Spatial Processes and Managemen of Marine Populations by avn10155


About the Symposium
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The Lowell Wakefield Symposium Series

Tools for Analysis
Spatial Modeling of Fish Habitat Suitability in Florida Estuaries
  Peter J. Rubec, Steven G. Smith, Michael S. Coyne, Mary White,
  Andrew Sullivan, Timothy C. MacDonald, Robert H. McMichael Jr.,
  Douglas T. Wilder, Mark E. Monaco, and Jerald S. Ault

Recent Approaches Using GIS in the Spatial Analysis
of Fish Populations
  Tom Nishida and Anthony J. Booth

Using GIS to Analyze Animal Movements in the
Marine Environment
  Philip N. Hooge, William M. Eichenlaub, and Elizabeth K. Solomon

Modeling Approaches
A Conceptual Model for Evaluating the Impact of
Spatial Management Measures on the Dynamics
of a Mixed Fishery
  Dominique Pelletier, Stéphanie Mahévas, Benjamin Poussin,
  Joël Bayon, Pascal André, and Jean-Claude Royer

Evaluating the Scientific Benefits of Spatially Explicit
Experimental Manipulations of Common Coral Trout
(Plectropomus leopardus) Populations on the Great
Barrier Reef, Australia
  Andre E. Punt, Anthony D.M. Smith, Adam J. Davidson,
  Bruce D. Mapstone, and Campbell R. Davies

Spatial Modeling of Atlantic Yellowfin Tuna Population
Dynamics: Application of a Habitat-Based Advection-
Diffusion-Reaction Model to the Study of Local Overfishing
  Olivier Maury, Didier Gascuel, and Alain Fonteneau


Integrated Tagging and Catch-at-Age Analysis (ITCAAN):
Model Development and Simulation Testing
  Mark N. Maunder

Toward an Environmental Analysis System to Forecast
Spawning Probability in the Gulf of California Sardine
  S.E. Lluch-Cota, D. Kiefer, A. Parés-Sierra, D.B. Lluch-Cota,
  J. Berwald, and D. Lluch-Belda

Patterns in Life History
and Population Parameters
Ocean Current Patterns and Aspects of Life History
of Some Northwestern Pacific Scorpaenids
  Alexei M. Orlov

Comparative Spawning Habitats of Anchovy
(Engraulis capensis) and Sardine (Sardinops sagax)
in the Southern Benguela Upwelling Ecosystem
  C.D. van der Lingen, L. Hutchings, D. Merkle,
  J.J. van der Westhuizen, and J. Nelson

Spatially Specific Growth Rates for Sea Scallops
(Placopecten magellanicus)
  Stephen J. Smith, Ellen L. Kenchington, Mark J. Lundy,
  Ginette Robert, and Dale Roddick

Spatial Distribution and Recruitment Patterns of
Snow Crabs in the Eastern Bering Sea
  Jie Zheng, Gordon H. Kruse, and David R. Ackley

Yelloweye Rockfish (Sebastes ruberrimus) Life
History Parameters Assessed from Areas with
Contrasting Fishing Histories
  Allen Robert Kronlund and Kae Lynne Yamanaka

Spatial Distributions of Populations
Distribution Patterns and Survey Design Considerations
of Pacific Ocean Perch (Sebastes alutus) in the Gulf of Alaska
  Chris Lunsford, Lewis Haldorson, Jeffrey T. Fujioka, and
  Terrance J. Quinn II

Spatial Inferences from Adaptive Cluster Sampling
of Gulf of Alaska Rockfish
  Dana H. Hanselman, Terrance J. Quinn II, Jonathan Heifetz,
  David Clausen, and Chris Lunsford


Evaluating Changes in Spatial Distribution of
Blue King Crab near St. Matthew Island
  Ivan Vining, S. Forrest Blau, and Doug Pengilly

Density-Dependent Ocean Growth of Some Bristol
Bay Sockeye Salmon Stocks
  Ole A. Mathisen and Norma Jean Sands

Evidence of Biophysical Coupling from Shifts in
Abundance of Natural Stable Carbon and Nitrogen
Isotopes in Prince William Sound, Alaska
  Thomas C. Kline Jr.

Relationships with the Physical Environment
Classification of Marine Habitats Using Submersible
and Acoustic Seabed Techniques
  John T. Anderson

Environmental Factors, Spatial Density, and Size
Distributions of 0-Group Fish
  Boonchai K. Stensholt and Odd Nakken

Spatial Distribution of Atlantic Salmon Postsmolts:
Association between Genetic Differences in Trypsin
Isozymes and Environmental Variables
  Krisna Rungruangsak-Torrissen and Boonchai K. Stensholt

Critical Habitat for Ovigerous Dungeness Crabs
  Karen Scheding, Thomas Shirley, Charles E. O’Clair, and
  S. James Taggart

Large-Scale Long-Term Variability of Small Pelagic
Fish in the California Current System
  Rubén Rodríguez-Sánchez, Daniel Lluch-Belda,
  Héctor Villalobos-Ortiz, and Sofia Ortega-García

Spatial Distribution and Selected Habitat Preferences of
Weathervane Scallops (Patinopecten caurinus) in Alaska
  Teresa A. Turk

Species Interactions
Spatial Dynamics of Cod-Capelin Associations
off Newfoundland
  Richard L. O’Driscoll and George A. Rose


Spatial Patterns of Pacific Hake (Merluccius productus)
Shoals and Euphausiid Patches in the California
Current Ecosystem
  Gordon Swartzman

Spatial Patterns in Species Composition in the Northeast
United States Continental Shelf Fish Community
during 1966-1999
  Lance P. Garrison

Patterns in Fisheries
An Empirical Analysis of Fishing Strategies
Derived from Trawl Logbooks
  David B. Sampson

Distributing Fishing Mortality in Time and
Space to Prevent Overfishing
  Ross Claytor and Allen Clay

In-Season Spatial Modeling of the Chesapeake Bay
Blue Crab Fishery
  Douglas Lipton and Nancy Bockstael

Territorial Use Rights: A Rights Based Approach
to Spatial Management
  Keith R. Criddle, Mark Herrmann, and Joshua A. Greenberg

Marine Protected Areas and
Experimental Management
Sanctuary Roles in Population and Reproductive
Dynamics of Caribbean Spiny Lobster
  Rodney D. Bertelsen and Carrollyn Cox

Efficacy of Blue Crab Spawning Sanctuaries in Chesapeake Bay
  Rochelle D. Seitz, Romuald N. Lipcius, William T. Stockhausen,
  and Marcel M. Montane

Simulation of the Effects of Marine Protected Areas
on Yield and Diversity Using a Multispecies,
Spatially Explicit, Individual-Based Model
  Yunne-Jai Shin and Philippe Cury


A Deepwater Dispersal Corridor for Adult Female
Blue Crabs in Chesapeake Bay
  Romuald N. Lipcius, Rochelle D. Seitz, William J. Goldsborough,
  Marcel M. Montane, and William T. Stockhausen

Managing with Reserves: Modeling Uncertainty in
Larval Dispersal for a Sea Urchin Fishery
  Lance E. Morgan and Louis W. Botsford

Reflections on the Symposium “Spatial Processes and
Management of Marine Populations”
  Dominique Pelletier



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