Are You in the "Pass Kidney Stone" Stage? by alvinhop


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									Are You in the "Pass Kidney Stone" Stage?
Kidney stones are a pain both to those that are currently experiencing them and also for those around the sufferers! With an extreme amount of pain associated with them and the pass kidney stone waiting game, it is something that nobody in their right mind would want to experience. Scientists once found a kidney stone in an Egyptian Mummy that was around 7000 years old, proving exactly how old this medical condition is. It has been suggested that around three million people today go to visit a medical professional complaining of kidney stones and half a million of these need to go to the emergency room for complications or to have them removed. Generally the pass kidney stone stage will not take that long. The smaller stones will pass out of the body without any problems at all and some of them are even too small to recognize. Seeing as these stones can vary in size between a grain of sand to a golf ball, the size will very much set the scene for how it must be removed from the body as well as the amount of pain that will be felt. If a kidney stone does not pass, medical intervention may be required to remove it from the body. With plenty of water however, the patient will normally find that the smaller stones will pass in just a couple of days. Sometimes these patients will be given pain relief to help soothe the discomfort and the stones may be kept for medical analysis, at which stage you will need to take it back to the medical professional so that it can be looked at. This can help determine which type of kidney stone that you have and this will show how to avoid them in the future. A patient will need medical intervention if the following events occur:

• The patient does not pass kidney stone in a reasonable time frame • The kidney stone is too large to be able to pass of its own accord • It interferes with urine flow • It causes infections of the urinary tract • Causes bleeding or interferes with the normal function of the kidney • Grows at a fast pace More advanced treatments for kidney stones have recently come about meaning that when a patient does not pass kidney stone in the most natural of ways, open surgery is not always the only option.

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