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Wednesday 17th June 2009

                                                                          Department of Health:              NHS Confederation:

                                                                          Keep Britain working - Johnson     Research Findings
                                                                          and Purnell respond to Dame
                                                                          Carol Black report                 A new vision for mental
    Access a Goldmine                                                                                        health.pdf
      of Information                                                      Speech by the Rt Hon Alan
                                                                          Johnson MP, Secretary of State     RCN:
HSMC Library &                                                            for Health, 20th February 2008:
Information Services                                                      Well at Work                       Handling stress in the
Park House,                                                                                                  workplace
40 Edgbaston Park Road,
Edgbaston,                                                                Alan Johnson calls for new focus
                                                                                                             Workplace support
Birmingham, B15 2RT                                                       on work-health balance

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                                                                          Workplace stress:                  Committee Stage, House of
                                                                                                             Commons, June 2009
Web site:
                                                                          With an average of 40 days of      Guidance for medical students
                                                                          unpaid overtime worked a           on harassment, intimidation,
                                                                          year, Britons work the longest     victimisation and bullying
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                                                                          hours in Europe.

Meebo us:                                                                 'I’m constantly challenging
ww.hsmc.bham.ac.uk/library                                                clients who say they have no
                                                                          choice but to overwork.' Suzy      NHS Evidence:
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                                                                                                             Protecting and promoting
                                                                          Long hours and a heavy             mental health in the workplace
Opening Hours:                                                            workload can cause stress.         : developing a systems
Term Time:                                                                Between 2006/07 about 530,000      approach to job stress
Monday-Thursday 9am-7pm                                                   people in the UK reported work-
Friday 9am-4pm                                                            related stress at a level they
Vacation:                 believed was making them ill.
Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-4pm
                          Psychological problems,               The effectiveness of current
                          including stress, anxiety and         approaches to workplace
                          depression, are the underlying        stress management in the
                          reason for one out of every five      nursing profession: an
                          visits to a GP.                       evidence based literature
                          While pressure can be a
                          motivating factor at work,
                          excessive pressures or demands
                          can lead to work-related stress.
                          Stress is “the adverse reaction
                          people have to excessive              Flexible working and work-life
                          pressures or other demands            balance
                          placed on them,” as defined by
                          the Health and Safety Executive       Bullying in the workplace
                                                                Bullying in the workplace
                          Stress symptoms include: a
                          pounding heart or palpitations, a     Discrimination in the workplace
                          dry mouth, headaches, odd
                          aches and pains, and loss of          Your employment rights
                          appetite for food and sex.            (disabled people section)

                                                                Grievance procedures - find
                          Work stress can be sparked by         out more
                          things like a formal warning,
                          bullying, victimisation, increased    How to resolve a problem at
                          work pressure, deadlines and          work
                          management changes.
                                                                Health and safety
                          The way you deal with stress can      representatives
                          encourage unhealthy behaviour,
                          such as smoking and drinking
                          too much, which can increase          Unfair dismissal
                          your risk of heart disease.           Constructive dismissal

                          Good stress management in the         Take the workplace stress test
                          workplace is therefore critical to    from NHS Choices Opens new
                          your overall health.                  window

                          Life coach Suzy Greaves says          Work-related stress - more
                          one of the key skills to managing     information from HSE Opens
                          workplace stress is knowing how       new window
                          to say no.
                                                                HSE management standards
                                                                for employers on work-related
                          “I‟m constantly challenging
                                                                stress Opens new window
                          clients who say they have no
                          choice but to overwork," she
                                                                More about stress at work
                          says. "I coach people to become
                                                                Opens new window
                          empowered and believe they
                                                                Advice for your employer from
                          have a choice.”
                                                                Business Link on how to deal
                                                                with stress Opens new window
                          She explains that saying yes can
                          win you brownie points in the
                          short term but if you take too
                          much on and fail to deliver “it can
                                                                In the press:
be a disastrous long-term
strategy”.                        1. NHS trust becomes first
                                     employer to be given official
“Have confidence in your „no‟        stress ...
when you think it's the right
decision, even though it may not 2.   New Priory clinic will tackle
be the most popular one," she         stress in the City - Health
says. “In the long term your          News ...
ability to say no will be one of 3.
your most valuable attributes.” 4.    Depression costs economy
                                      £8.6bn a year - Health News,
Speak out                             Health ...
                                6. Take it easy, it's only a job -
Learn to recognise the physical    Health News, Health &
effects of stress and do           Families ...
something about it before it    7.
makes you really ill.           8. Independence days: How
                                   occupational therapists can
Greaves says knowing how           help people to ...
much work you can take on at
any one time will prevent you
from exhaustion. Taking on too 1. Workers Health Insurance |
much can mean you end up           Search Results | Mail Online
doing nothing well.

Try to work out how long you will Healthy lifestyle 'reduces
need to deal with your current     workplace stress'
workload so that you can see if 2.
you have any extra capacity. 1. HRreview Managing
                                   Workplace Stress at the Met
“If you‟re already flat out and
your boss asks you to do more, 1. 'Important to manage
you can say no, outlining your     workplace stress'
reasons in a specific,          2.
measurable way but always       1. Workplace stress 'must be
offering a solution.”              tackled'

                                  1. Bullying 'causes workplace
Learn to recognise the physical
effects of stress and do
something about it before it
makes you really ill. Beware of       Articles:
work stress spilling over into
other areas of your life.             Result <1>
                                      Guest, David. Budjanovcanin,
Irrespective of the source of your
                                      Ali. Oakley, Patricia Title
stress, speak to your manager or
                                      Planning the pharmacy
someone else you feel
                                      workforce: who are the happy
comfortable talking to in your
organisation, or get outside help.
                                      Original Source
                                      Pharmaceutical Journal, vol
Your employer has duty under          281, no 7530, Nov 29 2008
the Health and Safety at              Original Description
Work Act 1974 to ensure the           p 635-637
health, safety and welfare of their
employees. They are also              Result <2>
required to conduct risk-             Author
assessments for work-related          Philipp, R. Thorne, P
stress.                               Would complementary and
                                      alternative medicine be
If the problem isn't work-related,    welcomed in the workplace?
they may be able to support you       Original Source
in some way or help to take           Public Health, vol 122, no 10,
some pressure off you at work         Oct 2008 Original Description
while you resolve the stress in       p 1124-1127
your personal life.
                                      Result <3>
The HSE offers support to
                                      Wilkinson, Anita
anyone whose responsibility it is
to tackle work-related stress in
                                      Off balance doctors at risk
an organisation.
                                      Original Source
                                      BMA News, Nov 15 2008
That might be the person who          Original Description
has responsibility for human          p 10-11
resources, a health and safety
officer, trade union                  Result <4>
representatives or line               Author
managers.                             Peterson, Ulla. Bergstrom,
                                      Gunnar. Samuelsson, Mats.
The HSE believes good                 Asberg, Marie. Nygren, Ake
management practices can help         Title
reduce work-related stress. It        Reflecting peer-support groups
offers a management standards         in the prevention of stress and
approach to help employers take       burnout: randomized controlled
sensible and practical steps to       trial Original Source
minimise stress in the workplace.     Journal of Advanced Nursing,
                                      vol 63, no 5, Sep 2008 Original
Your GP can also help. Doctors        Description
aren't experts in employment law      p 506-516
but they can help you analyse
the situation, explore the            Result <5>
psychological background and          Author
refer you to more specialised         Eriksson, Ulla Britt. Starrin,
help if necessary.                    Bengt. Janson, Staffan Title
                                      Long-term sickness absence
Last reviewed: 31/07/2008             due to burnout: Absentees'
                                      experience Original Source
                                      Qualitative Health Research,
Next review due: 31/07/2010
                                      vol 18, no 5, May 2008 Original
Workplace stress test                 p 620-632

Take this short test to find out if   Result <6>
your job is leading to stress. It     Author
will provide you with a short         Estryn Behar, Madeleine.
assessment plus lots of useful        Heijden, Beatrice van der.
guidance and links to get further     Camerino, Donatella. Fry,
information.                          Clementine. Le Nezet, Olivier
Please click here.                    Violence risks in nursing -
                                      results from the European
Make work work for you                'NEXT' Study Original Source
                                      Occupational Medicine, vol 58,
                                      no 2, Mar 2008 Original
Back pain at work                     Description
                                      p 107-114
Beating stress at work
                                      Video: be happy at work                Result <7>
                                      Take the stress test                   Castelo Branco, C. Figueras,
                                                                             F. Eixarch, E. Quereda, F.
                                      Work yourself well                     Cancelo, M J Title
                                                                             Stress symptoms and burnout
                                      Video: back stretches                  in obstetric and gynaecology
                                                                             residents Original Source
                                      Laptop health                          BJOG - An International
                                                                             Journal of Obstetrics and
                                      The afternoon energy slump             Gynaecology, vol 114, no 1,
                                                                             Jan 2007 Original Description
                                                                               p 94-98
                                      All other articles on Workplace
                                      health                                 Result <8>
                                               Video: back pain              Ostrowski, Jan
                                               How to sit correctly          Title
                                               Video: MND teacher             NHS employment law on
                                               Preventing RSI                negligence claims Original
                                               Bullying at work              Source
                                                                              Employing Nurses and
                                               Video: depression
                                                                             Midwives, no 95, Jun 2005
                                                                             Original Description
                                                                              p 11-12

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