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									Combined Annual Report
Baltimore County Public Library
Foundation for
Baltimore County Public Library
July 1, 2008-June 30,2009
  We expand our communities’
  possibilities by touching one

                                    BCPL’s Vi
        mind at a time.

BCPL is the best place to learn, to
 discover, to imagine, to smile.


                                          ’s M ission
                                  B   C PL
                                   Baltimore County Public Library will provide
                                  innovative, quality services responding to the
                                     needs of our diverse community as we:

                              • Promote early literacy and a lifelong love of reading.
                              • Excel at providing resources to customers of all ages.
                              • Create welcoming spaces for our community.
BCPL’s Values
We value our customers and strive to:
   • Treat them with courtesy and respect.
   • Provide fair and equitable access to information.
   • Provide materials, information and services which anticipate and respond to the needs of our communities.
   • Provide a sufficient level of well-trained staff.

We value the people who work with us and strive to:
   • Attract, develop, reward and retain outstanding staff.
   • Create an environment of teamwork and participation, encouraging the expression of a variety of ideas
          and constructive disagreement.
   • Be a learning organization.
   • Treat each other with courtesy and respect.
   • Celebrate achievements.

We value diversity and strive to:
   • Recognize and celebrate the differences that strengthen our community and our library.
   • Identify and respond respectfully to the differing needs of our communities and our individual customers.
   • Create an organizational culture wherein all may thrive and contribute.
   • Pursue diversity in the recruitment and development of staff.
   • Make full use of the talents and experience of our staff.

We value cooperation and strive to:
   • Identify opportunities to collaborate with others in the community.
   • Build partnerships to enhance resources.
   • Identify opportunities to collaborate within the organization.

We value innovation and strive to:
   • Identify and adopt technology which enhances service.
   • Examine new ideas for relevance to library service.
   • Embrace constructive change.
Our 2009 fiscal year was
one of the busiest Baltimore
County Public Library has ever
experienced ...
          as a shaky economy drew people into our branches in record numbers. With a nearly 10% increase in visits
          to the library in the first month of the fiscal year, it quickly became apparent that the public library was a
          refuge for people looking for inexpensive entertainment and reliable sources of information.

          Seeing the public turn to the library, we developed 16 “BCPL Can Help” podcasts on a variety of consumer
          subjects, including food budgets, foreclosure and home repair. With just a quick visit to our Web site,
          someone could learn about all of the resources the library had to offer on these newly spotlighted and
          in-demand subjects.

          To keep up with increased demand for our services, Baltimore County Public Library continued to be open
          a collective 1,126 hours per week, resulting in nearly 6 million visits to BCPL branches and over 10 million
          items loaned. We also added 512,000 items to the collections last fiscal year. We expanded our after-school
          programs for teens assisted by a grant from the Local Management Board.

          As Internet access continued to surge in demand, we upgraded our bandwidth to expand electronic capacity
          almost eight fold and replaced 844 computers and related equipment used by the public.

          Though the 2009 fiscal year was certainly challenging, it was not without celebrations. We enjoyed the
          20th anniversary of the Hereford branch, the 40th anniversary of the Essex branch and the 70th anniversary
          of the Towson Friends group. We opened a new, state-of-the-art Perry Hall branch. Storyville recorded over
          130,000 total visits since opening in 2008. In addition, we finalized plans for a new Storyville in Woodlawn,
          a brand new Arbutus branch and an addition to the Cockeysville branch, all of which will break ground in
          fiscal year 2010.

          We enter the 2010 fiscal year with uncertainty as to where the economy may go, but with confidence that
          Baltimore County Public Library will continue to heed the call as a needed and valued community resource.
          We look forward to serving you.

2                                                                           James H. Fish, Director
• In fiscal year 2009, Baltimore County Public Library experienced major increases in public usage.
     The number of items loaned increased by 431,000 from the previous fiscal year.

• The number of in-person visitors to Baltimore County Public Libraries totaled 5,833,000, an increase of
    357,000 from the previous year.

• Public PCs at BCPL were used 972,000 times, up 22% from the 2008 fiscal year.

• Storyville remained extremely popular, with 75,000 alone in FY2009 and over 130,000 visitors since it
     opened in February 2008.

• BCPL won its 3rd John Cotton Dana Award in the past nine years for its marketing campaign of Storyville.
    BCPL was also awarded a National Association of Counties Achievement Award for Storyville.

• BCPL developed Strategic Plan VIII “Building Community
    Through a Lifetime of Learning” which will help guide
    us over the next three years.

• We opened a new Perry Hall branch and finalized plans
    for a new, larger, permanent Arbutus branch; a Storyville
    at the Woodlawn branch; and an addition to the
    Cockesyville branch, all of which break ground in
    fiscal year 2010.

• Baltimore County Public Library implemented
    Express Checkout at all facilities.

                                                                     BCPL Funding – FY2009
                                                                       $40,956,596 Total
                                                Fees for Service & Grants

            General Fund
            $32,489,120                               State Aid for Public Libraries

                                                          Rents & Utilities
                                                                                       Other Expenses

                                                           Books & Materials
                                                              $7,624,593                           Salaries & Wages
            BCPL Expenditures – FY2009
                 $40,956,596 Total

                                             Employment Taxes
                                                & Benefits
FY2009 numbers are Actual Audited Results.     $5,895,963
                                        FY2009 Numbers of Note
                                         Circulation: 10,217,972
                                           Visitors: 5,833,270
                                      Public Computer Use: 971,918
                                                   Breakdown by Branch

Arbutus                           Lansdowne                          Perry Hall                    Rosedale
Circ. by Branch: 328,052          Circ. by Branch: 37,896            Circ. by Branch: 395,988      Circ. by Branch: 300,071
Visitors to Branch: 194,691       Visitors to Branch: 104,775        Visitors to Branch: 175,227   Visitors to Branch: 447,702
Public Computer Use: 44,460       Public Computer Use: 26,718        Public Computer Use: 21,896   Public Computer Use: 54,260

Catonsville                       Library on the Go                  Pikesville                    Towson
Circ. by Branch: 776,499          Circ. by Branch: 52,862            Circ. by Branch: 999,969      Circ. by Branch: 943,826
Visitors to Branch: 487,168       Visitors to Branch: 17,417         Visitors to Branch: 457,346   Visitors to Branch: 549,067
Public Computer Use: 72,293       Public Computer Use: N/A           Public Computer Use: 75,929   Public Computer Use: 93,892

Cockeysville                      Loch Raven                         Randallstown                  White Marsh
Circ. by Branch: 1,176,298        Circ. by Branch: 70,709            Circ. by Branch: 428,041      Circ. by Branch: 579,605
Visitors to Branch: 582,009       Visitors to Branch: 84,046         Visitors to Branch: 431,797   Visitors to Branch: 335,600
Public Computer Use: 68,401       Public Computer Use: 16,905        Public Computer Use: 90,806   Public Computer Use: 62,382

Essex                             North Point                        Read Rover                    Woodlawn
Circ. by Branch: 341,277          Circ. by Branch: 458,650           Circ. by Branch: 53,894       Circ. by Branch: 300,946
Visitors to Branch: 346,956       Visitors to Branch: 576,696        Visitors to Branch: 30,383    Visitors to Branch: 306,975
Public Computer Use: 73,050       Public Computer Use: 76,915        Public Computer Use: N/A      Public Computer Use: 93,963

Hereford                          Parkville                          Reisterstown
Circ. by Branch: 236,683          Circ. by Branch: 505,804           Circ. by Branch: 541,483
Visitors to Branch: 122,740       Visitors to Branch: 274,651        Visitors to Branch: 308,024
Public Computer Use: 10,770       Public Computer Use: 50,024        Public Computer Use: 39,254

Additional FY 09 circulation of 1,682,325 includes telephone and online renewals.

Programs at BCPL
                                 2,571                              Number of Programs
                                                         FY2009 (5,014 Total) vs. FY2004 (3,130 Total)

                                                                                                   FY 2004
                                                                          1,431                    FY 2009

                546                                                613
        356                                        278                                 284
                                           177                                                  188

          Baby             Preschool        School Age              Adults &              Family
                                                                  Young Adult

Programs at BCPL                 75,111
                                                                   Program Attendance
                                                     FY2009 (155,177 Total) vs. FY2004 (114,376 Total)

                        50,898                                                                     FY 2004
                                                                                                   FY 2009

                                          25,372 25,827                   25,818

               17,032                                                                 16,991
                                                                 13,631                        11,389

6         Baby             Preschool        School Age              Adults &              Family
                                                                  Young Adult
BCPL offers a variety of
programming for informational
and entertainment purposes.
With an emphasis on programs that promote early literacy, summer reading, library use by K-12 students and information
literacy, BCPL also offers programs such as cultural/informational, author programs and book clubs. In fiscal year 2009 alone,
our story time volunteers delivered 493 programs to a total audience of 15,800.

    In addition to regular programming such as story times, Summer Reading Club, and book clubs/discussions for adults, other
    key programs during 2008-09 included:

         • Appearances at branches featuring local authors including Evan Balkan, Joe Balkowski, Lorna Catling, James
            Holecheck, Wayne C. McGinnis, Mark Millikin, Suzanne Supplee, Michael C. Riisager and Jacqueline Woodson.
         • Demonstrations of the process in creating picture books by childen’s author/illustrator Jennifer O’Connor.
         • Photographing Baltimore with Denny Lynch, who conducted a fascinating photographic tour of Baltimore
         • Numerous educational opportunities for teens including chess lessons, magic lessons, after-school tutoring
            sessions and babysitting training.

    BCPL also works to present partnership opportunities with other institutions and individuals, such as County agencies or
    volunteers with expertise in areas of interest to local communities.

    During 2008-09, BCPL presented several partnership programs including:

         • “One Maryland One Book” (a program of the Maryland Humanities Council coordinated by the Maryland
             Center for the Book).
         • “Your Vote, Your Future” (an election 2008 speaker series in partnership with the Baltimore County League
             of Women Voters).
         • Exciting, active programs for children including “The Chef Shapes Up” and “Let’s Get Physical” (in
             partnership with the Baltimore Ravens All Community Team Foundation).

Facts at a Glance – 2009 Milestones
     • Over 10 million items checked out
     • 1,629,143 items in the collection
     • 3,221,683 visits to our Web site,
     • Almost 2 million information questions answered
     • 96% overall customer satisfaction (LibSat Customer Satisfaction Survey)
     • 2,371 uses of BCPL meeting rooms by organizations
     • 476,548 Baltimore County Public Library cardholders
     • 785,618 Baltimore County residents (source: American Community Survey, 2008)

Looking to the Future
    • A new online circulation system and catalog should be operational in December 2009.
    • “Storyville at Woodlawn” is scheduled to be completed by February 2010, providing an early childhood learning
          village on the west side of the county.
    • A new 25,000-square-foot Arbutus branch, which will share a building with a senior center, is being constructed
          and should be finished by September 2010.
    • The Cockeysville branch will be receiving an addition and a major renovation to be completed by November 2010.
    • Planning continues for an Owings Mills branch in a shared facility with the Community College of Baltimore
    • BCPL is working on plans to be part of a new county multi-service center for Sollers Point.

         The Foundation for
  Baltimore County Public Library
             Annual Report
     July 1, 2008-June 30, 2009

                           Our Mission
The Foundation for Baltimore County Public Library mobilizes resources
to support the Library’s commitment to a superior public library system
   where opportunities for literacy, reading enrichment and lifelong
                      learning are available to all.

     A Message from the Foundation President
      After opening Storyville in 2008, we thought the 2009 fiscal year might be anticlimactic.
      We were certainly proved to be wrong!

      Storyville has seen over 130,000 visitors since it opened. Based on the success of
      Storyville, Baltimore County agreed to fund the construction of a second Storyville on
      the west side of the county. We spent time in 2009 advising on plans for the new
      Storyville as the county recognized the accomplishments of the first Storyville, which
      was fully funded by the Foundation for BCPL. Certainly, Storyville has far surpassed the
      Foundation’s expectations, and we are proud of the venue’s success.

      In addition to providing funds to BCPL for Storyville, the Foundation for BCPL also
      provided support in 2009 for the My First Library Card campaign by funding the
      purchase of backpacks that are given to children the first time they use their card. In
      fiscal year 2008, the My First Library Card program recorded 21,901 registrations and
      over 260,000 items were circulated on My First Library Cards, an increase of more than
      20,000 items from the previous fiscal year.

      We could not effectively support the efforts of the Baltimore County Public Library
      without our generous donors. We are proud of the Foundation’s work over the past
      decade – particularly over the past three years in taking Storyville from a concept to a
      reality – and we are continually looking for ways to make an even greater impact. We
      hope you’ll join us in our efforts.

                                                            Jeffrey D. Herschman
                                                            Board President

                                                                                                                                   Foundation for BCPL Year in Review
       iscal year 2009 began with an exciting partnership between the Foundation for Baltimore County Public
       Library and the Ravens All Community Team (ACT) Foundation. The ACT awarded the Foundation for BCPL a
       $5,000 grant to purchase activity packs for several fitness and nutrition-oriented children’s programs. The
       activity packs featured a Ravens and BCPL co-branded “Fitness Is Fun” flyer disc and football and other fun
fitness-related items.

On Monday, March 9, a larger and more up-to-date branch opened to serve the Perry Hall community. The spacious
new 25,000-square-foot “green” branch is more than twice the size of the building it replaced. New features
include better handicapped-accessibility, a full-service drive-up window, an adult reading room, two group study
rooms and an area for teens. The new branch also provides a larger meeting room and increased public seating,
a greatly enlarged 3,200-square-foot children’s area, 30 additional personal computers, and a collection that has
more than doubled. The Foundation for BCPL has committed to help fund a reading garden at the new branch; the
garden should be completed in fiscal year 2010.

Storyville, Rosedale’s interactive early literacy center, celebrated its one-year anniversary in February. It is designed
to provide developmentally appropriate play activities, suggestions for adult-child interactions to advance
development and to provide age-appropriate books and materials to promote early literacy skills and reading.
Storyville has welcomed well over 130,000 visitors in the first 16 months. This learning center has become such
a huge success that Baltimore County Public Library and Baltimore County Government have teamed up to design
and implement a second Storyville at the Woodlawn Branch. Construction of Storyville at Woodlawn began in the
fall of 2009, and it is scheduled to open in early 2010.

To further promote early childhood literacy, the Foundation for BCPL supported the purchase of My First Library
Card backpacks that are given to recipients of the My First Library Card, serving as a convenient way to carry the
materials the My First Library Card holder checks out as they begin a lifelong journey of reading.

As we continue to build on our successes, we look forward to continuing to enhance the services of Baltimore
County Public Library.

                                                                                                                 By Sarah Morrow
     Major Initiatives and Programs
     of the Foundation for BCPL
      •   Storyville is an interactive early literacy learning center designed specifically for children ages birth to five and their
          caregivers. Located in the Rosedale branch of the Baltimore County Public Library, Storyville was made possible by
          funds raised by the Foundation for Baltimore County Public Library. The child-sized village includes developmentally
          appropriate books and activities for children ages birth to five. The environments and activities in Storyville are
          specifically designed for caregivers to help their young children enter school ready to learn. Rosedale’s Storyville has
          been extremely successful and popular. Based on this success, a new Storyville is being constructed at the Woodlawn
          branch and will open in the winter of 2010.

      •   Read Rover Plus supports BCPL’s mission to foster a lifelong love of reading in children. This is accomplished through
          monthly visits to licensed day care providers. Each month Read Rover Plus staff perform a story time and help providers
          to check out materials. The story time programs incorporate pre-reading skills which prepare the children for entering
          school. Also, our storytellers model successful techniques during the programs to teach day care providers important
          early literacy skills that they can then share with the children and their parents. Picture books, teacher resources, easy
          nonfiction, concept books, CDs, DVDs and storytelling materials are all available for checkout to further support this

      •   My First Library Card is a program that provides library cards for children ages birth through kindergarten in all
          library branches, and through cooperation with various pre-school programs and Baltimore County Public Schools. The
          Foundation for Baltimore County Public Library purchases backpacks that are given to children the first time they use
          their card.

      •   Teen programs at BCPL are designed to engage teens with their peers and library staff while providing a safe
          environment for learning and socializing. Programs range from educational – including writing workshops and tutoring
          sessions – to entertainment including open mic nights to video game contests. A program to encourage students to
          learn video recording skills was planned in fiscal year 2009 and will launch in fiscal year 2010.

      •   General Library Support allows us to meet the library needs as they arise. These donations give the library the
          flexibility to respond to emerging needs that were not identified prior to the county budget process or to special
          opportunities that arise after the budget year begins.

Foundation for Baltimore County Public Library
Statement of Activities
Year Ended June 30, 2009
                                            UNRESTRICTED   TEMPORARILY   TOTAL REVENUES
                                                           RESTRICTED    AND OTHER SUPPORT
Subscriptions                               $32,897        $ --          $32,897
Contributions                               $40,515        $26,977       $67,492
Investment income                             $589         $ --             $589
Net assets released from restriction        $16,965        ($16,965)     $ --

Total revenues and other support            $90,966        $10,012       $100,978

Grants and donations to library             $44,845        $ --          $44,845

Library Administrator’s Digest              $11,307        $ --          $11,307
Fundraising, including $1,382 in 2009
   and $32,555 in 2008 for special events    $3,797        $ --           $3,797
Administration                              $20,420        $ --          $20,420

Total expenses                              $80,369        $ --          $80,369

CHANGE IN NET ASSETS                        $10,597        $10,012       $20,609

NET ASSETS, BEGINNING OF YEAR               $131,284       $34,885       $166,169

NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR                     $141,881       $44,897       $186,778
                                                        Foundation for BCPL Income 2008-2009

                    Net Assets Released
Investment Income    from Restrictions
       $589              $16,965             LAD Subscriptions
        1%                 19%                   $32,897


       Foundation for BCPL Expenses 2008-2009

                                              5%                                  Program Services

                  he Foundation for Baltimore County Public Library is very
                  grateful to our donors for their outstanding commitment
                  in supporting our mission. The following donations were
                  received between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009.
($1 to $99)                  Ann Brooks              Melissa Dantoni             David E. Fu
Herbert Aaron                Bernard Brown           Frances Davenport           Shirley Gaver
Lucille Abrams               Col. Charles Burdette   Fredrica Davison            William F. Gayhardt
Zelma Aiken                  Murrie Burgan           Charles Davlin              Thomas Gaylor
Fannie E. C. Alston          Nancy Burke             Richard & Gloria De Labio   Valeria Gegorek
Mr. & Mrs. Lins Alt          Cecilia Butler          Wayne DeJarnette            Raymond & Mardella Gillespie
Paul Ander                   Bettie Byerly           Bryna Delman                Saralynn Glass
Gretchen Anderson            Elizabeth Byram         M. Marlene Dennstaedt       Lisa Glover
Theresa Archambault          Elyse Caplan            Susan Dexter                Rose Goodman
Dorothy Atkinson             Irvin Caplan            Alvin & Myrian Diamond      Helen M. Gordon
Beth Babikow                 Nina Cardin             Sarah Dieter                Mr. & Mrs. Francis Gorman
Fred Baier                   Robert Carpenter        Jason Domasky               Thomas L. Graf
John Baker                   Anna Carr               Helen Dougherty             Naomi Greenberg
Joyce Barnstein              Chad & Kathy Casserly   Sharon Dubble               Gerald Gross
Diana Baumann                Joseph Cavallucci       Robert & Helen Dubel        Theodore & Madeline Gross
Kenneth Becker               Dr. John Cavaluzzi      Juanita DuBose              Alan & Dana Gruber
Florence Berdann             Nancy Cayce             Sigmund Eckhaus             Leonard & Susan Guberman,
Valerie Binder               Albert Chaban           Alberta Eidman                  Ttees.
Karen Birenbaum              Heather Chantelau       Charles Elliott             Susan Gury
Lillian Bloom                John Clark              Mary Elliott                Henry Gutman
Max Bloom                    Etta Clay               JoAnn England               John F. Hahn
Margaret Blum                Jay Cohen               Morton & Hinda Esterson     Frederick A. Hall
Dr. & Mrs. Albert Blumberg   Bartley Cohill          Madeline Evans              Shirley Hall
Mary Kay Boland              James Cole              Pasquale Fedi               Robert Halli
James Bolton                 Johanne Collin          Richard Fellows             Mary Hammock
A. Stanley Brager            Marie Collins           Cicely Finkelstein          Carolyn R. Harris
Edith Brantigan              Jean Connolly           Sallie Flynn                Mary Hastler
Amber Braswell               Donald Corbitt          Karen Folk                  Donald Haun
Claire Braswell              Charpata Coval          Bernice Freiberg            Edgar & Marion Hawley
Rosemary Bronzert            Kathy & Bob Crum        Amy Froide                                            15
Kathleen D. Healy            Joanne Krause                                               Play Keepers, Inc.
Dorothy Hellman              Patricia Laibstain                                          Albert Polovoy
Edna Hendler                 Sonya Lansman                                               Lucie Portier
Gladys Henn                  Mary Ann Lechowicz                                          Captain Carl Quanstrom
Charles Heyman               Amie Lee                                                    Helen M. Quinn
Nicholas B. Hill             Henry Leikach                                               Harry Raab
Talmadge and Shirley Hill    Leon Levin                                                  Linda Ramsey
Hillendale Animal Hospital   Lois Levitt                  Stuart M. Nathan               Dr. & Mrs. Jonas Rappeport
Virginia Hoefner             Michael Lisek                Helen Naviasky                 John and Joan Ray
Penelope Holmes              Mike Lisiewski               Margaret Naylor                James P. Redding
Mary Hom                     Loraine Lobe                 Dorothy Neely                  Richard Reichley
Margaret Hood                Patricia Long                Clara Nell                     Robert Reid
W. Carl Hossfeld             Michael Love                 Carolyn G. Nicoll              Magdalena Reissig
Gwendolyn Howard             Dr. & Mrs. Barry Lyon        Robert Niemann                 Lois Ann Reynolds
Rosalia Huggins              Annabelle Magsamen           Lauren Niemiec                 Timothy Ricas
Mary Hurley                  Lois Mannes                  Nancy L. Novak                 Gail Richards
Dr. & Mrs. Abraham Hurwitz   Jean Mantegna                Ruth O’Connor                  Mr. & Mrs. George Ridgely
Paul Hurwitz                 Helen Marcus                 Jane Kentch Obaza              John Riggle
Lauryn Hutt                  Darren Margolis, Esq.        Steven L. Ocone                Joseph Rock
Henry Hynson                 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Mason     Carlotta Opher                 Barbara Rogers
Alice Insley                 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Matsui     Carol Oppenheim                Brian Rollfinke
Sheila Jacobs                Richard & Beatrice Mautino   Margaret P. Owings             Marcia Roseman
Judith F. Jacobson           Donna Mayer                  Leslie Pachol                  Nancy Rosenberg
John Jeffries                Joseph McCrary               Sally Parelhoff                Bob & Judy Rothenberg
Constance Johnson            Christine R. McLachlan       Armand & JeanneMarie Patella   David Rothenberg
Liz & Don Jones              Isadore H. Miller            Nadja Pats                     Jennie Z. Rothschild
Nancy Kamphaus               William Miller               Arnall Patz                    Joyce B. Routson
Sydney S. Kemper             Andrea Monath                Michelle M. Pendergast         Philomena Rowe
Stella Kennedy               Frances Moore                Steve Perlstein                Susan Rubenstein
Carol Knight                 Janet Morehouse              Anna Peterson                  Anthony P. Rubino
Norm Koehler                 Jennifer Morris              Joan Pickens                   Kimberly Rudy
Paul Koehler                 Iris R. Moskowitz            Dr. Steven Lee Pinson          Michael & Sharon Runge
Bernard & Ann Koenig         Michael Mulligan             Alfred Pippi                   Rose M. Ryskewich
Sarah W. Korn                John Murdock                 Barbara A. Pitcock             Ann Saar
Anne Kramer                  Clara S. Nardini             Edward R. Platt                J. Karl Sachs
Amy Sadera                      Diane Sprecher              Alvin E. Wagenheim           George Benton
Joan H. Sanow                   Elinor Stein                Kent Walker                  Richard & Sally Biel
Robert Sartori                  Anne Sterlock               Mary Judith Walsh            Black & Decker Corporation
Rose Saunders                   Michael & Barbara Strouse   Carla Ward                   Robert Boublitz
Jacqueline M. Scepaniak         Margaret L. Sullivan        Neil & Joanne Warres         Renee Brandon
Christine Schott                Dolores Sweeney             George Watson                Virginia Carter
Richard Schreyer                Joseph Szczepaniak          Helen Weaver                 Phyllis Cherry
Meredith Schwartz               T. Rowe Price Associates    Jean Webster                 Leslie Corn
Edward Scully                       Foundation, Inc.        Matilda Weiner               Beverly Crocco
Maxine Seidman                  Robert & Ruth Taubman       Thelma Weiner                Donald Doty
Janice Senn                     Howard Taylor               Roberta Wertz                Martha Doyle
Alvin H. Shapiro                Robert Thaler               Diane Westgate               Mr. & Mrs. Sam Fine
Larry & Betsy Shapiro                                       Robert Whisenand             Patricia H. Fisher
Steven Shattuck                                             Edgar Wiggins                William Flattery
John Robert & Sara Janet Shaw                               Patricia Wilson              Kenna Forsyth
Edward & Harriet Shiffman                                   Shirley J. Wilson            Charles Frank
Judy Shirk                                                  Marcos A. Wolff              Donald & Anita Friedmann
Vivienne Shub                                               Thelma Woods-Bell            Robert & Donna Gawryck
Susan D. Shubin                                             Peter J. Woytowitz           Thomas Gayler
Mrs. Freddye Silverman                                      James Yates                  Ruth Gelman
Marjorie Simon                                              Dr. Robert E. Yim            Heidi Gillis
Gregory Sinkler                                             Francis Zia                  Edward & Barbara Gilliss
Neal and Leesa Sipe                                         Stella Ziman                 David & Joanne Goldsmith
Frank Sisco                                                                              Robert Greenfield
Alan J. Smith                   Robert and Dorothy Thomas   ($100 to $499)               Louis Harris
David H. Smith                  W. Lee & Mary Thomas        Mildred Agard                Henry Hartlove
Karen Smith                     Agnes Thrailkill            Charles & Louise Albert      Hayes Construction Company
William Smith                   John Tydings                Bradley & Lindsay Alger      Todd Hollis
Leonard S. Sneider              June Ulrich                 Eugene Azzam                 Mr. & Mrs. Martin Horowitz
Walter M. Snyder                Barbara J. Uricheck         Baltimore Community          Elizabeth Howard
Harriette Solomon               Helen Van Gosen                 Foundation               Christine P. Hudacek
Alexa Sorant                    Sharon Veach                Dr. & Mrs. Harold Banks      Susan Jackson-Stein
Edward D. Spallone              Dawn M. Vechio              Cary Barad                   Joan Jacobs
T. Alexander Speer              Eli Velder                  Andrew Barnstein and Marci   JoWynn Johns
Christina D. Sprecher           Yvonne Von Steen                Gordon
                                 North Frederick Elementary        LTC Barry M. Wikes              Rosedale Federal Savings and
                                 Marguerite G. Norwood             Patricia Wilcoxson                  Loan Assoc.
                                 Dr. & Mrs. J. Crossan O’Donovan   F. Jill Woltman                 Dr. & Mrs. John Saunders
                                 Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Pakula        Melvin Zelnik                   The Judy Center
                                 Janet C. Partel
                                 Pamela Paulk                      ($500 to $999)                  ($2,500 to $10,000)
                                 Perry Hall Book Club              William Applebaum               Allison Fisher Memorial Fund, Inc.
                                 Hilda Pickens                     David W. Buck Family            Provident Bank
                                 Maureen Beck Potyraj                 Foundation                   Ravens ACT Foundation
                                 Carolyn Puckett                   Delegate William J. Frank       Sinsky-Kresser-Racusin Memorial
                                 George Pytash                     Jeffrey & Janice Herschman          Foundation, Inc.
Judith Kaplan                    James Ransom                      Mr. & Mrs. Gary Lehnhoff
Nadia Khajawi                    Candice Richardson                Maryland Charity Campaign       Honorarium/
Sunil & Vaishali Khushalani      Matthew Roswell                   Pharmacia Matching Gift         Memorial Gifts
Kiwanis Club Upper Chesapeake-   Donald & Audrey Rough                Program                      In Honor of Deb Anderson
    Perry Hall                   Ford Rowell                       Regina Satterfield              Susan Gury
Richard Konop                    Mary E. Rowland                   Joel Sher
Charlotte Koomjohn               Rowles & Company, LLP             Ronald and Carol Sher           In Honor of Lami Aromire
Michael and Whitney Leber        Rudolph’s Office Supply           Daniel & Joy Wheeler            Jo Pinder
Daniel Levy                      Jeannette M. Sauter               Mr. Vernon H. C. Wright
William & Elizabeth Levy         Pauline M. Saywell                                                In Memory of Carrie & Zelma
Catherine Liberatore             Michael Scherr                    ($1,000 to $2,499)              Beck
Fred Lissauer                    Robert Seegal                     The Associated: Jewish          Maureen Beck Potyraj
E. Sue Lohn                      Donald Sloan                          Community Federation of
George Loncar                    Douglas C. Soule                      Baltimore                   In Honor of Carl Birkmeyer
Elysa Luick                      Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Spector         William & Bonnie Clarke         Jo Pinder
Amy Macht                        Dawson Stump                      Eileen Coelus
Sarah Majoros                    Lane Thomas                       Combined Federal Campaign       In Memory of Tulia M. Briscoe
Dr. Frank C. Marino Foundation   United Way                        James and Barbara Fish          Brian Briscoe
Helen Marshall                   Jane Vanicky                      Friends of Perry Hall Mansion
Jean J. Merritt                  Bill & Salli Ward                 Emma Gentry                     In Honor of Darcy Cahill
Alvin & Sue Miller               Lila Washington                   McCormick & Company, Inc.       Deborah Wheeler
Judith Miller                    Patricia W. Waters                Midwest Tape
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Modell         Susan Waxter                      Perry Hall Friends              In Honor of Dolores Courtney
Michael & Carolyn Mugno          Deborah Wheeler                   Jo Ann Pinder                   M. Marlene Dennstaedt
In Honor of Jim DeArmey            In Memory of William C.        Casey Charitable Matching          Foundation for
Jo Pinder                          Johnson                        Programs                           BCPL Board of
                                   Constance Johnson              Brian Morales                      Directors
In Honor of David Ewachiw
Bryna Delman                       In Memory of Mr. Gwinn Owens   T. Rowe Price Associates           PRESIDENT
                                   Robert Niemann                 Foundation, Inc.                   Jeffrey Herschman
In Honor of Irma Frank                                            Francies Hawks                     DLA Piper
Judith B. Miller                   In Honor of Phyllis Schott     Andrew Lapayowker
                                   Christine Schott                                                  TREASURER
In Honor of Friends of the Perry                                                                     Jeffrey Smith
Hall Library                       In Honor of Jody Sharp         We apologize for any omissions     City of Baltimore Mayor’s Office
Robert and Donna Gawryck           Jo Pinder                      or incorrect/misspelled names      of Employment Development
                                                                  in these listings. We appreciate
In Honor of Heidi Gillis           In Memory of Katherine E.      your assistance in helping us      Todd Carpenter
Jo Pinder                          Sheldon                        maintain accurate donor records    National Information Standards
                                   William and Elizabeth Levy     by notifying the Foundation        Organization
In Memory of Earle Herrick                                        office of any corrections
North Frederick Elementary         In Honor of Andy Spera         needed. Please contact our         Michelle Denoncourt
                                   Jo Pinder                      office at 410-887-6196 or          Provident Bank
In Memory of Dorothy M. Hesse                           
Bob and Carol Bacon                In Honor of Sally Stanhope                                        Jim Fish, Ex-Officio
Kathy and Bob Crum                 Deborah Wheeler                                                   Director
Henry Hartlove                                                                                       Baltimore County Public Library
Liz and Don Jones                  In Memory of James Stres
Bernard and Ann Koenig             Nancy Weitzel                                                     Fred Lissauer
Michael and Carolyn Mugno                                                                            McCormick & Co.
Schwab Charitable Fund             In Honor of Debbie Wheeler
Frank Sisco                        Mary Hastler                                                      Deborah Nolan
                                                                                                     Towson University
In Memory of Johnnie F.            In Honor of Lila Wisotzki
Johnson                            Jo Pinder                                                         Jo Pinder, Ex-Officio
Carolyn Puckett                                                                                      Assistant Director
                                   Matching Gifts                                                    Baltimore County Public Library
                                   Black & Decker Corporation
                                   Richard and Sally Biel

     District 1               Councilman S.G. Samuel Moxley                     Frank Regan, President
     District 2               Councilman Kevin Kamenetz                      Sharon Knecht, Vice President
     District 3               Councilman T. Bryan McIntire                       Carol Buell, Secretary
     District 4               Councilman Kenneth N. Oliver                     Jeffrey Smith, Treasurer
     District 5               Councilman Vincent J. Gardina                         Edythe Brooks
     District 6               Councilman Joseph Bartenfelder                         John Holman
     District 7               Councilman John Olszewski                              Henry Turner


                          James T. Smith, Jr.

                                                AFFILIATED ORGANIZATIONS
     Foundation for BCPL                                       Friends of the Perry Hall Library
     Contact Person: Heidi Gillis      410-887-2457            Contact Person: Caroline Seamon               410-592-5107

     Friends of the Arbutus Library                            Friends of the Pikesville Library
     Contact Person: Gail Ross         410-887-1451            Contact Person: Rhoda Levin                   410-887-1234

     Friends of the Catonsville Library                        Friends of the Randallstown Library
     Contact Person: Cheryl Dunigan 410-744-1593               Contact Person: Barbara Salit-Mischel         410-887-0770

     Friends of the Hereford Library                           Friends of the Towson Library
     Contact Person: Laura Pawlak 410-343-2249                 Contact Person: Arthur Lynch                  410-377-0278

     Friends of the North Point Library
     Contact Person: Virginia Gallik 410-285-0253

                   Baltimore County Public Libraries
320 York Road              16940 York Road           9509 Harford Road        6105 Kenwood Avenue
Towson, MD 21204           Hereford, MD 21111        Parkville, MD 21234      Rosedale, MD 21237
410-887-6100               410-887-1919              410-887-5353             410-887-0512

1582 Sulphur Spring Road   500 Third Avenue          9685 Honeygo Boulevard   320 York Road
Suite 105                  Lansdowne, MD 21227       Baltimore, MD 21236      Towson, MD 21204
Arbutus, MD 21227          410-887-5602              410-887-5195             410-887-6166
                           LOCH RAVEN BRANCH         PIKESVILLE BRANCH        WHITE MARSH BRANCH
CATONSVILLE BRANCH         1046 Taylor Avenue        1301 Reisterstown Road   8133 Sandpiper Circle
1100 Frederick Road        Towson, MD 21286          Pikesville, MD 21208     Nottingham, MD 21236
Catonsville, MD 21228      410-887-4444              410-887-1234             410-887-5097
COCKEYSVILLE BRANCH        1716 Merritt Boulevard    8604 Liberty Road        1811 Woodlawn Drive
9833 Greenside Drive       Dundalk, MD 21222         Randallstown, MD 21133   Woodlawn, MD 21207
Cockeysville, MD 21030     410-887-7586              410-887-0770             410-887-1336
                           NORTH POINT BRANCH        REISTERSTOWN BRANCH
ESSEX BRANCH               1716 Merritt Boulevard    21 Cockeys Mill Road
1110 Eastern Boulevard     Dundalk, MD 21222         Reisterstown, MD 21136
Essex, MD 21221            410-887-7255              410-887-1165

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