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									Carers Information Sheet 19

Carers of People with Physical Disabilities

This leaflet contains specific additional
information for carers of people with physical
disabilities. This is not an exhaustive list but
gives information about key organisations in
Lewisham that support people who have a
physical disabilities and their carers.

SERVICES: National Charity that provides advice
and information to people with arthritis and their car-
CONTACT: Ms P Smith 49 Park Road New Barnet
London, EN4 9QD

SERVICES: A local Voluntary group that provides
advice, information and support to people with the
above conditions and their carers.
CONTACT: 29 Wellmeadow Rd, Lewisham, London,
SE13 6SY                                                  person accompanying them, depending on the
TEL: 020 8854 5828                                        distance travelled.
                                                          TEL: 020 8314 2142
SERVICE: This scheme allows people with mobility          DISABLED DRIVERS MOTOR CLUB
problems to have parking concessions in some              SERVICES: A local Voluntary Organisation providing
areas.                                                    advice and information for disabled drivers, help and
CONTACT: For more information please contact the          advise on motoring problems, including benefits, for
Blue Badge Section                                        disabled drivers and blue badge holders.
TEL: 020 8314 9844                                        CONTACT: Mrs M Dillaway, 34a Lowther Hill, Forest
                                                          Hill, London, SE23 1PY
CYSTIC FIBROSIS TRUST                                     TEL: 020 8690 6450
SERVICES: a National Charity providing advice, in-
formation and support to people with the above con-       EVELYN 190 CENTRE
ditIon and their carers.                                  SERVICES: A local Voluntary organisation, that pro-
CONTACT: Ms Y Ryder, 11 London Road, Bromley              vides advice on Welfare Benefits to people with dis-
Kent, BR1 1BY                                             abilities.
TEL: 020 8464 7211                                        CONTACT: Ms Mabel Nwoko, 190 Evelyn St, Dept-
                                                          ford, London, SE8
DIAL A RIDE                                               TEL: 020 8691 7180
SERVICE: Offers a transport service to people who
are unable to use public transport. You are able to       HUNTINGDON’S DISEASE ASSOCIATION
use it to travel anywhere within South East London        SERVICES: A National Charity that provides advice
and up to one mile outside. In certain circumstances      information and support to sufferers and their families
they may be able to arrange trips to other London         CONTACT: Mr Anthony King, 108 Battersea High
destinations. There is a charge for the user and the
St, Battersea, London, SW11 3HP                           CONTACT: Drake House, 18 Creekside,
TEL: 020 7223 7000                                             Deptford, SE8 3DZ

SERVICES: Provides services to people who have            SERVICES: Local Voluntary Organisation providing
lost limbs.                                               advice and information for sufferers and their families
CONTACT: Ms M Woods, Kings Healthcare, Reha-              CONTACT: 337 Montbell Road, New Eltham, Lon-
bilitation Centre, Bowley Close, London, SE19 1SZ         don, SE9 3DP
                                                          TEL: 020 8857 0677
DISABILITIES (L.A.P.D)                                    S.E.LONDON SCOPE
SERVICES: A Local Voluntary Organisation provid-          SERVICE: Local Voluntary Organisation providing
ing advice and information to disabled people. Work-      advice & information to people with Cerebral Palsey
ing: Wed & Thurs 10-4pm; Radar Keys; Blue Badge           and their families
Photos; Wheelchair symbol stickers; access audits         CONTACT: 12 Broadfield Road, Catford, London,
etc.                                                      SE6 1NE
CONTACT: The volunteers, McEwan Centre Porta-
cabin, Leyland Rd, Lethbridge Ct, SE12                    SENSORY SERVICES UNIT
TEL: 020 8852 1727 Email:           SERVICE: Advice and support for people with hear-
                                                          ing and sight difficulties
LEWISHAM DISABILITY COALITION                             CONTACT: Ms J Lewis, Social Care and Health So-
SERVICES: An organisation of disabled people for          cial Care Services, Duke House 84-86 Rushey
disabled people run by disabled people. Provided          Green, London, SE6 4HW
advice and information for disabled people and cam-
paigns on their behalf.                                   SPEECH THERAPY
CONTACT: LDC 2, Catford Broadway, SE6 4SP                 SERVICE: Support and Therapy for people with
Tel: 0208 314 1414                                        speech problems
                                                          CONTACT: Ms M Baldwin, Guy`s Hospital, St. Tho-
LADYWELL DAY CENTRE                                       mas Street, London, SE1 9RT
SERVICE: Day Care for people with disabilities.           TEL: 020 7955 4081
CONTACT: Ladywell Day Centre, 148 Dressington
Avenue, Brockley, London, SE4 1JF
                                                          THE STROKE ASSOCIATION
LEWISHAM COMMUNITY TRANSPORT SCHEME                       SERVICE: Local support and advice for sufferers and
SERVICE: Transport for people with disabilities           their families
CONTACT: Mr David Heeps Manager Lewisham                  CONTACT: Ms A Carty, The Community Centre,
Community Transport Scheme                                St.Laurence Church, 37 Bromley Road, SE6 2TS
Tel: 020 8692 4849 or 020 8692 5099
Email:                           TEL: 020 8698 9648

SERVICE: Local Volunrary organisation produces a
regular newsletter for blind and partially sighted peo-
CONTACT: The Studio, 300a Stanstead Road, For-
est Hill, SE23 1DE
TEL: 020 8699 9399

SERVICE: Local Voluntary Organisation, advice and
information for sufferers and their families.
CONTACT: Mrs I Kirby, 39, Brantwood Road, Herne
Hill, London, SE24 ODH

SERVICES: Local Voluntary Organisation providing
employment for people with disabilities.

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