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- Biography Christy Lane - One Day At A Time By: Lee Stoller with Pete Chaney The heart warming story of singerentertainer, Christy Lane. From her dirtpoor beginnings to her present success. Here I Stand - A Life of Martin Luther By: Roland H. Bainton A vivid portrait of a man who helped to bring about the Protestant Reformation. Teresa Of Calcutta By: D. Jeanene Watson Teresa’s story is full of twists and turns, unexpected good fortune, and heartrending decisions - Autobiography Across China By: Peter Jenkins Walk with Peter through Tibet, see Mount Everest, journey across Mongolia and then escape to a forbidden fishing village south of Shanghai. We have other books by Peter Jenkins. My American Journey By: Colin Powel The story of a black kid of no early promise, who rose to become the National Security Advisor to the President and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Not Good if Detached By: Corrie Ten Boom A collection of 35 short stories from the ministry of Corrie Ten Boom We have ten books by or about Corrie Ten Boom’s life. - Missionary Stories China Cry By: Nora Lam The life, courage and struggles of Nora Lam, whose Christian faith leads her to make the ultimate choice between life and death. Evidence Not Seen By: Darlene D. Rose The story of Darlene Rose, a missionary in New Guinea jungles and her four horrendous years in a Japanese prison camp during World War II The Flying Scotsman By: Sally Magnusson The biography of 1924 Olympian runner, Eric Liddell, his evangelizing in China and life in a Japanese internment camp. Shadow of the Almighty By: Elisabeth Elliot The testimony of Jim Elliott who sought nothing but the will of God. He was killed in Ecuador by the Auca Indians. We have four books following the lives of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot .
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- Basic Christianity & Theology Angels: God's Secret Agents By: Billy Graham Billy Graham says, "We are not alone in this world! Angels are real!" We have numerous books by Dr. Graham, including his autobiography, “Just as I Am”, and books authored by his son, Franklin, and his wife, Ruth Bell Graham. An Armchair Study of the Gospel of John By: Maxine Williams Maxine Williams, a Bible History teacher, sits in her armchair and talks her way through the book of John. There are seven Bible Studies by Maxine Williams in our Library. And The Angels Were Silent By: Max Lucado Take a walk with Jesus on his final journey from Jericho to Jerusalem, from the temple to the garden & on to Pilot's palace, then from Golgotha to the tomb & out of it. We have several other books by Max Lacado Glorious Intruder By: Joni Eareckson-Tada God is a Glorious intruder. He encroaches and invades lives. Joni describes how God's constant presence can bring peace, perspective and healing. We have numerous books by Joni.

Ten Lies About God By: Erwin Lutzer The more our post-modern society searches for God, the more it seems to draw the wrong conclusions. Lutzer examines the reality of God as established in Scripture, dispelling the misconceptions adopted by popular culture. - Christian Disciplines Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire (Cymbala 1) By: Jim Cymbala Cymbala will inspire you to take risks with God, listen more closely for His voice, and pray with utter dependence on Him. And you'll be led on your own breathtaking journey to spiritual awakening. If You Will Ask By: Oswald Chambers A powerful book on prayer. Oswald Chambers says "Prayer changes me, and then I change things". Playing With Fire By: Walt Russell Studying the Bible properly is like playing with fire - a fire that can ignite dramatic change in our souls. Russell provides the tools you'll need to study different styles of biblical writing in-depth - and unlock their meaning.

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- Christian Life & Practice And God Created Wrinkles By: Jane E. Mall An open love letter to old age, its beauty and its wisdom and to life. The author encourages us to not ignore the fact that we are getting older but to face it, admit it, and learn to cope with it. Boundaries By: Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend Having clear boundaries is essential to all aspects of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. These personal property lines mark those things for which we are responsible, and define who we are and who we are not. Choosing the Amusing By: Marilyn Meberg Are stress and anxiety getting you down? God has given us a sure fire remedy for our emotional aches and pains - laughter. Laughter can make the bitter pills of life a little easier to swallow and improve your emotional and spiritual health. There's a Lot More to Health than not being Sick By: Bruce Larson A fresh, new, Biblical approach to physical wholeness. We have several books by Bruce Larson

- Church & World Against The Night By: Charles Colson Causes, characteristics, and (hopefully) cures for the New Dark Ages. Our hope lies not in political reform, not in better educational methods nor in stricter laws but in the sovereignty of God, in His tremendous mercy and humble obedience to His law. We have other books by Colson The Blood of the Moon By: George Grant Grant offers insight into the background of the political and religious struggle and unrest in the Middle East. A sobering referenced analysis of the complexities of ancient and modern history. Jesus Among Other Gods By: Ravi Zacharias Many people believe that all religions are equally true. Zacharias considers the unique claims that Jesus made and then contrasts these truths with the founders of Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Filled with compelling insight and passionate conviction. We have other books by Zacharias One Hundred Most Important Events in Christian History By: A. Kenneth Curtis From Nero's burning of Rome to the twentieth-century charismatic renewal, this book highlights the major people, events, and ideas that have shaped the long history of Christianity. It is packed with information and a valuable resource.
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- Devotionals & Short Stories – Chicken Soup for the Soul, A Second Helping By: Jack Canfield & Mark Hanson 101 stories to open the heart and rekindle the spirit. Sometimes a person needs a story more than food to stay alive. We are acquiring other books in this series. Intimate Moments With The Savior By: Ken Gire A devotional tapestry richly woven from threads of scripture, meditation and prayer. It captures the intimate moments Jesus spent with individuals and how those moments forever changed their lives. Music on tape. Meeting God In Quiet Places By: F. LaGard Smith The Cotswald Parables. Parables drawn from the author's daily walks in the magnificent Cotswalds of England. Life renewing insights to draw you to the very heart of God. When daily clamor threatens to overwhelm, these daily meditations will refresh you Stories for the Heart By: Various Authors A collection of many timeless stories of compassion and encouragement. Carry them in your heart, learn from their wisdom, and share them with someone you love. A soul-stirring treasury sure to move you to laughter and tears.

- Ethics & Contemporary Issues A Dance With Deception By: Charles Colson Here are more than 150 outspoken commentaries on life in America today. Colson pulls no punches in this confrontation between the myths of modern life and the truth of God's Word Beyond Hunger By: Art Beals and Larry Libby This book's message is solution oriented, not problem oriented. A biblical mandate for social responsibility. Life Views By: R. C. Sproul Dr. Sproul helps us understand the ideas that shape our culture so we may learn to respond with Christian ideals and values. We have over eight books by R. C. Sproul Sanctity Of Life By: Charles R. Swindoll The inescapable issue of abortion. A plea to those who have made a bad decision. There are other books by Charles Swindoll in the Library.


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- Relationships The Blessing By: Gary Smalley & John Trent A step-by-step guide on how to be a blessing and to pass that life-changing blessing on to your parents, spouse, children and friends. Parenting Isn't For Cowards By: Dr. James Dobson Dealing confidently with the frustrations of child rearing. We have other books on relationships by Dr. Dobson. Strike The Original Match By: Charles R. Swindoll Swindoll draws on the best marriagesurvival guide—the Bible—and his many years of marriage to show couples how to survive, flex, grow, forgive, and keep romance alive in their marriage. - Sermons – The Best of Peter Marshall By: Catherine Marshall Favorite passages from Peter Marshall’s books, sermons & prayers showing his wit, imagery of words and passionate zeal Christian Manifesto By: Francis Schaeffer Looking at the creeping erosion of morality and justice in the western world, Schaeffer calls for Christians to change the course of history by returning to biblical truth and by allowing Christ to be Lord in all of life. A recording of a sermon.

Sermons by Dr. Charles Stanley (SET 01) Dr. Charles Stanley Tape 1: Assurance of Our Salvation. Tape 2: Jude: Contending For The Faith. Tape 3: Walking Away From God. - Fiction At Home In Mitford By: Jan Karon The world of Mitford provides a rich, provincial comedy in which mysteries and miracles abound. Father Tim, the bachelor Rector, finds challenge and satisfaction in a huge dog, an attractive neighbor, a lovable boy, a jewel theft and more. We have six books in this series. Christy By: Catherine Marshall The story of Catherine Marshall’s mother, who left privilege & ease to teach in a Mission in the mountains of Tennessee. Her faith is severely tested by her pupils, the love of two men, & the customs of the mountain people. We have several books by Catherine Marshall. John, Son of Thunder By: Ellen Gunderson Traylor Travel with John down the desert paths, through the courts of the Holy City to the foot of the cross. You will feel you are actually there. We have many books of Biblical fiction by Ellen Gunderson Traylor.

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Lighthouse By: Eugenia Price James Gould's dream is to make a life for himself in the untamed, postRevolutionary South. Tells how he pursues his ambition, the exotic people & places he encounters and the strong girl he meets. This is the first book in the “St Simons Trilogy”. We also have other works of fiction and non-fiction by Price. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe By: C. S. Lewis Mr. Lewis uses fantasy to tell the story of a guiding force in our lives. Four English school children find their way through the back of a wardrobe into Narnia and assist Aslan, the noble lion, to free Narnia from the spell of the white witch. We have eight books in the Narnia Series and other books by C. S. Lewis. Love Comes Softly By: Janette Oke A compelling love story set in the "Little House on the Prairie" era. A tragic accident, a grief stricken young widow, a lonely father and child. A tender story of two hearts broken by despair finding wholeness through patience, loyalty and faith in God. This is the first book of eight in the Love Series. We also have the “Seasons of the Heart” Series and other books of fiction by Janette Oke.

The Presence By: T. Davis Bunn T. J. Case, a North Carolina lawyer and politician, takes a stand of integrity that costs him his election. Called by God to Washington D.C. he senses a divine direction to help reshape twisted lives and challenge corrupt systems. The Redemption Of Sarah Cain By: Beverly Lewis A thoroughly modern woman, Sarah Cain is stunned by news of her sister's death and baffled by Ivy's choice of her as the guardian of her 5 Amish children. Can she sacrifice her career, & the life style she enjoys to raise the children in Lancaster County Sweetbriar By: Brenda Wilbee Louisa Boren journeys West to carve out a new way of life. David Denny is only 19 yet is destined to be the founder of one of America's great cities, Seattle. This is the beginning of the saga of the Boren and Denny families. There are four books in the Sweetbriar Series. The Quilt By: T. Davis Bunn Mary, an elderly grandmother, who has listened and comforted so many through the years, is convinced she has one last task. She makes a quilt with every stitch sewn in prayer and thankfulness. All involved in this project will never be quite the same.

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