Analyzing the international justice system by ProQuest


[...] . Smith's analysis goes to the core of the many problems affecting international justice, and although at first glance it may seem that he neglects the good coming from the international criminal tribunals, his major concern seems to be one that addresses the ability of the international community to empower the local communities in rebuilding peaceful conditions of life.\n Schiff indicates how the lessons learned from the ICTY and ICTR led the drafters of the ICC Statute to create an institution that was more of a legal hybrid between the common law and the civil law system, by adding Pre-Trial Chambers functioning as arbiters between the Office of the Prosecutor and the Registry (OTP), as well as filters for die OTP investigations. [...] the relationship between the ICC and the states, and their reciprocal influence, is explained through the "neoliberal institutionalists' vision."

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