium         with VC equipment
                                for delivering the
Video Conferencing Learning Community

VC the potential to:
                                  Transform teaching and learning
                                  Provide access to a growing network of
                                   effective practice
                                  Allow pupil collaboration with others in
                                   ways that are both educationally and
                                   socially valuable
                                  Provide networks for collaborative
                                  Offer a tremendous boost to CPD
                                  Build capacity for future developments
Haydock City Learning Centre      Provide new ways of working as each
Garswood Primary School            enthusiast draws more and more
                                   colleagues into the learning community
St. Helens LEA
Video Conferencing Learning Community

The Future
 Sustainability & variety of conferences
 Increase in members of curriculum team
 CPD – MFL at KS2?
 Develop links with schools in other LEA’s
 Increase confidence of VC champions -
  further participation & input
Video Conferencing Learning Community

                               Q & As
Haydock City Learning Centre
Garswood Primary School
St. Helens LEA