Intro to Oracle Forms 6i by avn10155


									                                                                   Intro to Oracle Forms 6i

Course Duration               Course Description

    3 Days                    Participants will learn the basics of Oracle Forms. They will create forms
                              and their components and interact with the database, both directly through
                              the forms as well as through triggers. Participants will modify menus and
                              toolbars for forms and join multiple forms into a single larger application.

Course Pre-Requisites         Course Objectives

•   Intro to SQL and          •    Describe Oracle Forms and its features
    SQL*Plus, or equivalent
                              •    Navigate Form Builder
•   PL/SQL course, or
    equivalent                •    Learn about runtime components

                              •    Create a basic form

                              •    Create windows and canvases

                              •    Create data blocks and incorporate block relationships

                              •    Create items

                              •    Create Lists of Values (LOVs)

                              •    Create editors

                              •    Create triggers

                              •    Use Forms built-ins

                              •    Define messages and alerts

                              •    Learn about system variables

                              •    Identify various aspects of coding

                              •    Create multiple form applications

                              •    Customize menus

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